Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

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That’s so not true. :sweat_smile:


That train is long gone, though I’d love visual changes for classes based on factions … One duo I’d like to see is Warden/Shadow Hunter, which could work pretty similar in mechanics, but different in visuals/name of the spells etc.

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Ofc it is now. But cant see that it was a problem.

And yes, “Blood knight” for blood elf pala would be kind of cool, at least for a while :slight_smile:


Or Moon priest for Night elves … there are more examples :slight_smile:

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looks like people are expecting a new race every patch now :rofl::joy:

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Allied races were pitched as a selling point for this expact.
Out of AR, islands and warfronts, ARs are viewed as one of the less failed portions of it.


Yeah, pretty much :smiley:


Fair few fat ones. Still no Horde Fat Humans.

Horde Story in Vol’dun has far more involvement with Sethrak forces loyal to Sethraliss against those of the Faithless.

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I’m sure if you give a belf enough mana-buns you’ll get close enough.

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Vulpera aren’t confirmed as an allied race. Mecha gnomes also aren’t confirmed. They are good guesses for them but noone from Blizzard confirmed they will be playable so they aren’t confirmed.

Their current customization looks bad with tieing the mechanical elements colors to the skin colors. Then you have a problem with armor, if you don’t cover limbs in order to make them look distinc then it limits the transmog cutomization and options for heritage armor. If you allow to cover the limbs with armor then they would look no different from the normal gnomes.

They are giving them customization options so they can make NPCs look different from each other. To a certain extent they’ve been doing it since TBC.

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I would love to see Alliance getting Vulpera and Horde getting mechanognomes. However you know how it would go:

  1. Blizz gives vulpera to the Horde and crippled gnomes to the Alliance.
  2. Players backlash.
  3. Ion in interview talks how much work they put in mechanognomes and how they are talking about faction unbalance.
  4. Nothing changes.
    It’s pretty standard routine at this point.

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Little melodramatic there, don’t you think?

Indeed, having played both sides, the Horde get more interaction with the Sethrak, it’s not really like they have a compelling reason to join the Alliance.

The Gorian Ogres have an Empire, does that make them more likely to become Alliance?

If you play Horde, you have extensive dealings with the Sethrak, much more than you do as Alliance, and yes I have played both sides to know that this is so.
I mean, who says that they were planned as an Allied Race? Just because Blizzard create new races doesn’t mean they become playable, for example Hozen and Jinyu, who actually -do- join the respective factions are not playable.

Are they handicapped? or are they augmented? That all depends on how you view metal prosthetics (Don’t give me RL comparisons, I have a Titanium elbow joint, and a Titianium lower left leg, trust me, whatever you think of metal bits on your body, I already know :smile: )

Well, you kind of clearly -do- care? Literally like being punched in the gut? You don’t mean ‘Literally’, No one from Blizzard is coming to your house to punch you in the gut. That’s what ‘Literally’ would mean. Something that actually is happening, not just a metaphor. You mean ‘Figuratively’ Which is “It feels like/is as if someone had punched me in the gut”

Takes off linguistic pedant hat

Sorry, just people using ‘Literally’ to describe exactly the opposite meaning of the word grinds my gears, I may be getting fussy in my old age!

Hey, as a bona fide cripple I find that offensive and ableist!

I’m kidding with you, I don’t in the slightest, but we don’t know how these Mechagnomes will work, you say disabled, I see Terminator (Albeit a little one) I’m pretty qualified to say that having metal implants does not make you superhuman (Sorry Wolverine) You are still reliant on the muscle, tissue and skin around it. You can’t lift heavier things, you can’t run faster, You know the only two bonuses my Prosthetics give me? I can smash my elbow down on tables, and the table will dent, whereas I will feel nothing (I literally-yes Literally- have no ‘funny bone’ in my left arm anymore), so basically…a Party trick…
And if I get very selectively run over by a car, or anything up to the size of a medium army APC, my left leg’s Titanium endoskeleton will mean I can just get up and walk away…painfully. I’m sure that will be a great comfort to me in the last minute or so that I am bleeding out from my Femoral artery.
That’s real life prosthetics…

But that’s not what Junker Gnomes will have. They will have fantasy prosthetics that can do cool stuff! They are seriously going to have the bomb, in terms of what their stuff gives them.

I mean lets be real here, what would the Horde be getting?

Trash panda’s.

What are the Alliance getting?

Freakin’ CYBORGS!

Know what I think it is? I think its the curse of Gnomes. People aren’t taking it seriously because they are Gnomes. The Race with the most hideous, twisted, dark backstory in the game…

MechaGnomes are -Cyborgs-, did you ever play the tabletop games Shadowrun or Cyberpunk? That’s whats going on, They are obscene! But people can’t get over the Gnome=Comedy thing, without thinking of the Horde Counterpart.

What have you got to work with, with the Vulpera? I mean as an RP Concept. This is after all an MMORPG, You’ve got two things that spring to mind; Jawa from the original Star Wars, or Rocket Racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy (Admittedly, he is cool) . That’s it. That’s all you get. Its rather definitely ‘Not Great’
The whole Cyborg thing however…oh maaaan, that gives you so much, just off the top of my head that gives you Terminator, Robocop, the Six Million Dollar Man, Wolverine, Ghost in the Shell (A fact a lot of Manga) and much more, it seriously has a lot of scope, but people are going ‘Lol Gnomes’ without actually thinking about it. to a Gnome, a human is a skinnier, cleverer Ogre, in terms of size. How much bigger then is a Tauren, or an actual Ogre? How mighty would you have to be, how much of a hero to be a ‘normal’ sized person and face such a foe?

I actually think Mechagnomes sound pretty cool, I might change my existing Gnome over to being one, it fits…

But also, we are basing this discussion on one very specific unconfirmed premise: That Horde are getting Vulpera and Alliance are getting Mechagnomes.

As far as we know…neither of these things are even confirmed, so lets not get our knickers in a twist until we do know…


To anyone thinking Sethrakk would be more able to join the alliance stop it.

That’s BS, you know it, you just want some little info you rely on to reassure yourself.

The Horde quested with Sethrak, we were active with Sethraks

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Ion Gachimuchias, plz use your official account. We’ve already heard how cool Kul Tirans are and we are no longer accept these kind of arguments.
Crippled gnomes would be okay only if they will be given to Horde with Alliance getting vulpera. I believe that would be win-win for you.

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Now you are a gnome in the portrait.


No, not even remotely. There was drama over way, WAY less.
Im merely calling it right now. If horde goes with a unique race and the alliance gets with nothing more than +customization option gnomes, then there will be a backlash, and considering the popularity of vulpera, it wont be a small one either.

In first place, i never understood why neutral allied races couldnt have been joint, just like pandaren.
As if it made sense for any of the legion races to pick sides and start murdering the others right after horde and alliance TOGETHER saved them from the legion.

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But ain’t the Vulpera just hairy Goblins? IMO android Gnomes are a neat idea.

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Next horde allied race ?
Worgens for sure, becouse of every forsaken needs to own his loyal puppy :slight_smile:

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Yay! Tahra is Tahra again! :muscle:

On topic: depending on what their heritage armor would be, I’d possibly racechange to a mechagnome… :crazy_face:

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Alliance gets another copy-pasted race with new skin colour options while horde gets something unique. Just compare kul tirans to zandalar trolls - one of which Blizzard spent 5 minutes on creating, comparing to serveral months for zandalar trolls.

Their bias is just confirmed by this point. Just look at all of our mounts this expansion - griffons and horses. And more griffons and more horses. Alliance really got the short end of the stick with allied races. Just look at lightforged draenei and void elves.