Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

(Daltor) #81

Well… The Blidgerats are known for their love of grog.


Seems unlikely, but maybe they want to get out of the way dataminers, so that they can plan something on their own without everyone knowing about it months in advance :slight_smile:

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Isnt there enough races now tbh?

Its really not the solution to anything. Another meaningless grind, everyone rolls one the first few months, and then the forums will be full of “Make xxx and xx new allied races”


Players want more possibilities and that is not really tied to how much they have access currently. New classes/specs are unlikely since it is hard to balance them out, but races/ARs are easier and do not feature balance risks.

(Imsoret) #85

We have seen how this works.

  • Blizzard release new allied races, locked behind another rep-grind.
  • These are “FOTM” for a while.
  • Then alot racechange back to whatever they were before.
  • And then everybody cries on the forums “Make murlocs, troggs, ogres, naga and whatnot new allied races”

What we need is something really new. What about a third faction? Horde splitting up and players get to chose.

Or wait, that we cant have, cause then all allianceplayers will complain that they didnt get something - Or reroll horde.

Cause everything in this game need to be 50-50 always. :slight_smile:


Please do not blame the Alliance players for this.

Majority of the community would love third faction, but I’d be honest, as much as I want it, I can get the struggle and absolute mess, which it’d cause, why Blizz is not trying to do it.

You are not obliged to roll a new AR though and when there is no urge you can’t really say that it is Blizz fault that people are rerolling their mains back to their original races (I wonder why would anyone do that anyway), there is always a lot of ways to try the race if it is fitting to you or not.

(Vulrin) #87

mfw we get “mecha gnomes” when it could of just been customisation or something. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, literally nobody i sswear almost nobody wanted more gnomes for pete sake. Ah well, we’ll just have to see how it goes but its not going to change how many gnomes there are rest assured.

(Imsoret) #88

I dont. Just foreseeing a very likely list of events should they do something like that.

What im really saying is: Subscription numbers are free falling, they can release alots of new AR in the future, sure, but its not a solution to the real problem.

(Daltor) #89

Gives players content to do.

Which only 2 have been. DI Dwarfs and ZTrolls respectively.

Only for the two mentioned above.

God forbid people wanting to play races they like.

Too late in the game’s life to make something like that as it would cause even more balancing and questing issues.

Yes, because people who pay for something generally want to enjoy that thing as much as the next person.


Ofc the main problem is class design. Maybe if they stopped making every spec to look like separate class, they would not have so much problems with it (it is not so easy, but that would help)


There are ways, but that faction would have to be fairly limited for it to work, it might be one of the greatest things in WoW history, but as I ave written before it would most likely create a lot, lot, mess.

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As things are now, a majority of players have already unlocked upcoming AR before they are released. This goes for MH Orcs / Dark Iron aswell, through questing, worldquests and war campaign. Almost the same in legion to, i unlocked Lightforged and Void Elf without even aiming to do so (Except of the short questlines when you got excalted)

Well no. It was the same with them all, maybe not as much as the two latter AR.

I dont care. Just saying that its not the solution to the real problems (Subscription numbers falling dramaticly)

Life is not fair. Why does everyone have to have the same? Imo. there was no need to give horde pala and alliance shaman.

(ßubbletea) #93

And why should you get Sethrak when they were your first contact in Volduun -!: nothing more then that?
Coming to Zuldazar and starting a war there? They dont even have a respected faction that only Alliance players have let alone Horde.

Mecha Gnomes is what makes sense its the same thing with Nightborne liberate the rebels and then they will rejoin the world but with the keen connection to the gnomes they will choose to ally with the alliance the same way Nightborne felt scorned by the kaldorei and shared similarities with the sindorei (this is speculation)

I mean I love Vulpera and Mechagnomes but I dont want them to be an allied race im on the High Elf Undead Elf train

(Imsoret) #94

Wich again leads to unsubscribing. Never have they ignored the community more.


Nightborne were mostly (or solely) Highborne Night elves … as well as Blood elves were Highborne Night elves who travelled to EK and who got through same situation as Nightborne, so they have more compasion for them.

Maybe next expansion X)

(Daltor) #96

Quite the opposite, people complained that the pre-BFA AR were too weak in comparison to normal races. I saw no one rushing over to race change for any content.

There is no point in commenting if that is the attitude you are going to have about it.

You don’t seem to grasp the concept of paying for a service.
If you don’t like the service, you stop paying.
So naturally Blizzard wants people to continue paying, making it so they do most of what is in their power to make the game balanced.

Why should have the Horde gotten Nightbrone? They shouldn’t, bias writing can work both ways.

(Imsoret) #97

At least i would want new AR that isnt in reality a already excisting race.


There are many departments, I’d not say that community managers are not doing their job, just class design is weaker this exp, while the other aspects are on top.

Edit: Which is ofc not a happy situation as I’be stated.

(ßubbletea) #99

See I dont care about high elf because I really want an undead elf or San’layn, even tho their counterpart is most likely void elf hence them being mentioned in the /silly and void counterpart is death, and lastly both lead by windrunners on opposite factions is really fascinating but I wont get into that.

I know what you mean but its not possible All allied races are recolors apart from kultirans which got a core race treatment

(Imsoret) #100

You speak as if i was against making new AR. I have no strong feelings about it either way, is what im saying.

Horde-only and Alliance-only races made the specific factions more unique imo. If one wanted to roll a pala or a shaman, then they rolled the faction with that specific class.