In game proposal :)

Heya all. Hope you are having a good day :wink:
I need the EU Horde communities help… 12th of June 2021, on my partners and my anniversary, I want to propose to him in the evening, around 11PM ST, in game :smiley: And I need YOUR help to do it!
The idea is to have around 60 to 70 people on one location (EU server Tarren Mill), which would with the /sleep emote form the sentence “WILL U MARRY ME?”… I would fly him there on my rocket saying I need help with a rare and that would be the in game surprise! And the real surprise would have happened already irl anyway that day, so he wouldn´t suspect it to happen again in game! :smiley:
I know I am asking for much and I am sure that there also will be trolls there, but heck I gotta and will try to make it happen, since I love this man and he utterly deserves it!
This man, that has been playing this game for over 13 years now, stepped up to the plate and took us, my cancer survivor single mom self with 2 kids and 2 dogs, under his love and care. He showed us what honor, humor, love and compassion is again, what a fully functioning family is. And since we are both avid players for a looong time, we are our guilds raid tanks together, we love this game and each other… I know he deserves a surprise like this too!
I am open to any other ideas too, on how to do it, this was just a preliminary idea of mine… But I need to know if anyone is team love and would just want to help out on a Saturday evening in making a surprise of a lifetime :wink:
Thanks all and sorry for the long post, posted it already on other parts of the forum but didn´t get many replies so this is my last try here! :+1:


Hii! I would be glad to help!

This is truly wholesome and I’m in a “gamer relationship” as well and this would be the sweetest thing ever!

You have my full support! :heart:


Yay for team love! Happy to help in any way.

I’m sure other forum regulars would like to help too, alot of us can be found here! If the invite link still works.


Wholesome thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


You don’t belong anywhere near a public forum. In fact you don’t belong anywhere near the public at all. Have a good word with yourself. Jeez.


Stay calm and chill a bit Shammoz is not worth a argue here.

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I love this so much!!! I hope you get enough support and please ignore the horrible start this thread has had.

What location were you thinking of using, is there a place that has special meaning to you both in the game?


Very original idea. Curious to see how it will turn out!


I would help, but i’m at work that day. Good luck on your proposal :slight_smile:


im down for it, where do i have to go and is it alliance or horde? how will we handle the possible phasing? i dont have a character on tarren mill but would be willing to create a throwaway character for it if theres no other way around it.


If I can tether my laptop to my phone whilst roaming (it used to not be allowed but might have changed recently) I will certainly try and come and help you out


That’s a bit harsh. @OP please don’t ignore me :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I am more than willing to tag along and help with this event!


What a lovely idea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For the phasing of people to work, I wonder if it would be possible for you to phase over to Argent Dawn, since they don’t have sharding like other realms do?

Alternatively, using an older zone might be a good idea as there’s less likely to be other people in the area so less likely to be multiple shards. Hmm, which zones have wide open spaces with room to write a message that can be seen clearly from the sky?

I’d love to be part of this and can try and get some of my guildies to join too once we know where to go etc.


I will be there!

Who can I contect to be phased to Tarren Mill or are you OK with just me using a level 1 character?


It looks like you would need 45 people at least, taking 1 bar = 1 player or did you want it bigger?

It would also probably look better if you have Vulperas & Goblins for the short bars (R and L)

EDIT: Labels


I don’t mind helping too if time allows me!! Let me know on what time you wanna do it and on what faction.


Hey everyone!

Please keep the thread on topic and within Code of Conduct

@Lìllìt : this sounds lovely! Good luck with the planning!


As acerbic and sarcastic a soul as I can seem on the forums at times, those that know me, know that I am also a hopeless romantic and love heartfelt gestures like this, If I can be, count me in.

Let me know if someone can summon me in from AD to Tarren Mill, on Brigante here, or (Not having any TM characters) I can always roll a new one to help with this.

Couple of observations, to help this lovely idea go ahead…

  1. Where were you thinking of this actually happening in game, as obviously if its high end levelling areas that might mean summoning people, rather than people making low level alts.
  2. Probably wise to specify War Mode Off, as otherwise it’s kind of asking for unpleasant types to turn up and gank your nice idea.
  3. If you have any Alliance buddies also, if it is not in a capital or Faction Hub, you can always get them involved also, Remember Elixir of Tongues is a purchasable item available from Legion Dalaran’s Undercity, which allows cross faction communication and coordination. It’s cheap, stackable and has a 1(Might be two) hour duration with no cooldown (It only translates between Common and Orcish)
  4. Ignore any Killjoys. It’s a pretty beautiful idea. <3

Omg, thanx a lot guys for all the answers, I was handling the kids the entire time and didn´t check the thread much and here I come and BOOM so much going on :smiley:
Let me just go through and answer everyone to everything and then we can go ahead with the planning :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the support and future help :heart: I will let you know of all the infos in this thread and then we will meet up :smiley: