LF raiding guild

Hi there. I’ve just transferred over to here in the hope of finding a raid guild. I mained a brewmaster monk and a VDH managed to get 10/10 hc on both before my guild disbanded. But I’m going to main my warlock as I did in legion. I have past mythic raiding experience. Had a long break from the game so I didn’t play bfa at all. Not mega fussed on going mythic this tier as I’m kind of late but it would be nice.

Hi there!

The Company is currently looking for a warlock if we seem suitable to what you’re looking for. Feel free to check us out or add me on Discord for a chat: JagMaz#0001

Awesome thank you for the fast reply. I shall add you when I get home and have a chat.

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Hey there,

Sunset Moon is currently in need of a Warlock aswell.
At this moment we’re on 1/10M.
If interested you can always add me on Discord for a talk (Mikesturr#6405)

We’re 2/10M and recruiting ranged players
add me on Discord for a chat if you’re interested Cinderblade#6070

Hi Cloaks,

Would love to speak with you more.

Please have a read of our guild post and let us know if it interests you.
My battletag is Psykick06#2401


Hey not sure if you might be interested in a new guild. If you are have a look at our post please :slight_smile:

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