Judgment faction balance

Hey all!

Judgement is a small but mighty realm. Over on the horde side we only have a few hundred players, but the population grows every day. How is it over on the Alliance side?

there is about 15 alliance over 30, over 400 17+

Ok, so it seems well balanced at least.

How have thibgs developed on judgement so far? Soon free transfers from Mograin will be available to judgement and i am strongly considering moving my lvl 17 tauren druid there.

Seems pretty empty when I was on my tauren in the starting zone.
Asked a question in trade chat and got no answer hehe.
Maybe the realm is too dead?
Anyone can comment if they can find people to do dungeons with?

Only did deadmines so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems OK on Horde side. Barrens chat is quiet, but plenty of people running around, and lots of dungeon groups forming each evening.

Server is growing rapidly now. Population seems to increase by the hour.

Yeah server was really active yesterday even though of the low pop tag O.o

It’s not as busy as the high ones, logged there to have a look, but I think it’s a good place to relax in.

Taken at around 13:30 CEST on a Saturday:
Alliance: imgur.com/XGqUNiY
Horde: imgur.com/a/avAhZb1

~54:46 A:H

(thanks to Fueri for the Alliance census Low population servers)

I was thinking of transferring to this server, but its just too few players to do so. Not sure if blizzard had to open those new servers at the same time. Had to do it one by one and see where population starts declining…

Alliance Pop update. 18:23

Seems to be growing rapidly. I’ll stop worrying when we willa have medium pop most of the timer. I’m happy that we seems to have a little more Ally than horde - pretty special realm :wink:

I think it’s rather about much more Alliance decided to transfer here from Morgraine than Horde. So, the high end lvls are mostly Alliance and it’s VERY annoying for someone 40-45+

I think it’s rather about much more Alliance decided to transfer here from Morgraine than Horde.

I remember ppl saying that we have more ally than horde even before the transfers started. I think the realm name somehow boosts ally pop - Bloodfang that came at same time is reportedly more horde biased

It’s a nice experience after having the vast majority of every other servers being horde dominated.

Just gonna have to take it college boy.

1/10 isn’t a usual ratio of any servers. I don’t mind this faction balance, but on higher lvls than me where my friend is lvling right now (around 50) experience is extremely bad.

Hopefully more and more will join the server =)
Has it changed from low at any time from its launch?

Actually it’s medium most evenings, saw it myself at least 4 times now

Awesome, go judgement :smiley: