Imagine thinking camps humans built for orcs after 2nd war were morally wrong

Imagine thinking that a race that invaded an alien world, (that was already inhabited), killed and captured their original citizens, destroyed their cities and almost whole south of eastern kingdoms deserves to be left alone to live peacefully with the race they mass killed.

I just laugh in amusement every time a horde player brings the camps as an argument against Alliance. You seem to forget very important part. The reason they were built. Humans don’t just build work camps for other humans when they get the thought. Orcs are disgusting pigs that turned our kingdoms into rubble and murdered anyone they wanted. The only acceptable punishment is death or repairing the damages you have done, then death.


Let people have their headcanon.

Blizzard clearly disagrees with them, so we won anyway.

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Imaging thinking that a race that settled on an alien world that was already inhabited, knowing they were followed by a world destroying thread and leaving dozenz of worlds burning behind them, deserved to lure the Legion to innocents forever.

I just laugh in amusement every time an alliance player brings the draenei genocide as an argument against Horde. You seem to forget a very important part. The reason they were built: Orcs don’t just genocide others when they get the thought. Draenei lured their own doom to Draenor and in a way got what they deserved.

And now seriously: Two wrongs don’t make a right. Imprisoning a whole species including their children for decades is morally wrong, no matter what you tell yourself.
And yes, the draenei genocide was morally wrong, too.
And so was the invasion of Azeroth.


Draenei never commited any genocide. Draenei didn’t wipe 90% of orcs. Draenei didn’t r*pe women to death;)

It was never the intention of Draenei to cause any harm to anyone. Meanwhile Orc clans were literally based on conflict. Everyone had to prove their worth. If they took care of their people, Gul’Dan wouldn’t be abandonned by his clan and desparate for place to belong to so he would never have to submit to Sargeras;)

And you think the fact that they settled after committing massive genocide on azeroth erases what they have done few years back? Lol I’d burn them alive myself if I had to. You are literally just defending them because you are playing horde and you have dropped your morals so wrong just to defend them. I wonder what your answer would be if something similar happened in real life.

There are 3 things that are certain in life. Taxes, death and the fact that any horde player that defends their disguting faction has either no morals or lore knowledge. Unfortunately it is always the former;)


they were perfectly aware they were luring the Legion to worlds, but never warned the Orcs they would come.

Just quoting myself to show that i’m not defending anything. Just saying that one morally wrong thing is not justified by another.
Imprisoning children for the crimes of their parents is wrong.
luring the legion to worlds without warning the inhabitants is wrong.
genocide is wrong.

They are on different levels, sure, but one still doesn’t justify another.


Yes and the intention of draenei was to use the legion to wipe orcs? I don’t really get what you’re getting at. Draenei committed no warcrime, they wanted no harm, they literally just wanted to survive.

Unlike orcs whose intentions were to cause harm big enough to wipe humans from existence and steal their world. Disgusting dishonorable scum. A lot of talk about honor from green pigheads who never earned it.

Imprisoning orcs is 100% justified. Dude I can’t. Do you know what they have done to azeroth? Did you read 2nd chronicle? Does genocide mean anything to you? Oh wait, genocide is obviously no big deal for you guys, forgot you’re a horde.

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They were aware that the Legion would come and, like before, burn the worlds they inhabited. They never warned the Orcs this would happen.

Would you be fine if someone who is followed by a murderous mob comes to your house and takes a room, knowing that the mob would come eventually and kill everyone there?

The Draenei accepted another burning world if it ment they were safe for a time.


Oh yes not warning = intentionally mass killing and r*ping the other race with intention to wipe it.

Also it is completely unrelated to events of 1st and 2nd war. Draenei didn’t join the alliance up until bc and humans did literally nothing wrong to orcs before 1st war.

These are the wrongs i listed, followed by:

Are you even able to read?

I’m out now. You want an echo chamber, so it’s pointless to keep invested here.

