Let's talk about PvP: You wanna see ridiculous?

This morning I was herbing Un Goro peacefully when some lowbie complained that an UD Shadowpriest was running around killing all and sundry.

So I tried to kill it with my Rogue. He resisted 3 of my stuns in a row (Cheap Shot, Kidney Shot and Vanish/Cheap Shot ) feared/dotted me and stunlocked me to death b4 I had the chance to trinket fear.

So instead of my stunlocking the SP it stunlocked me to death.

So I hop on my Hunter. My Hunter has got the Blue Rank 10 PvP set, Ashjre’thul Crossbow of Smiting, Blackhand’s Breadth, Royal Seal and the rest is Tier 2. I had 27 Shadow Resist total. All my gear is enchanted and I use Thorium Arrows.

I popped Greater Shadow Protection Pot, Mongoose, Grilled Squid.

I had to do EXACTLY 9218 damage to him to kill him. That’s right, I did 30% more damage than THE AVERAGE LEVEL 70 PLAYER’S HEALTH POOL on it to kill it.

I am not even joking.

Breakdown of my damage follows:

Multi-Shot 5 2096

Auto Shot 5 1372
Raptor Strike 3 1335
Arcane Shot 2 336
Wing Clip 4 129
Melee 1 112

The above adds up to 5380 damage.

My beast mastery Frostsaber, with maxed out bite and claw ranks, did an additional 2783 damage to the Shadow Priest.

This adds up to 8163 damage plus 763 damage that the SP absorbed equals 8955 damage.

The SP also absorbed an additional 263 damage of my pet’s attacks so all the damage I did to him totals 9218 damage.

I have screenshots from my recount.

In the end he lost only b/c I mana drained him and b/c I am a Beast Mastery full PvP spec Hunter. If I was specced Marks or Survival, I would have lost.

No single class in the game is as OP as Shadow Priests are in PvP. No question about it.

Note: I didn’t even partially resist any of the SP’s damage, just absorbed b/c of Shadow Pot.

Great story, but what was the point of your post?

I mean you want nerfs? or just sharing?


He didn’t like how that SP was able to stunlock him to death and not him doing it with his rogue… :laughing:

The irony might be there somewhere… I mean, in the end he won with his hunter, so I guess he was just mad about that stunlock :man_shrugging:

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I really hate shadow priests. I hate UD too in general, but SP & UD really gets on my nerves.

SP & UD at lvl 60 is always a ganker. You’ll never see a Troll SP ganking.

So in case any good folks read this, if you want to solo a SP, grab a Great Shadow Prot Pot and some Stamina (PvP) gear as well as Major Heal Pots & Whipper Root Tubers.

Resistance gear (like full T2) doesn’t help at all as they have a talent that reduces the chance for their spells to get resisted by a ridiculous amount.

World Buffs will help too.

Shadow priests were op 15 years ago too, it’s not really news.

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well Spriests are really cancer to deal with. Makes it more satisfying to kill one.

In special for me as a paladin Spriest is proabbly the hardest counter class against me in PvP. But when I kill one 1v1 I really feel good.

People tend to forget frustration can be the first step in the feeling of reward.

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Wait, it gets even better.

Remember the Engineering trinket Ultra Flash Shadow Reflector? It’s supposed to work vs Shadow spells, right?


This trinket pretty much only shafts Warlocks. It can reflect Lolcoil, their Fear spell and their bolts.

A SP works by spamming fear, dots and mind flay. Neither the SP’s fear nor Mind Flay can be reflected by the trinket. It can only reflect Mind Blast but they rarely cast it in PvP bc Mind Flay is just so much better AND it stuns you AND it slows you.

Removed Incorrect Info.

yes? and what’s the problem with that? all of classic is basically a mountain of bad game design. that’s why people play it


Classic is a game with mostly great game design this is why ppl still play it after 15 years. You probably have Refail in mind. There’s a reason ppl call it Refail.

Scattered pockets of bad game design in an overall great game do not make the whole game substandard.

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Indeed, it’s part of the charm. If you want every class to be almost the same, but just different visuals —> retail


Who calls it “refail” exactly? lol. - I’ve only ever seen 1 other person say it.
Classic has terrible game design, but it’s the other aspects why people like it.

well I ment “good” game design in the modern sense.

Compare two single player RPGs for example

Gothic 2 from 2001 and the witcher 3.

While most people would say that witcher3 has way better game design in a modern sense, I just preffer how things work in gothic 2.

“good” and “bad” are always subjective.

I don’t know why this comes at such a surprise, between the SP self heals through spellls and shields possibly even a HP pot somewhere in the fight? I don’t know what gear he had but my lock has 8.5k ish hp when fully buffed up (I doubt the SP was fully buffed for ganking though)

GJ killing him in the end though! Bet it felt pretty good! Did you then gank him a few more times for the sake of it? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I didn’t know. I saw him getting healed in shadowform to full (this is just LAWL man), but I didn’t know how he did it. He didn’t use pots though, no potting animation.

He probs think he doesn’t need them if they can self heal through shields. I thought they only self healed through vamp embrace.

Yes, I killed him over 10 times total since yesterday. Spent over 400g in Greater Shadow pots but worth it.

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Yea vamp embrace heals for 20% of all shadow damage dealt and improved vamp embrace adds 10% more healing. shield absorbs 1k DMG (don’t know if there’s a talent to imp it) but in a fight he could potentially have used it twice. so between both of them that’ll be the reason for the high DMG you had to do. But I’m glad you got revenge :joy:

You killed an undead shadowpriest? Blizzard, it’s time to nerf hunters!


Noo. Leave us be, we are not even good in PvP.

/end sarcasm.

Ps: To OP: I personally love shadowpriest, just outrange and kite while viper stinging.

It doesn’t matter what a hunter meet, we can outrange every spell in the game if I recall correctly, especially with hawk eye talented.

If you tank a SP you basicly want to die, to be honest, I never saw a scatter in your dmg list, if you are fully BM, you’ve made a poor choice in my honest opinion.

But, you got him, thats the point, gj :slight_smile:

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Your really wasted a mongoose and a greater shadow prot pot for that?

I wish there were no glancings/crushing in TBC

How do you spam something that has a 30 second cooldown?
And dots absolutely can be reflected, you’re talking complete nonsense.