Is Classic killing BFA?

Not to sound too dramatic but is anyone elses friend list 90% classic nearly always and hardly no one on BFA?

If so then what is the future for BFA ??

Are we seting ourselves up for another 15 years to end up in the same place as we are now, Or does anyone think that ActiBlizz are going to reboot the Universe of WoW for a 2nd time around ?


no but yes


pretty sure BFA is killing itself, doesn’t need any help from Classic for that.


Eh…not this again.
Yes yes yes. Classic is killing Retail. We are doomed. Lets all get canned food and run for the bunkers. Here. Done. Said it. Now can we get back playing what ever WoW’s version we like? :rofl:


But then Why is BFA killing itself ?

What exactly makes it such a horrible game?

I,m not a BFA fan boy but after 15 years of playing WoW i cannot understand the appeal to basically go back 15 years and replay everything that you have already played to death the first time around?

It was not meant a dramatic post, but just that 90% of my friends are on WoW and as for getting back to playing whatever version of WoW Classic you like, that will eventually think the playerbase out over many expansions, Now whats the point in playing an MMORPG when there is so few playing it?

There is already massive queues and wait times for tanks in LFG, and LFR and spreading your playerbase over 2 similar games will just make things a whole heap worse.

This is an attempt to get a second breath of air into WoW, “Oh people are bored of BFA, We’ll give them Classic to occupy their time so they do not cancel their subscription, and if that is successful, We can resell them TBC.”

Instead of actually fixing whatever is currently drawing people away from BFA.

not exactly it just feel different and rewarding to re experience the old game. Gear farming is stable to understand,

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already killed it 2weeks ago





Classic is bad too, yet slightly less bad than BfA.


Just note where you are asking. In classic forums. Peps will obviously be “less favorable” towards retail and vice versa if you ask on retail forums. All I can say. No version is not killing the other version. Both are good games and are here to stay.

Both games have enough people. But like I said. Its the classic forums so people will disagree with me on this.

The only more or less “objective” reason is that the hype is still on. People are trying out classic and thus playing less retail.

Edit: sry. Hate phone typing ;D


For me personally, bfa is too fast, too flashy, too over the top. You the player are like a god in bfa. In classic on the other side, you are the small little explorer, you have to work long and hard to achieve things, not that they are especially hard, it just takes alot of prep work. I like this approach more. Also, a lot of ppl never experiemced the end game raids, or the later raids like aq and naxx, because only a handful of ppl managed to clear those. Now they want to finally do that.


I could name so many things wrong with BFA, but the list is too long.


you can watch bfa cinematics on youtube. :slight_smile:


I think they should ask people "What is the appeal of Classic over BFA?? " and then look at the feedback they receive and make the necessary changes to BFA to keep people playing instead of using a cheap method to resell content.

I might even make a thread for it and people playing Classic can post what draws them away from BFA and into Classic.


BFA was cannibalizing itself. Classic certainly sped up the process, but BFA could have finished the job by itself.


Who cares play the game you want to and enjoy it.


Can’t kill what’s already dead.


All of my RL friends swapped to classic.
My retail guild, while one of the “best” on the server in terms of progress, has had a lot of issues with staffing raids since Classic came out. Literally half the roster quit.


Sure it is, Blizzard thought Classic gonna be joke of population, in fact “Nostalrius rebellion” make Blizzard to launch Classic wow, without that pirate server they would never do this, that rebellion made Wow great again.In fact players that played Nostalrius pirate server are build Classic.
Blizzard would never ever do that.They are to stupid about new JOKE expansions where everyone can kill everything alone and where u can fly 3k speed ponts, after Classic BFA is like WOW with cheats.After WOTLK wow died, and modern shiet were created.BTW i played every expansions since vanilla and am mostly arena player, but after Classic launched i realised how new expansions are wrong.


After all those wow killers apparently the only true wow killer is wow
Anyway BFA is between patches and classic is shiny and new so that’s probably half of it

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