Last wish - Nightborne customization

She’s quoting one of the male nightborne /silly jokes, you turnip


I mean come on Turalyon. Isn’t that a bit rude and racist to your wife?



if he is Turalyon ur Aleria :rofl:
so u 2 get a room jk :smiley:

They’d better not - unless you want a second Big Bang.

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I’m not Alleria, but thank you for the compliment. She’s one of my favorite characters.


As a continuation to my previous post… It is not as illustrative as I initially wanted, but nevertheless. As i said above, there is still so much to implement for nightborne to look as great as their npc counterparts.

Here is my humble attempt to gather some popular artworks across social media and internet. But let’s start by saying that a lot of work has already been done in this thread created by amazing Lunaera!

Эрулан also did pretty much a very good job compiling all our ideas for nightborne.

As well as many other creative players who posted links to amazing artworks.

And I, myself, would also be glad to express my opinion hoping, that it might be helpful for you in understanding of what nightborne community generally wish to see in the new nightborne customization (but what currently hasn’t been shown in the preview):*

  • First of all, the most notable part of the Nightborne’s appearance is their unique tattoos. The only tattoos that we have at the moment look almost invisible and have only one color. That’s why we would be grateful if you add more bright and visible tattoo options. As well as various colors for tattoos, including blue, purple, black and fel green options.
  • Secondly, glowing arcane hands and hair are also a key part of nightborne identity, that many would be happy to see as customization options. This is the part of the Nightborne’s appearance that shows their deep affinity with magic.

  • We also would like to see more regal, elegant looking hairstyles and hair colors. Nightborne are severely lacking in this department. There’re dozens of talented artists who deserve to be mentioned in my post.

And let’s not forget about the existing hairstyles that we have yet to get.

  • Please, don’t forget about eye colors and skintones. What you’ve shown us so far is great, but players are willing to come up with other options as well.

A very good concept is posted here.

Ash grey skintones that npcs have.

  • Please, remember also about new faces options, particularly younger faces for males and females and nightfallen options.

Thanks for reading. And sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:


We’ve added black, white and brown hair color options for Void Elves. ^^

Here’s what they look like:

Thank you for the suggestions!


Wow i did NOT see that coming. lol. I was happy with the blonde anyway, but more options is fun. Especially since void elves who used the voidy skins really wanted Black hair.

Thank you so much Linxy. You are a real Gem :heart:

Hope to see some stuff for the other allied races as well.


Oh my God!!! Thank you so much Linxy and the rest of the Blizzard Team! Thank you thank you thank you! You listened to me, my friends and the rest of the high elf and void elf fans!!


Awesome. Just…awesome!

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Many thx Linxy and tell the art team thank you as well.


Don’t worry Lunaera. More Nightborne customization’s are coming. The art teams is still brainstorming for new ideas, its just going to take longer before they can show anything. Just keep banging out ideas for them. The void elf hair color are just easy and fast to do.


Thank you very much for these options again! Black and White will please both Void and High Elf fans.

These changes are making people that play these races very happy.

The 9.1.5 changes, anima cap being removed and been able to send it ot alts, and now three more hair colors for my favorite race, i haven’t been this satisfied as a customer in a long time.

Now i must leave, gotta keep this thread Nighrborne, thanks!


Thats amazing!
Hoping for pink-skinned/peace-skinner LF Draenei now :innocent:

ffs i rad it while drinking water, almost choked xDD
that was a good one

Thank you very much, WoW Team and Linxy. I am looking forward to replaying Suramar with a High Elf mage (or even half-elf with shorter ears).

Will the tentacle/void-glow be a separate toggle from hairstyles?

If yes, there is only one thing left for playing real High Elves: Racials.

“Void Rift” is an ability we can simply choose not to use. But “Void Embrace” will activate randomly, whether we like it or not.
Please add an active ability to toggle the chance to trigger “Void Embrace” on or off.
(It would help RP, but at a disadvantage for combat during RP)

Alternative (for both RP and combat):
You could add a green-fire style (at least in regards to lore explanation for a cosmetic change) Void-Elve questline that tells a story how the old Alliance High-Elves rejoined the new Void-Elves under Alleria.
Reward: The Ability “Arcane Aura” (e.g.)
This would turn your Void Elf racial “Void Embrace” into e.g. “Arcane Empowerment” and “Void Rift” into e.g. “Arcane Teleport” (Animation: The blue/pink swirly, does already exist), with the same functionalities, but different visual effects.

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The high elves who joined the void elf race under Alleria are literally the natural void elves we play today. Alleria herself is a Void elf too, which is why she turns Voidy during combat.

Having natural skin doesn’t make you a High elf. It’s just for Roleplay. So I see no reason to toggle off the racial, besides it only lasts 12 seconds and you rarely see actual combat in RP.

Changing a racial for RP is just too much and I doubt they will do it. Let them focus on other races now. We got more than enough.

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I really appreciate your reply the Void Elf requests.:ok_hand:
Thank you very much for everything !:blue_heart::purple_heart:

When the moment to add “the new customizations” to the Void Elves arrives, I hope they will receive braid hairstyles like Alleria’s.:pray:


There were high-elves remaining in the alliance after the third war, long before the void-elfes joined. My questline idea was about both alliance high-elf factions rejoining each other finally.

It is not only about RP, besides RP can involve combat, it is for me at least about player character fantasy.
The amount of time the buff is active or inactive is not the issue, the fact that it does activate at all, does break the immersion (or video recording efforts, which I do consider making) of playing a high-elf in that moment and for some time afterwards.

btw: Racials ARE RP, their gameplay impact is minimal, because their purpose is to give each race some racial character besides looks.
A mere toggle for a passive ability is imo not much to ask, while the questline/visuals would mean more work (since those would actually involve the art team, who are also working on the other races customizations), that’s why I also suggested the simpler option.

Please let the WoW team decide, when it “is just too much” or when “we got more than enough”. There is nothing wrong with suggesting further improvements.


more air styles to Nightborne. Soon Nightborne will be moust played race instead of blood elfs :stuck_out_tongue: