Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

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Backlash? What are you gonna do? Cry more?

And on topic of Sethrak being both Alliance and Horde, so were Highmountain Tauren, and so were Nightborne.

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@Imsoret: As usual, I am going to ask: Compared to which point of time, please? Judging by the limited public activity update data, the situation in US and EU is currently just about flat, possibly even very slightly upwards over the past few months. Naturally, if you compare to WotLK times, we are far below those times.


If Blizzard bring out Horde Vulpera that can be Druids then all I have to say is…

Shut up and take my money!!!

I have been asking for a smaller Druid race for the Horde since I created my Tauren Druid and started getting stuck in every narrow space and doorway while mounted. I demanded Nightborne Druids, I have tried bribing for Blood Elf Druids, I have pleaded for Pandarian Druids and wished for Goblin Druids. Anyhting smaller that is not a troll or a cow.

I really don’t care if it’s flight form is a butterfly, it’s swim from is a tadpole, it’s travel from is a bunny, it’s cat form is a jumping spider, it’s bear form a dung beetle and it’s moonkin form a gecco. As long as I can run trough a doorway while sitting on my Travel’s Tundra Mammoth or Explorer Yak at full speed. Oh yes and not get auto dismounted if you are in a space with a low overhang like a roof or a tree with low hanging branches.

PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE give us Vulpera Druids for the Horde!!!

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What’s wrong with Mechagnomes? That sounds awesome.


Said it many times, Vulpera will not be an Allied Race.

In terms of models - not an Allied Race, a new race of it’s own. If they were ever going to be playable, they would start at Level 1 as a standard race. Look at every other Allied Race; they are all off-shoots of existing standard races. Vulpera are not.

In terms of lore - Horde are currently losing the war, so what would you say they need to turn it around? A race of nomadic fox people with no proficiency in anything?
Every playable race has either physical, magical or technical strength, or a combination of the three. Vulpera have nothing.

In terms of gameplay - Horde are outnumbering Alliance as overall stats across all realms, Blizzard acknowledges this and has stated they will use Allied Races as a tool to keep some balance.
So if they have any sense (which is questionable), the next set of Allied Races will give Alliance something high in demand and Horde something less popular. Sea Goblins, here we come…


To the guy above this post. You must be a weather man right?

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I have absolutely no idea who that is calling out or what it means or who ‘we’ is…

That’s unfortunately showing your true colours a bit there. “I Don’t like thing X, but I like thing Y! I want thing Y! The mean baddies can’t have them!”

Have you any idea how lore unfriendly that would be?

For a start, how are they crippled? Hmm? In What way are they crippled?
Lets crack on then.

Mecha-Gnomes for the Horde wouldn’t make any Lore sense, and I know the “GO GO GO” types don’t care about Lore, but some of us do…I mean you are on the biggest RP Server in the EU…Surely you care, if not…why are you on the server?
What possible rationale can you see, for Mechagnomes joining the Horde? I mean seriously, why do you see that being an informed and sensible decision?

Likewise, given the Alliance’s behaviour, what possible rationale can you see, for Vulpera joining the Alliance? I mean seriously, why do you see that as being an informed and sensible decision?

At every turn the Alliance has opposed the Vulpera, the Horde have helped them. Blizzard even wrote Alliance units whose specific job it was to ethnically cleanse the Vulpera, and named them ‘Purge Squads’ until the Alliance fanbase wailed that “We’re the good guys! We would never do that” I mean they’re still doing the same thing, they are still ethnically cleansing a non-hostile race, just this time called ‘7th Legion’ and not -quite- so blatant about what they are doing…

Still…Killing members of a neutral race indiscriminately for the massive crime of trading with the only people who have helped them could be seen, by anyone as a hostile act, driving you into the arms of the faction who have helped you, and not the faction that are just killing your people.

Hmmmm….Ponders Where have we seen that before? Looks at his own Avatar…Oh Yeah

Sorry, they make -perfect- sense as Horde, given the Alliance aggression towards them.


Donno m8, ask those smartass questions of the mmo companies who just had to increase their server park due to demand, or go to twitch and ask why its a running meme at this point that “we accept wow refugees” while wow streaming is at an all time low.
Ask why the largest wow youtube channels are struggling with numbers while the smaller ones already abandoned the boat.
Ask this of those who responded to 8.2 with bottomless cynicism as if blizzard would ever give a damn.