Please stop making a Forum Discussion about a game personal. I take genocide very seriously, and started to identify with the Horde because my people are in the same position the Horde was when i started playing: Following a generation that comitted one of the worst crimes in history and still paying for our grandparents (in my case great grand parents) mistakes.


Then stop comparing Not warning about potential threat and the crimes I have listed. Simple concept of lesser evil.

If you see someone getting bullied and don’t help them, it doesn’t make you as evil as the bully himself who breaks bones of people with no remorse

The Humans of the Eastern kingdoms basically wiped out the Forest Trolls out of much of the Eastern Kingdoms.

And no jailing Children for the crimes of their parents is wrong no matter what excuse you present for it.


Is this the alliance version of Erevien? Like I agree with the topic but is it necessarily?

All were a rightful military target.

While you’re right that the orcs were clearly in the wrong and deserved punishment, the camps were not created for the orcs to just slave their days away.

King Terenas Menethil II and the Council of Six of Dalaran hoped to rehabilitate the orcs and make them citizens of their kingdoms, alas the orcish lethargy happened and they were unable to cure the orcs from that. As such rehabilitation was unable to happen and the orcs were detained for way longer then (possibly) nessecary.

This was never the plan, though. The lethargy caused, orcs didn’t work anymore and if the Alliance would’ve just let them go they’d either join one of the surviving orcish raider clans/warbands and restart the conflict or they’d be so lethargic they’d starve themselves and their family to death.

The Kirin Tor was hard at work searching for a cure for both the lethargy and the Fel that still influences the orcs to this day.

This, while what the orcs did was inexcusable (esp since they did it before drinking the Felblood), the draenei dug their own grave by not warning the orcs, ogres, arrakoa and other races of Draenor.

To be fair, the human tribes tried to eke out a living after they were attacked, murdered and exiled by the vrykul, the forest trolls however attacked them immediatly too, after the humans lost the protection of their Titan Keepers and vrykul parents. Humans had no choice in this regard (unlike the high elves who still decided to settle in Amani heartland even after they discovered they settled on sacred troll lands, but the conflict between trolls and elves is as old as trollkind so :man_shrugging: ).

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Of course the camps were bad, because you can’t leave the message that there could be circumstances where these kinds of camps are the way to go standing. It doesn’t matter if they were demon-posessed space invaders, the message has to be “Never Again!”.

And while discussion about the moral philosophy here might actually be kinda interesting… defending work camps on the internet isn’t the best of looks, ever. Especially if it’s not meant to be an intellectual discussion (as opposed to all the other public internet discussions!), but is mostly meant to one-up the other side.

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you mean as old as elven kind, before elves existed there was no conflict, except the ones between troll-tribes.


Yeah, but elves are (d)evolved trolls, so really it predates elfkind too.

The trolls and humans were equal at that time. Trolls tried to wipe the humans and humans tried to wipe trolls. Humans succeeded with and so they were able to establish the northern kingdoms. There was nothing atrocious about this war, as both sides were equal and humans won only with the help of the elves, so if you want to blame us for killing the amanis, blame your blood elves as well, because they’re the ones who taught us the arcane magic.

Regardless: it is completely unrelated to what I wrote and still can’t be compared to the massive genocide your kind as committed 36 years ago and back on your homeland

What in the world do threads like these intend to achieve?

Honestly, genuine question because I see a lot of these threads keep getting made more frequently than before.


This was what it amounted for.

Thrall was a byproduct of it. As most of the generations that currently populate the orc faction.
Eitrigg and Saurfang as seen as outliers. Old ones.

That was one of the reasons used to excuse why Garrosh mindset became so popular amongst the orc faction: Why would they pay for the mistake their parents had done, and that caused them to spend most their life atoning for?

PS: Let alone that the OP seems to genuinely believe that said “side-effect” should’ve also been an intended one.

The Alliance fanatics keeps spouting nonsense. How amusing. You disgust me.