Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

(Lilura) #231

I can give actual arguments to support my points, though.
You actively ignore evidence.
So, you can say Gilgoblins will be an AR and look like a fool, or actually structure a decent argument for once.
But you aren’t going to are you?


Wait there were people who unironically believed Sethrak was an alliance allied race candidate?

That’s… I dont even know what that is

(Northgrave) #233

Sethrak suck and would feel out of place in the Alliance.

Trash gnomes also suck, but at least they don’t ruin the general theme of the faction.

Though I personally want Redeemed (with models similar to that of Derek Proudmoore).

(Daltor) #234

You mean like Belves and Nightborne in the Horde?

If you want to play undead, partially rotting Humans, the Horde is here for you, Mr No Ears

(Northgrave) #235

Exactly, that’s why I don’t want the same fate for the Alliance. Pandaren and Draenei are already weird enough.

I’m an undead, partially rotting human and last time I checked my forum background is blue. Also no way I’d play an elf-led degenerate. I’d prefer Scarlets to the Redeemed, but it seems Blizzard wants them to be villains forever, so the Redeemed are the best chance for the legacy of Lordaeron the Alliance is due.

Also, maybe you have noticed but we already have one cursed human kingdom in our ranks, another would probably do no harm :stuck_out_tongue:.

(Daltor) #236

2 Technically, because if I’m not mistaken, the Curse of Flesh, is still a curse.

(Northgrave) #237

Well if that counts as well, it’s actually three, don’t forget the Kul Tirans.

(Daltor) #238

You get a curse, and you get a curse, you all get curses!

(Lilura) #239

They use the Worgen skeleton, interact with the Alliance first chronologically, Shaw expresses interest in working with them further, they act as a counterpart to Vulpera, have an ideology and culture which fits best in the Alliance, and are notably the only current AR contender for the Worgen slot.

(Northgrave) #240

They don’t even have females.

Yeah, and then the horde player proceeds to save them and their goddess.

Wait, wait, wait. Their culture is basically the same as the one of the zandalari. And what is their ideology? All culture we have seen from the friendly sethrak is worshipping a loa, show me one Alliance race that worships some loa.

(Daltor) #241

Just because there is little visible dimorphism, doesn’t mean there isn’t any. If you listen to their voice lines, you will hear that there are male and female sounding ones.

Loa are wildgods, Nightelves worship wildgods.


Gonna be a lot of questionmarks in this

Can you really use this as an arguement for them being alliance allied races?

Can’t say I’ve seen the alliance side but does that mean anything considering the horde side has the quests where we save the faction from the faithless? (or did they do a lazy and make this available for both factions, again?)

Not realy, just the faithless and, do you really want the faithless as allies?

Human culture?

Do you really think that’s how they’ll do ARs tho?

(Northgrave) #243

I know that, but a race without dimorphism is just lazy. Though some people would probably hail it as something revolutionary I guess.

Not in a way sethrak or zandalari do. They are much closer to them, whereas the night elves mainly worship Elune with only wild god worship going around at Hyjal.

Loa actively help the zandalari against all threats, including the Alliance, meanwhile when the greenskins attacked the night elves in classic, Cataclysm or now in BfA, the Wild Gods didn’t give a fig about them.

(Daltor) #244

So is making all the females just humans with different colour skin. But that still happens anyway.

They still worship them, regardless of how onesided the relationship is.

Because that would make the nelves OP and we can’t have anything nice happen to the nevles, can we now?

(Northgrave) #245

At least that has an audience in the form of those weird beastgirl waifu"people". Just changing voice with the same model would be lazy, plain and simple.

I guess they do, but not as much as they worship Elune. Just look at Darnassus, there’s only a temple to her, not to any other wild god. Same in Val’sharah. I’m not that versed in nelf lore but the only place of wild god worship I can recall is Hyjal.

(Lilura) #246

Yes, because it’s how they work.
Just for Alliance,
Velves-Night Elfs/Belf model swap
Dark Iron-Dwarves
Kul Tirans-Humans
And hypothetically

The Alliance clears Shatterstone harbour of Faithless, find Vorrik and cure him of fatal poisoning, and help him retrieve his keystone, hidden on an Alliance captive, alongside breaking a Faithless siege on the Terrace.

Faithless are enemies to the Vulpera but not a counterpart.

Heavy emphasis on faith and worship, devotion to the ideal of peace above all else.

Again, yes, it’s how they work.

Sethraliss, and her armour is not part of the model either. Besides, all AR files were encrypted after Vulpera leaked. There’s no way of telling which races have seen further development in the background since it happened in beta.

(Northgrave) #247

Kul Tirans have completely new skeleton and rig, males at least.

That’s every race in WoW. You could even say that about blood trolls.

I don’t even know how you got this impression.


I think that they are based on Pandaren.

(Daltor) #249

So, you’re saying there wouldn’t be an audience for people who want more believable dimorphism between their sexes?

I view it more similarly to most Pantheon gods, the big god gets all the statues and worship, while the minor and lesser gods are often relegated to specific areas.

Or maybe in this case, because the wildgods live in Hyjal, that’s where they’re worshiped?

Except Skinny Jim who uses a female undead rig.

(Northgrave) #250

Not really, maybe females are, I don’t know, but the males are completely new. I’m currently levelling one, I’d notice.

I don’t think there would. Half the playerbase just plays what they find the cutest. Just look at how many people hate kul tirans in this thread alone.

Also, it’s fantasy, there’s no need to make things “real”, that always leads to ruin. And my main concern is if Blizzard made a race with one gender and people would eat it up, it would be all we would get from then on.

I expect that people who would call it “revolutionary” and “great” would never roll one. Kind of like those women over at tumblr who were so “hyped” for those horrid KT female models, claiming that WoW finally has some body positivity, yet they still continue to play their “cute” void/night elves. Go figure.

I’m kind of sad the skinny version didn’t make it in, but currently it just looks bad. At least I can hope for General Hath and Alliance Alterac, though that’s probably never coming.