[Mac] Fps being lower by 20-30 after 9.0.5 (no addons used)

I know what cause this but dont know how to fix it.
After 9.0.5 systems that run with dedicated and integrated gpu together such as most of laptops wont run the game via dedicated gpu(main) tried every posible way to force system to run with dedicated gpu and still no luck .

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Starting anima conductors in Bastion, Ardenweald and Maldraxus does this. Also SoA has horrible fps drops.
Please also check the other topics about this problem (it is not only MAC, but same for PC) and help us bring this to Blizzard there attention.
US forums has one post about it to.


M1 Mac Big Sur
8 Core GPU and CPU

Blizz, PLEASE, could you do something because the FPS issue is extremely annoying and basically kills the gaming experience. We are paying a monthly service and over a week here there is a known issue that does not get fixed.

Also, there is no answer from you further - how long will it take!?

Many thanks!

Second this. This really need fixing. SoA is completely unplayable for me. It’s not the quality we’re used to from this game.

I can’t believe they haven’t even acknowledged the problem exists yet.

I figured it out, they are draining the anima of our computers to mine bitcoin, prove me wrong.


Has this been Hotfixed at all?

I just ran SoA heroic on an Alt, and saw an improved FPS. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better than it was. I tested it out on my main (not in a group), and it was the same.

SoA is where I had problems before.

Nothing changed at all.

Anima conductors still cause severe fps drops and SoA is just as bad as before.
9.05 really broke some things…

Luckily they hot fixed the real important things:


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I noticed this immediately after the patch when I appeared in Thunder Bluff. The worst area is 100% SoA. What was previously “Graphics settings 4” 30 - 50 FPS is now 12-19 FPS on “Graphics settings 2”. Did not even try to go lower cause it did not change anything. 4 or 2, FPS was not changed.
So my FPS is affected not only in the anima conductor areas but those are def the worst.
Even Castle Nathria is around 15 FPS lower now.
Devs, it’s difficult to play like this. We are a raiding guild and we suffer a dps drop because of me. Can you please fix the bug?

macOS 11.2.3
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)
2,6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
Radeon Pro 555X

Still no reply and the thread is going down. Please bump it up since Blizzard is so blissfully ignorant as to not reply to a serious issue which affects so many.

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Is there any progress on this? SoA is unplayable for me right now and FPS drops in oribos and covenant sanctum are annoying as hell.

Still have bad fps since patch, no change.

SOA is completely unplayable at the moment. I tried a group last night, and the low FPS (down to 18 FPS) actually hurts my eyes and head, especially when trying to concentrate.

This really does need fixing quickly.

I used to get around 50 dps in SoA, now I get 10-15. It’s pretty annoying as I have a paladin alt who can’t even progress the campaign for kyrian because I need to kill Devos. This needs fixing urgently.

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before patch 9.0.5 i was playing solid 60FPS settings 5 , 1440p
After patch locked in 40 fps max in zones where you channel conduit… No matter of graphics settings/resolution… its hardly unplayable…

M1 mac 8gb ram, 256gb ssd

In the graphics card settings i am getting “Apple M1 (Low Power)” on my Mini, is that normal?

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No its not. I tried retail nativly, shows LOW POWER
i tried force thru roseta X64, still M1 LOW POWER
not experiencing this on classic wow…

“Low Power” is usually indication it’s either integrated graphics or that it will be used instead of dGPU when saving power. As you don’t have dGPU it will always use the iGPU and the label isn’t a problem.

never happend before so,

Not much of an FPS issue on my end, but more of a latency issue since last patch.

Sometimes it’s world latency, sometimes it’s home latency, goes up to about 350 to 800ms, while my internet is just fine, and getting randomely disconnected without being able to log back in sometimes for 5 or 10 minutes, all the while my internet is STILL just fine.

How I know my internet is just fine?
I have network monitoring, and a server in a rack doing hourly speed tests, and my average latency to Paris’ Orange’ servers (my ISP) is 4.9ms.
My usual latency to wow servers is 23ms.

How I know my computer is running juuuust fine and isn’t overwhelmed?
I’m running a R9 3900X on a double rad watercooling, 64gigs Cas 16 3600mhz ram / AMD5700XT gpu, and my network card is a 10gbps SFP+ direct attached copper card.

The issue is clearly NOT on my end.