Nightborne / Void Elf customization: hands

Nightborne toggle: fel/arcane hands

Void Elf toggle: void-colored hands (would look awesome on the natural skins)


Arcanist hands:
Felborne hands:
Void Elf hands:

Pretty please?

(edit: added links to examples)

(edit: if you like this idea, request it through the in-game suggestion box! The more people ask, the better chances!)


I need this. Thank you Blizzard! (Because you ARE going to implement it, right?)


Would be lovely addition to be honest


While there’s little chance we’re getting that, it would truly be a cool addition. I would probably stop wearing gloves if this got introduced.


Possibly. But then again, all of a sudden they appear to be reading the forums, so one can dream.

Besides, it is the sort of addition nobody would complain about.

Totally lore appropriate in both cases… and for the void elves, it would steer them a little bit back towards the void elf ‘personality’ in combination with the ‘high elf alike’ customizations some people are concerned about, without however upsetting anyone else.

Alternatively, void elves could simply have additional skins that already include patches of void colored skins. (Although a toggle would be a thousand times better)

From mmo-champion:

Sounds like a nice a idea.

I would probably use it for my Nightborne and my Void elf warlock

Adding to that, maybe Lightforged can have glowing light hands? As a toggle of course.


Actually I just noticed the Fel NPCs have matching color of the eyes, too.

That would be another nice to have. :wink:


Arcane/void glowing hair would be nice too (I don’t mean velf glowing tentacles, I mean normal hair tips glowing with void if you apply it, or arcane for Nightborne… The same toggle should be applied for DID so they don’t have to have fire hair)


I’d like to know why do we have such idiotic restriction on adding pictures to posts?

Clearly, to ensure only people who come to the forum often to positively engage with the community (= do not get reported/banned) can post pictures.

TL;DR - In order to avoid people posting inappropriate images. :wink:

Sort of makes sense but it is incredibly hard to achieve and maintain. I managed for SL launch, but then got busy with work and RL, stopped visiting the forums, and lost karma level to post pics…

really cool idea

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I approve of this Idea Astranea :+1:

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Thanks! I wish there were more likes and answers, however. So that Blizzard would notice the thread.

I can only suggest that people liking this idea requests such features through the in-game suggestion box.

Maybe it happened at random, maybe not, but so far most of the things I requested through the in-game box were implemented. The more people ask, the better chances!

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Good thought. You have my vote.

However, this other one remains my favorite. :wink:

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I support this idea. I want glowing hands and feet too!

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I heard you.

Reposted separately. :wink:


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