Mecha gnomes instead of sethrak as an allied race while horde goes with vulpera?

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I’m quite sure if were cyborg-dwarves or whatever people wouldn’t dislike it as much.

From what I’ve seen over the years a lot of people dislike gnomes already, so any allied gnome-race would’ve probably been disliked as well.


I’m not sure. If we got Leper Gnomes together with Gnomeregan back, I bet many players would have been happy.

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I’m not that good at coding and stuff but isn’t Blade & Soul, also an MMO moving / upgrading to Unreal Engine 4 ?

Wow could probably do the same.


I’ve only heard about that game, but honestly know nothing about it. Maybe it is possible, I really do not want to pretend to know much about this topic X)

If it was, it’d be something that Blizz should consider for real.

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Where the hell do people get the idea that Sethrak should join the Alliance?

They live on Zandalar; get your own allied race from Kul Tiras!

The Horde help the Sethrak far more in their campaign than the Alliance do. At least a quarter of the zone is assisting the rebel Sethrak faithless ones.

Mecha-gnomes might just be ‘even more awful gnomes’, but leave the Sethrak out of it. I think Blizzard are trying hard to make Gnomes cooler, both with the Mekkatorque boss fight and all the gnome stuff happening.

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That’s very judgemental. Especially from someone dressed as you are.


I kind of like the Idea of playing a snakehead


It might be that we help their leader Vorrik, he would die without the Alliance and racial leaders have a lot influence in this game (or all of it). Just look at Talyssra, she decided because of one interaction with one NPC (again racial leader) and every single Nightborne followed her without questioning.

The problem is that many players do not really expect or want to play as a robotic race in a fantasy game. I know this steampunk/advance technical style is in the universe for a long time, but from my experience it is not the most sought up thing in WoW, though some features like mounts, especially the ones upcoming from Mechagon, are breath-taking :slight_smile:


i hope they will not give mechagnomes for alliance if they give something like vulpera to horde. It just does not feel fair. i know there are few who would like to see mecha in the game, but that is soo out of lore that i’d prefer to see something else, if anything when it comes to allied races.

IMHO I think they should just drop the whole alliance race thing and give us new races to play from the start of the expansion like they used to do


This is wrong. Its been confirmed that the Zandalari were intended to be ready for the release of BFA, but were held back when Blizzard decided to put resources into the creation of Kul Tirans. The Kul Tiran humans were given entirely new rigs, new animations, new everything, so that they were distinct from normal humans. They are effectively a fully fledged race, scratch built from the ground up. To date, no other Allied race has had this kind of time and effort lavished on them.

So, using your own logic, this confirms Alliance Bias.

I believe Zandalari are based on the Night Elf rig. Just as Vulpera are based on the goblin one.


In terms of zandalari vs kultirans, kultirans are more unique, even if its just beefy humans. Not sure why or how this matters since vulpera vs handicapped gnomes would be in favor of vulpera a hundred times over.
Its not a question of bias.

Kul’tirans and zandalari are both “should have been customization options” races. They are not unique in any way, they are just a small twist on the already existing thing with some extras like druid forms.


That was just a bit of snark in reference to the post I quoted.

Regardless, the Vulpera vs Mechagnomes. I think the mechagnomes are a pretty cool concept. They have a lot of character and Mechagon looks great. Their home city is likely to be just that - a huge sprawling zone - full of fun, interesting and quirky things. The Vulpera have…well, nothing. They are nomads with only a few wagons to their name. Mechagnomes also have huge resources and technological know how, so bring a lot more to a factions’ table than the Vulpera. So yeah, there are ways in which the mechagnomes > Vulpera. Its just that these things happen to be broader in scope than their own appearance.

That said, these gripes ARE with their appearance. And I have to agree. I do not like the direction the art department took with the character models. The Vulpera are much nicer.

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well I rather have mechagnomes than Sethrak anyways, for me Sethrak doesnt fit in to any faction what so ever, and they would realy look wierd whit helms and stuff anyways.


I’ll take Vulpera over Blood Elves any day.

I actually don’t mind Vulpera if they do become playable. Probably wouldn’t play them myself, but if others do, who cares.

But they are not going to be an Allied Race, so this discussion is obsolete anyway.


I wouldnt mind Vulpera but they look like a fortnite toon.


Mecha Gnomes are really cool :sunglasses: If Blizz it’s on the way to give us snakes please Naga …


It was obvious from the start allied races are all based on existing playable races. It was only a matter of time before Gnomes/Goblins got theirs.

“It should be a customization option not an allied race!!” Congratulations on making the most moot point of the century. You can say this about nearly every allied race.

Just because they’re Gnomes and you don’t like Gnomes that invalidates them as an allied race? They follow the same rules as all the rest. Get outta here.


Do go on.
Please quote who said that gnomes are invalid as an allied race.
Go on.
Once you are done *****ing to your own outrage, read the topic again and try to comprehend it this time.
Thanks for your time.

Oh and:

Which somehow makes it okay in your mind im guessing?
Your logic: Injustice is just another word for justice that lacks in amount. Dispense enough of it and it somehow becomes okay and/or the norm.
Good luck with that bro.


This entire thread is dedicated to moaning about Gnomes mate.

Of course that’s my logic 100%. Completely logical equivalency you just made. Yep. Allied race = injustice.

Of course we’d rather all allied races be more substantial but we already knew what we were getting. Almost all the allied races have been of identical quality to Mechagnomes so I do not understand the outrage over Gnomes specifically.


No. Im guessing its a detail you would have picked up if you had bothered to read in the first place. Or well… considering…

No… you probably would have not. It would seem you lack the ability to read and comprehend to begin with, cause thats clearly what i wrote. I didnt use injustice as an example or a metaphor, i directly stated that “Allied race = injustice.”

As a last ditch effort here you go:

There is no outrage over “gnomes specifically”. The entire thread is about cross faction tradeoff, that horde gets a completely unique race, a pretty damn popular one at that, while the alliance is given something that is this time literally nothing more than a copy paste race with prosthetics.
Hell as things look right now, sethrak might be horde too in the end.