It is time to let players choose corruptions!

Meeh the removal of TF was dumb. Should have kept it but let us upgrade all gear to the same cap.

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Agree, instead they added corruptions which are 10 times more RNG…

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Add that vendor already, my echoing void pieces is stacking up to the point it 1shots nzoth

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Im not quite sure how this is balanced and fair. Some people can stack the best corruptions on every slot if they are lucky while others might never get them.

Such RNG will never be balanced. Luck factor right now really gives too big advantage for each players performance.

Its just mind blowing how such an important part of the game is gated behind… luck.


on my dh i do multiple 5 mask runs a week pvp box,raiding (mythic 6/12 and heroic) m+15 and i have around 170 underrot runs to get the weapon and i just cant get infinite stars to items that are above 450 ilvl, its so bad that i have to use the carapece weapon( intellect weapon) on my off hand just because it has infinite stars and is 470

i saw an other dh a week ago he had the weapon from underrot twice at 475 ilvl that i can never get no matter how much i farmed and he had 2 rings 475 with r3 infinite stars and no mastery(by far the worst stat) and that guy at the end of the fight had 17 eyebeam casts and 24 deathsweep casts(i dont even know how someone can fail the rotation that bad) and he almost outdpsed me…

i havent been this salty about anything in years

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Vendor for corruption is dumb, they’ll never do it. People will stack 3 corruption types and that’s it, it will ruin the game even more.

I don’t believe that anyone who has played this patch haven’t gotten good corruptions. Of course it’s not 100% exactly what you dream of, but don’t lie and say you haven’t gotten anything. Then you’re either not playing the game, or I dunno.

I have three full 30 - slot bags with 460+ gear with all kinds of corruptions (sh1tty leech and avoidance etc. were scrapped ofc)

If your argument is “other people were more lucky”, yes, I’m seeing dozens of people with better corruptions, so what? It doesn’t affect me in any way.

P.S. Why are you QQing about infinite stars? It’s only used on shadhar and xanesh, if YOU don’t have it, np, some other ppl do and it will help your guild kill it anyway. Stop being so entitled.

i dont have good pieces of mind flay/ gushing wound either, all i get is mastery proc crit proc mastery % avoidance versatility when i take damage etc and yes i play the game a lot

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No gushing wounds, ineffatable(or what is the name), infinite starts, or tentacle friend at all yet. Yes a TD 2 on 430 LFR and a TD 3 on a 445 from an emmisary. i am running i dont know how many dungeons, and every week at least a 4 and 5 mask (but last week because orgri 7 full runs) :man_shrugging:

i lied; i got 1 tentacle friend on a 460 terrible piece.

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So, the people who already have them are OP and that’s fine? No one is OP if everyone is. No one should have such a huge advantage because of pure luck.

That’s a good argument because there are other things than PvE. And yes, it does affect everyone in the guild/your team.

But I guess you’re entitled PvE player. :roll_eyes:

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Thing is, rite now you can safely equip 123 corruption (number will keep increasing), and a warlock with this amount of Mastery corruptions will break the game. A Monk or a DH with this amount of Vers corruptions will break the game. Or you wanna play vs Blood DKs and Guardian druids and their 36% of 1mil HP Twilight Devastation crits?

As always, some classes will end up benefiting from it more than others, QQ will never stop. Just write off this PvP season as non existent, I know I did.

As for PvE… I don’t care, really. 60k dps is enough to kill a mythic boss and you can get it without corruptions.

if i was doing 60k dps i would just kill my self, i was doing 60 k in eternal palace
you may not care about pve dps but some people like me do( i also dont care at all about pvp dps, pvp is below pet battles in importance for me and my best pet is like lvl 9) so yea i want my bis gear and my bis corruptions and if i can get to do 140k on shadar i will maybe be happy .

every expantion there is some bs item that people must be lucky to get that is a huge dps increece, i was salty when i never got amanthuls vision in legion and i am salty now

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You must be happy now :smiley:

Hi… I stumbled in here accidently trying to find the corruption vendor. It must be in the game already, surely we just haven’t found it yet. There’s no way a system like this goes live without there being a vendor… right… surely. I think we just haven’t found it yet…

Lmao , ok my dude. Obviously you don’t need corruptions being the top DPS in WoW.

Expansion is already over and yet some pepole won’t be able to experience whole fun with corruptions before they left in shadowlands becouse of rng. It’s just sad thinking about it.

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i m not even close to being top dps when i do 110k on shadar and there are people that do 130k+

Avg dps for shadhar mythic is 70-90k dps with heavy twisted appendage / stars procs. 110-130k are super stacked with Infinite stars and mad once a year procrate luck.

It’s all there on warcraftlogs , so stop telling me stories about your 110k dps now and 60k dps in EP. 10 lvl hunter as well lul.

Yes very nice dps. Also confirms my statement, since you rank 6 IS + haste% increase :

So what are we arguing about? Without stars you’d have 70-80k dps, which is more than needed to kill shadhar Mythic.

Corruptions are allowing guilds who never had a chance @ mythic raiding to actually kill something, which is good. What I dont understand is whining about not having absolute BiS corruptions. If your guild cleared Mythic raids before, it already cleared it in 8.3 as well. If your guild haven’t cleared Mythic before, why the sudden urge to get BiS corruptions and clear it in 8.3, SL is coming soon anyway?