Maybe at this point you should be very thankful to the ppl who come around just to whine and cry cause they seem to at least still care, unlike those who just lol and go back to playing something else.
Just a thought there really, but hey, at least we got server sharding. You will at least see some people all the time playing alongside you, unless ofc you want to join trade chat or something and find it DEAD AND SILENT DURING PRIME TIME.

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If Sethrak would be allowed as a playable race then nothing stops Murlocs and Turskar from following them… :wink:


You rolled a void elf, though.


Also in regards to the usual argument I keep seeing “but they’ve put so much effort into Vulpera, look at their models!”

Look at Vrykul when they came out in WoTLK, easily the most detailed models in the game (and they still look pretty decent today 11 years later), many customization options with skin tones, beards, tattoos ect. And yet, they were never playable.

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Vulpera: Sylvanas bomb them with the plague because undead don’t need reasons for doing so. Anduin saves them and here we go - allies. Just like Nightborne, ya know.
Gnomes: Nathanos inspires them to infiltrate and try to usurp throne of Gnomes. They fail but Saurfang accepts them back.

Here. That’s some Blizzard quality™ storytelling from yer oldie auntie Minria for no additional costs. Makes the same sense as the rest of the BfA story.


Actually… this is way above blizzard’s grade of story telling when it comes to allied races. WAY above…
Just think of suramar for a moment. “Oh we just had the alliance and horde liberate our ENTIRE CIVILIZATION but we just cant wait to kill something, ANYTHING, and since Tyrande was not enthusiastic enough, we gonna go with the horde and start massacring the people who were busy freeing us and curing our curse of addiction just a week ago. Oh and we also suddenly love pig herding orcs cause you know, deep down we never appreciated all the cringe levels of elitism and everything being made out of silk and quality”

But ofc there is the burning of Teldrassil too with Tauren who have their entire frikin culture based around Cenarius not to mention the druids in their ranks.
Oh we just burned a bunch of women and children alongside a world tree for no apparent reason, and Sylvanas is breaking one of the fundamens of our beliefs by raising our dead.
The collective tauren race in blizzard’s story telling: “shrugs

You give yourself too little credit lol.
The small time scribble you did there passes blizzard’s story telling by light years and not the least: IT ACTUALLY MAKES SOME SENSE.

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Have you learned nothing? Ofc they gonna do it :roll_eyes: You cant posibly expect them to actualy start giving a f…


I know depressing isn’t it. My guess is they’ll be a last thing in 7.3.5.

How I’d take Saberon over Robo-Gnomes.



I think you need to look at in terms of development and art rather than lore. Vulpera are viable because they use the Goblin as a base. They would be just as much work as something like Nighborne, with a few modifications to the rig to accommodate the ears and tail.

It’s more a case of ‘off-shoot’ in the model they use, rather than what race they are.

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I personally hope they go neutral reality wise I doubt they’ll go to the alliance because of the lore, apperence wise though they should.

If they don’t go neutral they’ll just go to the horde and even though I dabble on the horde side of things from time to time I’m mostly an alliance player and wouldn’t really play him much.

Plus if they go neutral let’s be honest here blizz would make a TON of cash alot more then if the Vulpera were single faction.


Mag’har are Orcs.
Nightborne are Night Elves.
Highmountain are Tauren.
Zandalari are Trolls.
Dark Iron are Dwarves.
Void Elves are Blood Elves.
Lightforged are Draenei.
Kul Tirans are Humans.

Vulpera are…Vulpera.

They have zero relation to any of the main races besides having some Goblin animations.

By that logic, are Moonkin related to Ogres? Are Saberon related to Worgen? They share the same animations but have no link whatsoever.

Hell, in Vanilla Goblins had Dwarf animations. Any link there?

I will say again - Vulpera, and Sethrak, are not Allied Races. Allied Races have a link to standard races.

If Vulpera and Sethrak are to be playable, they would be a standard race have their own starting zone and begin at Level 1. Same as Naga, Ethereals, Ogres, Vrykul ect.


These whiners man…I swear they will never stop lol

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The Alliance quested with Nightborne in legion, we all saw how that turned out.
After seeing how many asspulls they can do to make velfs and nborne make sense, I have no doubt they can do the same with all other ARs as well.