[Mac] Fps being lower by 20-30 after 9.0.5 (no addons used)

but we all know that problem is with ANIMA CONDUCTORS animation… it shutter graphics so much…

No seriously blizzard I don’t know whoever is having fun messing up the server, but go sit on a pepe

got disconnected in front of a torghast last level boss, logged back on dead and can’t loot ashes on corpse.

I might add that I can be unable to log back in game WHILE I’m having a talk on discord or watching a stream on twitch, using less than a tenth of my internet bandwidth.
But logging in to world of warcraft? noooo, way too much data right?

Well that “Low Power” label is making me feel inadequate and now it will feel slow even when it’s not, change it to “Turbo Intercooler” please!

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My fps is still lowered since 9.05 with stuttering, it’s not smooth anymore especially in some zones. It ran perfectly for 2 years before this patch. My fps went from 70-80 to 50 but based on the stuttering issue it feels like 20. GeForce GTX 1650

Bumpity bumpy bump

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same here…

It’s been a month I have the Low Power issue, making 9.0.5 totally unplayable on my M1 Mac. No respond from Blizzard, stupid GM non-working troubleshooting including V-sync that won’t change a thing, etc…

never happened before and since this option is showing up, the performance is terrible. It’s the only indication of why we have such poor FPS. Since the “low power” showed up in our game option, wow is unplayable.

That’s quite odd. Blizzard did change some engine things in 9.0.5 which caused problems but “low power” on M1 is kind of odd - curious if it’s actually causing M1 to go into low power mode or just 9.0.5 FPS drops + label change make it look like so.

With macOS there is the problem that there are no good monitoring/benchmarking tools so even if I got one for testing it would be hard to tell what’s going on there.

Can you run some other game of similar requirements and compare like temperatures or power draw between it and WoW?

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It’s a long time now, maybe just give us an option to disable anima conductor animations? As it is I have only 7/8 dungeons playable and as I mainly play mythic plus that is a real problem.

What’s your FPS when you enter SOA and like De Other Side?

I’m doing some benchmarking and testing and there seems to be quite a difference, especially between those two.

Detailed reddit post. The user seems to have compiled an analysis of the issue, maybe Blizzard can look into it.


I appreciate that Blizz are prioritising working on and putting out new content, alot of people are moaning about it, myself including.

But I absolutely cannot believe that this issue has not been addressed yet. This is in-game and affecting players right now. It’s not a small thing either. Going into SoA actually hurts my eyes. I have just taken a short break from the game, and I have come back this evening to find the Outdoor world suffering from lower FPS than before aswell. Even dropping my graphic setting right down, the problem persists.

Blizz, this really need fixing ASAP… not in a month or two… but NOW!


Bump some update would be nice


Unplayable right now. Please fix


I have the same problems with WoW 9.0.5 native on a Macbook Pro M1, 16 GB RAM model.

The following happens if I just rotate a few degrees in Oribos:

How could you possibly explain this behavior? My settings are described in the Youtube video description.


Thanks Blizzard, very cool!

Any updates here?

I play on MacBook Pro 19’ 2019 with i9 32gb and Radeon 5300 (MacOS 11.3.1) and I have the same performance issues with the latest 9.0.5 patch. Going SOA makes me cry. It’s almost unplayable.

For me graphic settings doesn’t work at all, I can set the worst graphic settings and go with 1600x900 resolution. The most areas will be in strong 60 FPS, but if I enter SOA or Elysian Hold or HOA the first boss my FPS counter drops to 30-40 end even 15 sometimes.

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  • OS Version: macOS 11.3.1
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5300M 4 GB
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
  • Memory: 32 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

How many months do we have to wait for an update that takes 3 minutes to formulate ?