Juju Flurry buff – Not a Bug

Hi All,

We would like to mention that the Juju Flurry buff is currently matching the behavior exhibited in the 1.12 reference client. Juju Flurry behaves similarly to Seal of the Crusader in that it increases your attack speed but also lowers your DPS by the same amount.

We also did some digging into our bug database from the Original WoW era and found that we had in fact filed a bug for this behaviour while the original game was current, but the issue was not actually fixed until the Burning Crusade pre-patch (patch 2.0.3). As this bug was present throughout Original WoW, we do not currently consider it to be a bug and is merely an aspect of the original game that was carried over into Classic.

Thank you!

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It doesn’t make any sense to me, but ok.


Wait, all the issues with thousands of player replies, and we get this?

Could you not at least give us your thoughts on the AV mess, such as premades or marshals not being linked to the main boss?


Absolute joke. Can’t even write a decent ticket about it. No, we get automated bots.


But that’s how it was in vanilla 1.12.1
Why would they change it

If it was considered an unintended bug at the time during vanilla, then why is it still in Classic? That doesn’t seem to line up with the rest of the bug fixes you’ve made to the game.


You found a bug back in vanilla but didn’t manage to fix it before the TBC pre-patch. That is bad service from your side. Unacceptable. Now you have a chance to fix this for Classic, so I expect you to do so. I would recommend against making bad decisions and ignoring the advice from your player base.


nobody asked for this really.
we are HAPPY to see a BLUE post, just VERY DISSAPOINTED the post is about something almost NOBODY really cared or complained about.

please READ YOUR FORUMS and fix all the ONGOING important issues.
or atleast brief to a team to START READING our EU forums.

we know EU is getting IGNORED, we had GM CONFIRMATION by this already.
we would appriciate some WEEKLY if not DAILY COMMUNICATION.

Thank you !

Ps : hire me.


Because Classic is a recreation of the game how it was. Atleast that’s the goal.

(please dont answer with a straw man)

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It’s a recreation, yet they fix things that were actually in vanilla… but for some reason they do fix SOME things.
I really am not following Blizzards logic here.


With these attitude Blizzard you are going to lose subscribers at full speed.


You came by to tell us that Juju Flurry isnt working properly and you dont want to change it?

  1. Its stupid you dont fix it, its not illegal to make small things like that work properly.

  2. Why are you wasting everyones time telling about an OBVIOUS bug, that you do NOT intend to fix.

Get a grip.


A classic retardation is exactly what it is.

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There is no AV mess. Game is perfectly balanced and people are enjoying the Alterac Valley Battlegrounds.

The majority of people request no changes!

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Ok, first of all. Its a straw man, and I asked that pls dont answer with a straw man.

But, what the hell.

What bug have blizzard fixed in Classic that was part of all patches in Vanilla retail?

Inferno not aggroing your own faction is one.


So its filed as a bug, but you dont consider it a bug? Interesting logic.


Imagine talking about consumables when nobody care about that and there’s plenty of others issue in the game that is mre important.

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Bad Bad Thyvene, spank

Juju what m8?

Gee m8, thanks for not fixing a bug.

Thank you for all your hard work, it must be hard to write these terribly terrible forum posts and watch our replies in agony. Life is hard.


They consider it a blizzlike bug (a bug that was present throughout vanilla and was never fixed) just like the rest of the blizzlike bugs that are listed in the ”not a bug” list.

They dont consider the blizzlike bug to be gamebreaking so they kept it.

Dm north tribute world buffs were stackable in vanilla, a blizzlile bug they decided to patch despite the bug being present throughout whole of vanilla because it was obv game breaking.