Lunar Festival 🌙 (12th/13th/14th Feb 2021)

Pairs of flyers have begun appearing in major population hubs across Azeroth, proclaiming the next Lunar Festival!

The Cenarion Circle is proud to announce, the Lunar Festival!

Azeroth has faced many trials and tribulations over the recent years, from the return of the Burning Legion, to brutal war across every continent. The Scourge have risen again, and even the very sky has been torn open. We stand on the edge of destruction, as we have done countless times before, all the way back to the War of the Ancients.

The anniversary of Azeroth’s victory in this war, as a united planet standing against the evils of the Burning Legion, fast approaches. The Lunar Festival is a time when we can remember the heroes who have fallen, celebrate our victories over evil, and dedicate ourselves once more to defending our world.

The Festival will take place over three days, from the twelfth to the fourteenth of February, in Nighthaven. We have many events planned, from Sermons and teachings, to a Costume Competition, where the theme will be ‘Costumes of Reverence’. There will also an opportunity to play the famed Moonball, a Tournament to be crowned Champion of the Lunar Festival, and a Lunar Market, where we may all trade and exchange ideas and goods peacefully.

All are invited and welcome to come and visit the festival, to listen to the sermons, receive blessings, sell their wares and enjoy all that is on offer. But be warned, we will brook no fighting or violence outside the sparring area, and steps have been taken to keep the peace. This is a time to heal, and unite, not fight and fall apart.

Come one, come all, and celebrate the Lunar Festival in Nighthaven!

Grovetender Temaros

Schedule of Events for the Lunar Festival:

8:00 to 8:30 -The Opening Ceremony: Grovetender Temaros will give a speech to the crowds, and a blessing will be delivered by two priestess, one from the Horde and the other from the Alliance.

8:30 to 9:30 – Sermons: two sermons will be delivered, one by an Alliance Priestess, the other by a Horde priestess.

9:30 to 11:00 – The Grand Duel: To commemorate the strength and skill of the fallen, and to practice our own skills for the fight against evil, a great tournament will be held between those wishing to participate. The winner will be crowned the Champion of the Lunar Festival, with second place being crowned Hero of the Lunar Festival, and third and fourth place being crowned Protectors of the Lunar Festival

9:30 to 11:00 - The Loremaster Tournament: This is an event for those of more scholarly interests to face off against one another in a contest of knowledge and intellect, exploring the nuances of the history. Up to eight contenders may participate.

8:00 – Late – The Lunar Market, all are welcome to buy and sell wares in a peaceful exchange of cultures and creeds. Accompanied by poems and music perfomances.

8:30 to 11:00 – Costume Contest: Guests are invited to come dressed in costumes of heroes who have long since passed, from Lord Ravencrest to Warchief Vol’jin. The winner will be decided according to how well the costume matches the hero of the past. This will occur at the same time as the Market. The winner will be crowned the Lunar Festival’s Most Stylish Attendee.

8:00 to 10:00 – Moonball Contest: A great game of Moonball will be hosted, all are welcome to join. The Winner will be named The Moonball Master.

10:00 to 10:30 – The Closing Ceremony: A speech will be given by Grovetender Temaros, and a final blessing will be granted to the crowds by the two Priestesses.

10:30 onward – Fireworks.

Throughout all three days, three will be a space for theological discussion between all, and a place for tales of great heroes to be told.


Once again it’s time to celebrate the Lunar Festival. Hopefully we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of the type of RP you like. Anyone can come, but please remember that this event is specifically in a neutral area, Nighthaven, and is hosted by a neutral organisation, the Cenarion Circle. Anyone finding themselves starting a fight outside of the Grand Duel here will find the NPC’d hosts take a dim, bone-crushing view of the matter. This is a neutral event, and we ask those coming to remember this. Please note that this doesn’t mean you cannot be rude, sarcastic or mean to other characters IC. On a similar note, void and fel magics will also be dealt with severely, if used outside of the Grand Tournament.

With that said, here’s a quick explanation of the big events:

The Grand Tournament: This is PVP combat using in-game duels, in a knockout tournament using random seeding. Sign-up strongly suggested

The Lunar Market: Set up a stall somewhere in Nighthaven, and try to sell your wares. This requires no sign up.

The Costume Contest: Come dressed up as a famous character who has died from the World of Warcraft. No sign up required.

The Moonball Competition: Please read the following for a detailed guide, written by Acrona: https: // The number of players per round will be dependent on the total number of players. Sign ups strongly suggested, further, THIS REQUIRES THE FOLLOWING TOY: https :// NO TOY, NO PARTICIPATION.

The Loremaster Tournament: A lore quiz for up to eight contenders. Each contender has three lives. Upon loosing them all, contender is eliminated from the game. Lives are lost by either providing wrong answer to the question or by failing to give answer within time frame. Contenders have 45 seconds to replay to the question, counted from the moment the question is asked. The contender who successfully answers a question picks who has to answer the next question. If they fail, you can pick again until someone manages to answer a question. You cannot pick same enemy twice. The first contender will be selected randomly. Should they fail, the random selection will continue though without those who failed being in the selection pool. The last person standing will become the winner of the Tournament.

To sign up for an event, please either comment below on what you’re signing up for, or leave a message in the Lunarfest 2021 channel in the Elune Discord (https ://, using the following format:

OOC Name:
IC Name:

There is an upper limit on participants due to time limitations, so if you do not sign up then you may be unable to participate by signing up on the day.

Furthermore, Acrona is running an art prompt on Twitter for the Lunar Festival. Go and check it out! https: //


Arian Pryce

Special Thanks To:



Elune Adore my guys.


VERY excited for this, looking forward to attending a Lunar Festival as mere guest on Acrona at last! It will be amazing and everyone and their stewards owls should be there. I’ll advertise the event on the Twitter art prompt as well. Hyped!


Super excited for the Lunar Festival, can’t wait to attend this year I am sure it’s going to be amazing!


Yup! I am coming to this! I try to make it to every one each year. Haven’t missed one since Cata.


This has been a fun social event in previous years. I’ll certainly try to be there and I reccomend as many come along as possible.


I will attend to showcase my Vashava cosplay to Vashava herself.


Don’t sully her name. I will be midly annoyed.


OOC Name: Seaxwulf
IC Name: Sax Lander
Contest joined: The Grand Duel

Let’s see how badly I get my butt slapped.


OOC Name: Beans
IC Name: Beans
Contest Joined: The Grand Duel - Moonball

I come craving the blood of champions once more!
(Edit: I just realized I do not need to sign up for the costume contest)


OOC Name: Altharael
IC Name: Altharael Leystrider
Contest Joined: The Grand Duel - Moonball

Let’s see if I can’t show our cousins they way around a blade! (Hello Sax)


I know what your real IC name is…

Looks pretty nice, looking forward to attend! Sounds lovely.


OOC Name: Triseloux
IC Name: Elseth
Contests Joined: The Grand Tournament

Elune’s light reaches its Nadir!


Local elitist PvPer here, just thought I would mention for the 1v1 Duels that the Podtender (Night Fae Passive that turns you into a seed) is potentially busted and might be worth blacklisting.

Story time…
Not sure if it has changed since but alas; 2 weeks ago while queueing for RBGs our local Boomkin thought it funny to duel myself, a lowly arms warrior, but perhaps it clever of me to give them a boost of confidence for our next BG and enjoy the show of getting ultimately one-shotted? The duel went underway like most but, due to his overconfidence he allowed me to get too close and in a fluke, I was able to burst him down and somehow win a 1v1 against a boomkin. I jeered, nay danced a jig within my mind of the renown I would earn from this only to realize that he had returned to the soil as a pod. Never the less, while confused that the Pod ability shouldn’t proc since you technically do not die in a friendly bout, I would set about simply killing said pod. With nary a healer, it would be a simple task but to my horror something was wrong. The seed would spawn, the seed would be targetable but by the scorn of in-game mechanics, it would not allow me to attack, claiming the outrageous folly of ‘You cannot attack a friendly target’. Betrayed by my own beloved warcraft, I stood in shock as I watched the once slain boomie rise from the azure ashes, like some obese phoenix, only to now have a full bar of health in my face and a raspy Bulgarian laugh in my ear as they were able to easily nuke me down in the second attempt; my cooldowns spent.

I was then shortly killed by a Horde rogue who tapped me as the duel ended and I had begun to limp away on 1hp. But in short and on a serious note, I haven’t been able to test it out again since all my friends are vampires but, I feel the pod is perhaps a little TOO broken given we cannot kill it in a friendly duel as we can in Arena, BGs and World PvP. Regardless, I will be taking part either way ^^


We can definitely test it out; I am sure Estalar will be more than glad to duel me as an Ardenweald mage…

… for the sake of science.


Good to see this continue, specially with the new legacy laid out with last years cross faction festivities!

Just to check something in the OP with

Is this a Druid affair? as i have druids i can bring so kinda determines who i come along as :smiley:


It’s run by Cenarions, but EVERYONE is invited, so you can come on any character.


Only a year late but I have a few screenshots from last year’s blast that I just quickly touched up in PS. Can only post the link in pieces.

imgur .com /a/zhLAnCQ


OOC Name: Tidrick
IC Name: Tidrick Bravespan
Contests Joined: The Grand Tournament

The Lunar Festival’s long been one of those social events that I look forward to and usually go out of my way to attend every year. Although not a great pvper I’m excited for this.


Ahh fair, I had no idea Dirge were a druid guild now. But fair enough!