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The game feels more vast and immersive without flying. Once you can fly around and essentially see what it looks like in the level editor of the devs it kinda loses its touch. Flying through an entire zone in less than a minute is not very immersive at all.

WoD also lost 3.4million subs within first 1/4 when Ion said no flying ever they should changed there minds then .
Also another 1million + asked for a full refund under flase advertising it was all over the TV in UK and other countries .

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Gonna provide any sources on that bs you’re sprouting? Please show me exactly where it says that the game lost 3.4m subs due to the flying and it better be blizzard figures since anything else is just a troll and clickbait.


For you yes but for me no i love soaring through the sky’s on a dragon seeing the mountain tops and the land before me .
They designed TBC and Wotlk and MoP with flying and they should do again .


Please dont speak to me in that tone else i will flag you thanks.

I suggest you follow the forum rules before you reply in that tone again .

Not very pleasent and very rude and uncalled for.


Warlords of Draenor sold over 3.3 million copies within the first 24 hours, and subscription numbers increased from 7.4 million[29] to over 10.5 million in November 2014.[[30]]…en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_of_Warcraft:_Warlords_of_Draenor#cite_note-30) However, by the end of the first quarter of 2015, the number of subscribers had fallen to 7.1 million; 300,000 subscribers fewer than before the release of Warlords of Draenor .[31] By the end of the second quarter, the number of subscribers dropped to 5.6 million, the lowest number of subscribers seen in the game since 2005.[32][33] By the third quarter, subscribers held at 5.5 million.[34] In November 2015, Blizzard said it will no longer report on the number of World of Warcraft subscribers.[35]

Where’s the bit that said the loss of subscribers was due to flying ?

I didn’t see any mention of flying in your Wikipedia quote.

OOO Wikipedia, now there’s a cast iron guaranteed fake fact free source of info, almost as reliable as the bloke down the pub.

The loss of subs can be attributed to a lot of things as well as anything flying related so all you have is assumptions.

The stats are they to be found offical numbers by bluzzard and ive no idea why you are being so rude and aggersive i ask you once to stop or i will place you on ignore and flag if you cant keep a civil none sarcastic tone ty.

clearly you don’t know what a threat actually is, i did not threaten anybody, i described an alternate scenario to illustrate how their behaviour was ill advised. a threat is a promise of certain actions, which i did not do.
your post is inflammatory and i have flagged it as such.

Do as you wish you threatend my friend with ripping there throat out you should be disgusted with your actions a lady of 40 acting that way and saying that to another human being you should feel ashamed .

I dont believe for 1 minute you are either female or of the age you say because nobody would use that as a sane “example”.

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once again, i did not make any such threat. i presented an alternate scenario to illustrate that wading into other people’s arguments is unwise.
now you are misgendering me and i feel threatened and abused. please stop your attack on me, i have done nothing to you.

for the record, i am hiding nothing. all you need to do is put my username in twitter and you will see my photo. i hide nothing. twitter.com/triadne

Playing the victim card and feeling no remorse on how you treat others how low can you go you sicken me trying to justify your abuse to another player .
I owe you 1 apology for assuming you were male the rest i owe you nothing after your actions .
You ever abuse any of my friends and i will call the police myself blizzard have let you off lightly.

That to me is a threat .

You think its ok and justifable to speak to people like that i dont think so .

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can you please stop attacking me. you are completely derailing the topic. you said you flagged my post that should be enough. now you are harassing me.
stop it.
i deleted my post because i wanted to try and keep this topic clear and on track. i illustrated to another player how dangerous their actions could be in real life. it was intended to make them think carefully so as to keep safe in future. i have no remorse for telling a person, here is a line you should not cross, in any situation. especially when that person came in here just to attack me.
you are picking a fight, your post is not constructive, you are inciting unrest.
for someone who threatens others with the forum rules you are showing a lot of hypocrisy.
cut it out.

by the way, your quote of me is incomplete and put out of context. you are attempting to defame me. that is libel. stop it now.

If you wanted to keep on track why change your OP to this

You are far from innocent i find it insulting to me and others you are now playing a victim after how you have treated me and friends .

If you were that bothered you would have reported/flagged me and moved on but you saw fit to engage in debate with me and now resorting to the harrasement card .

Dont ever ever threaten a person with violence it is not right and its bullying .

I will not back down to people like you who use acts of violence as an example .

You should feel remorse nothing deserves violence at all .
Ive been beaten up and bullied most of life so think about your words .

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once again, i did not threaten anybody, and i am not debating you, i am telling you to leave me alone and stop derailing this thread.

Because you know inside you were wrong and cant even say sorry .
Atleast i apologised to you over your gender .
But get this no example nothing can justify violence over words over the net nobody deserves to be harmed .
Like i said after being on the end of being beating abused and bullied when i see threats i flip out and defend my friend . All i ask is be more careful please with your wording and read the forum rules.

Just dont ever resort to violence the world is wrecked enough as it is.

i have been harassed and beaten, a lot of it was due to my dyslexia and am now too sick to work because of it, i cant cope with the stress and i am scared to even use my own bathroom and terrified of noise and when i’m in a heated argument over people trivialising my severe cognitive disorder, it is NEVER okay for someone to come in and start pointing the finger at people. you try doing that to people in the street and see what happens.
now you are judging me and harassing me and i have repeatedly asked you to LEAVE ME ALONE. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WHY ARE YOU BEING SO VINDICTIVE???

You just dont get it i give up you carry on thinking its fine to use violence as an example i will say good night because i know you won’t apologise and see how wrong it is.

Your right with that but its never ok to use violence period to resolve an issue.

Being a bit over sensitive aren’t we ?

I’m not disputing the facts, I’m disputing your reasoning that flying was the sole reason for the sub decline. There where other factors too, many disliked the Garrison system, many completed the campaign and cancelled due to lack of anything else to do and many other reasons

If I wanted to be rude and ‘aggersive’ (whatever that is) then I’d be poking fun of your spelling.

Please do place me on ignore, then I can really let rip with being rude and sarcastic about your posts without fear of recrimination.

Also. what are you hiding ?

He asked me for proof on sub numbers i said nothing of flying just sub number facts.
Also picking on peoples spelling when not everyone is fluent in English and have learning problems very classy shows what person we have to deal with .

Hiding nothing at all ? Very strange question.

Who’s making fun of your spelling ? Not me, I said I could make fun of it if I wanted, but I didn’t.

Making false accusations of aggressiveness, rudeness and sarcasm when there was nothing of the kind present is as bad as what you’re claiming others are doing to you.

Pot, meet kettle, kettle, meet pot.

Something’s not quiet right with your profile.