Levelling zones and Warmode


There needs to be some adjustment to local NPC guards so that the neckbeard incels that camp these towns and zones don’t have such an easy time of it.

Regardless of whether you have WM enabled or not, there are zero consequences for the basement dwellers killing quest NPC’s and suchlike, as the guards are completely ineffective and do not scale to the invaders level either.

Even if they did, they are rendered useless by any class that can spam a self-heal, as can be seen in the Alliance camps in Zandalar repeatedly. If a player of the opposing faction chooses to harass low lvl players by killing them with WM on, or disrupting play by killing NPC’s, there should be a risk involved. As it stands, there are no consequences for griefers, which is a massive fail for a so-called PvP-centric xpac.

Fix it and while you’re at it, stop the zone phasing exploits, DK’s using death gates while in-combat and other players queuing up summons, DH’s abusing leech heal on low lvl npc’s etc, you know, all those shady tricks players are using to bail on fights they are losing.

(Coolgroove) #2

Can’t say I don’t understand where are you coming from, but it is a World Player vs Player. That is why when some player makes any acts of aggression (ganking, quest disrupting, etc) is up to other players to respond.

You can try Alliance WPvP Community Invite - could be players there who can help. Also Danking is the solution to ganking .

That would be great, and queue abuse too.

As for that - anything goes in WPvP, even if it’s not in your moral standards. You can hold yourself to them, but don’t expect it from other players - it’s pointless, and War Mode should never have any rules or regulations, only players own actions and their consequences.

(Vaëyn) #3

It’s all under player control. That’s wpvp. Don’t like something that’s happening? Do something about it. We all have that control.

Will we succeed? Maybe, maybe not. But the choices we make affect the outcome. I love that about wpvp. I’ve been trying to help out in Redridge and Darkshire. I see others doing the same. Player control.

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You are playing World of Warcraft, mate. An incredibly nerdy MMO. You are hardly in a position to be calling anyone a neckbeard or incel!

Plus, my advice is not be admit that you are being noob-stomped and actually driven to forum whinging by neckbeard incels. Even you who clearly hate them so much can see how it’s worrying letting everyone know that a neckbeard incel tipped his fedora and made you his bi… his m’lady! :slight_smile:

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What do you expect to happen with wm on?

It’s wpvp, stop crying about it.

I understand that it may be frustrating, but it’s your choice to have wm on.

Call your guildies or friends to kill them. Enjoy the fun part of it.

Also, namecalling others wont get you anywhere.


Nice try, 2/10, but I’m not the one getting noob-stomped, in fact, I make a point of policing alliance levelling zones and smashing in the faces of the perpetrators. Good effort though, even if your post basically boils down to, “neener neener whingeing nerdy pwned stuff hats etc neener some more stuff looka me I’m so snarky!”.

Perfect example of the neckbeard incels I’m talking about. Cheers for being a poster boy!

(Coolgroove) #7

Hahahahaha, your negativity is so amusing and adorable! Hahaha

I don’t know if you seriously think that you can offend anyone, or just ineptly trolling, whatever it is - watching you try is very funny. You’re funny. So silly, so funny. Hahaha

(Vaëyn) #8

I agree with you Anarka on policing lowbie zones, player controlled solution, and fun. But to me, lowbie killers are just having fun too, so what. It’s just a game. Do whatever is fun.


Next thing you’ll be using words like, “toxic” and then flagging my posts for a GM because I’ve deprived you of your safe space.

Awww, bless your ickle cotton socks.

(Coolgroove) #10

Hahahaha, yes! You delivered! Good boy! Hahaha
Why would I do any of that? I’m enjoying it way too much, haha, do it more!

What is “ickle cotton socks” btw?

(Khyrneken) #11

You are still the lad trying to act all macho. On the forums. Of World of Warcraft. Wise up, mate. You’re trying to act the big boy but are just becoming entertainment for us! :slight_smile:

(Khyrneken) #12

It’s when an English or Scottish lad tries to be patronising and win big boy points on the internet. Careful you don’t anger the beast! Haha!

(Lightslayers) #13

I mean,to be fair,WoW is probably the least nerdy MMO out there,that’s always been its selling point :stuck_out_tongue:


Folks that repeatedly use phrases like, “big boy” and roleplays a big cow warrior-type in an MMO, should throw such phrases around a bit less, lest peeps start wondering about you in rl.

(Khyrneken) #15

Ooph, tough lad tries another big boy tactic. Roleplay? What roleplaying are you seeing?

I am Irish. A gnome would have been too stereotypical and you can’t get Dwarves on Horde!

Really? WoW seems to be the epitome of nerdy games. We are playing as elves, cowmen and big boy midgets. That’s incredibly nerdy! Nothing wrong with it, mind you. Embrace the nerdism!

(Basyxqt) #16

This dwarf is salty.

Please, i think he needs a long term vacation from here!:sunglasses:


git good :slight_smile:
do something about it instead of crying.
angry palalala

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