LF a Home on Draenor

I’m kinda a returning player, started SL in a guild, but sadly it fell apart. So I stopped playing. But tbh I want to play. I want to go to in M+ and Raiding. I have a couple of lvl60 but if I have a good chat with someone, who is willing to give me shelter. I don’t mind playing what the guild needs, I did m+ in BFA (lvl9 key) but as then en now, I hate the pug world. I raided from vanilla till WOTL then I was on and off

Take care and ty for reading!

Hey mate, have a look at our recruitment topic, we might have a home for you.


Hi Mate,

Sorry to hear about your guild and it made you stop playing.
I hope you can find a home here… Please have a read of our post below and do let me know if it interests you.


Hey man! Should you fancy swapping over to alliance (those mud-huts can’t be thaaat comfy), feel free to check us out. :slight_smile:

Hiya Linux, sorry to hear about your guild!

I’m from Strange Loop on Draenor, we’re a smaller, HC raiding guild who can totally relate to wanting good company and shelter. I was hoping to get a little more info on your characters and what you’re looking for if that’s ok?

Please add my b.net if you wanna chat :blush: #Desiderata2592

Hello Linux! Sorry to hear about your Guild, but here’s a little tidbit about mine!

We just started out so we’re not that big but we’re not going anywhere! Enjoying the game the classic way but also not falling back on raids or M+'s! So far 3/10 HC and pushed as far as +9’s so you’re more than welcome to join, be it for PvE, PvP or socially!

That’s the original post if you wanna read up a bit more on it :smiley: Hope to hear from you soon :smiley: