M+ "LFG" is kinda toxic and people quit rather frequently, right? Here is why and how to fix it

M+ is an environment that attracts toxic players. Like how a bar attracts alcoholics. :man_shrugging: If you don’t like that type of thing, avoid bars…

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There is a fix already, play with a guild

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People who are making claims like this are the real toxic people :dracthyr_shrug:

It only took one reply to do so…

I do think there is scope here for improvement.

Incentives could be:
Key does not deplete (only incentivises the Key Holder).
Bonus Rolls (or currency towards one) for looting raid bosses or epen world rares.
Augment Runes
Free Repairs.
BoA rep tokens.

Although it could get to a stage where untimed runs become preferable to timed runs if these incentives are too good…

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Personally I find M+ to be the most fun, engaging PvE content since every week is a different playstyle depending the affixes, and timer gives that challenging aspect, I struggle more in raiding because you kinda need to rely on a good guild for it, but M+ is probably the most user friendly alternative despite the toxic players out there, that your key is disbanded due to those players, you simply move on.

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I sort of get what you have bumped into, I can imagine it’s not a very transparent progression path for a new player while at the same time it’s the most approachable and seemingly sensible one in game.

I’m guessing with the start of a new season it may be better, as more people will probably be where you are at now. And then you can learn together :slight_smile: Not sure what season 4 will look like tho, with it being fated. For a more guaranteed good time despite whatever may happen, I’d join a Community as others have already said.

I’d perhaps focus less on progression for a bit, and more on learning, and maybe redoing what you already did. It’s impressive to me how far you have gotten in such a short time, but at the same time there are a million lil details in WoW that can trip you up. Whether it’s class or spec design, group dynamics, dungeon mechanics etc. It’s a process, and a fun one imho :slight_smile:

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If people leave this much in keys you do its you who is the problem. This season i had only 1 leaver and only because someone pulled what shouldnt be pulled during boss encounter.

Good idea would be not tracking not timed runs on raiderio. I support it but can understand people which dont want this. Honestly i dont care.

Healing 18-23 is much more fun than 25+ where you need god style reaction times sometimes.

Edit: this reply is for Mikitai. Unfortunately the reply thing seems to be broken via mobile. It doesn’t actually post as a reply.

Well, not sure how I am the problem when people choose to join me on my key or invited me to their group. You have raider IO stats and you still join my group just to crumble like a crouton at the slightest mistake and cuck out?

I disagree that its as simple as me being the problem, it is a lack of moral standards and a huge lack of incentives to not leave, that is the problem.

Imagine you leave league of legends ranked game and you try to justify it by saying “my team was bad”. It is even worse here in M+, because here you at least have tools at hand to somewhat choose who you join and play with, via addons like Raiderio. In league of legends you do not have that choice.

A simple fix would be a leaver stat, like “has been the first person to leave group of X uncompleted dungeons at timestamp X”

Nobody would invite nor join people who constantly leave.

But that wouldn’t make the game more fun its just like directly penalizing leaving, it would just build even more frustration, while it would make leaving more rare.

Your playing worst dungeons levels there are. 10-15 nobody know anything, people are undergeared, some count for free boost. Some think they know but they dont. It is what it is. Same in lol. Sometimes leaving gives you inner peace and is not wasting your time. Just go next game with right mindset. People are chosing not to finish higher keys not to waste time.

While it’s not what you want to hear, nor is it in keeping with the themes of the thread. There are aspects of your character that likely dissuade people to continue.

A lot of those things aren’t necessarily your fault as the game neither properly explains them nor gives any proper indication of their value to you, but gemming, enchanting, attaching sockets to your neck, using your catalyst charges to get your tier set, and attaching embellishments to your crafted items makes people feel like they’re in a safer pair of hands.

Hehe no I follow my own advice, and stay out of M+ :wink: because again… it’s a toxic environment… and as long as PLAYERS don’t stop being toxic, it won’t change.

All the solutions provided by OP are a bandaid to the actual issue, and doesn’t solve the underlying issue. The players.

I mean you are making perfect sense to me as I didn’t know half the things you mentioned and just googled them, but here is my question to you:

Can you not check these things before entering the dungeon with me?
If you can check it before: how is that any argument as to leaving from inside the dungeon, during the key?

It comes down to the same point you replied to, you can check these things before accepting me to your group, or joining mine, or at the very least before entering the dungeon with me lol

I have been searching for this toxicity in M+ but i can’t find it. It is more a thing people talk about who do not play M+. Like you. Facebook news.

I can think of two reasons for this, neither I think are particularly good as absolution but people are far from perfect.

1: An unprepared looking character does not guarantee a problematic run, however were the run to get scuffed it would give them a scapegoat or enforce a stereotype.

2: People don’t necessarily check eachother’s gear, especially not in the wild west of sub 15 keys. They might check after something has already gone wrong, in which case see point 1.

I rarely ever encounter toxicity in m+.


I did a run with a friend earlier, he’s ilvl 432 and had a +17 key. His internet is a bit unstable as well.

He DCed twice during the run, first time he managed to get back instantly but the second time we killed both the priestess and yazma before he could get back on.

What people said about it? “No worries”.

Typically I find toxicity comes from friction, and friction comes from players with mismatched expectations. The more “on the same page” everyone is the less toxicity you’ll see, and the higher you go the more likely it is players will have similar expectations.

If I, for example, see your run with you healing and that friend as a dps, I know no matter how bad their dps is, in a 17 it won’t matter and with you there we’re in a safe pair of hands.

Nah, my reply didn’t count

Sorry but what? moral standards? Morals have nothing to do with leaving or not.

Leaving a key is not more immoral than joining a key without knowing all the tactics by heart. Just as you choose to learn the dungeons by playing them, others exercise their right to leave the key.
Both your and their choice, is personal to you and has impact on the other players on the group.

LoL is a VERY different game, since riot itself has a mmr rating and control over the queue. In wow m+, everyone has full control over who to invite on their own keys.

Rio was introduced as an addon by the community because they saw it had value. Leaverio or whatever hasn’t been created for a reason. If you disagree and believe that an addon like that would be beneficial to the game, feel free to create it.

Not really, since most people do not have a problem with leavers. This is a problem with a specific key level that both alts of high level players (that know tactics and value their time), and new/casual players (that value their key but are not so good) interact. If you get past this level, this problem vanishes for the most part.

It never really solves anything when people get arsy with each other IMO.

I was killing myself laughing the other day when my friend suggested the tank actually stack the mobs on the caster, the response he got was ‘DONT TALK’. Just plain rude. He chose not to response because they’d probably just up and leave the key.