It is time to let players choose corruptions!

we argue because its not about killing the boss, all i care about is doing more dps and i cant do more dps because i am unlucky with gear and its very annoying to me

i am actually using an intellect off hand weapon on that fight just because it has infinite stars and its a dps increece… it feels bad


Would be cool!

I love how people that literally don’t play the game have an opinion on this. People that slay those bosses in LFR shouldn’t type anything on these. If you are a person like OP that wants to push harder content like 2.1k in Arenas or 20+ keys or even progress in mythic you would agree with him. Stop having an opinion if your gear is 450 with little to no time invested in your character

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People like me are majority of playerbase and are reason why this game exist. Its us who matter and not some 0,1% of playerbase at high end what thinks games is all about spmaing dungeons and raids.

By your logic the solution I wanted to provide will only affect “0,1%” player-base.

So your gameplay wouldn’t change. You will still be able to get random corrupted items.

welp, not what I wanted but still better than before.

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