Video proof of FPS drops due to Anima Conductor (MSinfo + DxDiag included)

20 FPS drops after activating 1 anima conductor stream in Bastion, activating multiple streams does not impact the fps drop more (got all streams reinforced on other characters).
In the whole area there is a fps drop after activating the anima conductor stream (not only the covenant area as shown in the video), even when not directly looking at the stream this is especially clear when standing in the heart of the forest in Ardenweald when you can’t see the anima streams from the conductor but FPS is horrible and gameplay is just terrible…

This happens in Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald and also the instance SoA has horrible FPS drops. Revendreth seems unchanged even after activating a anima conductor.

Things i tried to solve this:

  • Checked if W10 where up to date.
  • Updated GPU driver
  • Tried to scan and repair WoW (did not work and got a error “something went wrong try again”).
  • Since scanning and repairing did not work i just deleted and downloaded the game again.
  • Deleted the cache folders
  • Deleted the addons (see fresh install)

W10, up to date
I7 8086K
32G Ram

MSinfo32 and DxDiag files:

For everyone with the same problem please post this to help Blizzard fix this.
Some other posts about this problem:

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This is a serious problem, please fix this.
One week of low fps already and still counting…

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It’s amazing how they have everything they need to fix this issue and still take so long… but the CEO needs another yacht, we can’t afford paying developers.

It’s worse with 2 anima lines, can’t even think 4~5. My fresh bastion alt having 60 fps in elysian hold but my main suffers -30 FPS cause of that.

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I did not noticed a difference with more streams. 1 or 5 i still drop around 20 to 30 fps. It even drops FPS while not looking at the streams, Ardenweald is a perfect example of that, in the heart of the forest i get 35fps while i only look at walls…

Same problem. Please fix…

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i have the same problem ideed, i have a drop between 20-40 FPS!

Perhaps an overdraw issue, transparency and deferred rendering can be tricky to combine and they are most likely using some special shenanigans to achieve it, so maybe this issue is part of some failed experimentation.

For me I have the problem of lower fps after 9.05 in the zones Ardenweald and Revendreth, but when I’m in the Maw it’s smooth like before.

So the same problems but also Revendreth for you. Which Covenant do you have, Venthyr maybe? Have you got anima conductors enabled? Ardenweald fps drops is this on the same character or an alt maybe who is night fae?

The FPS drop is purely down to the new visual created by the conduit/conductor.

That’s why you’re looking the total opposite way when you go up it’s at 60 and when you turn around again it drops.

Enabling a path feeds the way with Anima… your issues are anima my friend :o

Check from 02:45 it even drops when the anima stream is not directly in sight. And yes the anima conductor stream is the problem here.
On my warlock i got 5 streams reinforced in Ardenweald and even in the Heart of the forest where i don’t see any anima stream i got fps drops due to this.

But we need to wait longer for a patch it seems, this where just posted (scroll down a bit for the 2 hour ago patch notes):

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Any Blue Reset my anima conductors please!

You would think they at least give us some option to fix this besides changing Covenant…
I guess this issue gets ignored until it is fixed.

Update> More Hotfixes but no FPS fix…

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if i change covenant and rejoin the one i am in now, will the anima conductors reset or they will still be there?

I think you still have them

After rejoining everything will be the same as how you left it. Which is a very good thing but no solution for this temporary problem.

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