Kimberly and Brandon (dutch couple) LF guild


Quick about us: We are Brandon 22 years old, Kimberly 24 years (my girlfriend) l from The Netherlands,we have our carreer going and bussy.

We share same interest playing WoW, I used to be hardcore raiding but now i want to play more relaxed.

We are looking for a guild or group of friend to play with.
mythic dungeons
mythic +
normal raid
(heroic raid)

Kind regards.

Btag Truth#2481
discord Xvo#8480

Hello both :wave:

I’m looking for a few more friendly folks for The Forgotten Few on alliance side Arathor/Hellifire.

We do plenty of mythic+ and raid up to the Heroic Curve (at our own pace, which is usually pretty relaxed) and are generally a friendly and welcoming group.

I’ve a much better description elsewhere, so I’m just going to share the link:

Good luck with your guild search

Who are we?

Scavengers is a (8/8 HC) Guild that was just about to transition into mythic when we lost most of our members to burning out now some of us are back from our break and looking forward to build a team for mythic TEP and a team for future content.


Scavengers has an active discord where people do content outside of the raids and play other games together as a community.

How is it during raids?

We like to banter and meme, but we are more serious during boss fights to get the things done.

When do we raid?

We raid Thyrs & Sun from 20:30 to 23:00 server time (CET).

We are looking mostly for specific classes. These classes are listed below. But any class/spec application is still welcome, as officers will look at the application none the less.
We do accept socials and alts, to also join in on alt runs and have a good time!

Death Knight *[DPS: High
Demon Hunter [DPS: Closed | Tank: Closed]
Druid [DPS: High | Tank: closed | Healer: High]
Hunter [DPS: High]
Mage [DPS: High]
Monk [DPS: High | Tank: Closed | Healer: open]
Paladin [DPS: High | Tank: closed| Healer: open]
Priest [DPS: Medium | Healer: open]
Rogue [DPS: high]
Shaman [DPS: Medium | Healer: open]
Warlock [DPS: High]
Warrior [DPS: High | Tank: closed

Interested? Whisper Jahychan or Fhiala in Game!
Or add me on Battlenet: notyourfault#21908

Hiya guys, just to clarify are you just looking for alliance guilds? Any particular server?

Hi to you both :slight_smile:

I run a small Alliance guild on Quel’thalas where we raid up to HC level on Thursday and Sunday 8-11pm server time. We also do M+ during the week.

We’re looking for more players for the upcoming tier and going forward after that.

I’ve added you on Discord (Maxi#0222) and would like to chat with you when you are free. Best,


Hi Both of you

Critical Strike (A) guild in silvermoon we are recruting currently 8/8 heroic and 3/8 M we raid Wed / Frid / Sat heroic and mythic our timings are 19:00 to 22:00 and we are also pretty active on M+ get in touch with me on discord if you are interested so i can explain you more stuff you both are welcome to our friendly guild :slight_smile:

Discord ID: wyDXByM

Hey there! from what I’ve read about your post I think The New Alliance is a guild for you. Take a look at our guild post if interested :grin:

Hi there,

We’ve got just the thing for you. Please check our recruitment post right here.

All contact information is also listed in the post. My own I’ve updated in the comments. Don’t hesitate to go on the initiative and contact us! I’ll be adding you when I’m able to for some more chat.

  • Cronos (TMCB/EDM)

Hoi mocht je nog op zoek zijn add mn battletag Ragnor#21272 of discord >Hades#4124. Kunnen we altijd even buurten erover :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: wij zitten op emerald dream/terenas btw