Monday's Honor?

Anyone else missing the monday’s honorble kills and honor ?
This week tab for me displays 1087 and 69k honor which is totally wrong because on monday i did all day 800 kills (around 28k honor) but it seems this numbers are missing. it only counted yesterday activity.


Yep missing either mondays or tuesdays honor and it’s definitely disappeared because nothing is showing as “Today” anymore. Rip


nooo dont tell me its rip , on monday i did a good push.

Missing monday too, around 15 K, feels like a HUGE waste of time.

I miss monday’s honor as well. Might cost me not getting a rank this week. :confused:
And Blizzard keeps saying that it’s all fixed and good…
Small indie company


yeah same, but on tuesday it was still counting monday hks on the tab, but now i only see the kills i had tuesday and not monday… yeah i done a good push on monday too… hope it aint for nothing ffs

I have the same problem ^

Really hope I didn’t farm hks for 12 hours for nothing

I got the same problem.

Missing monday’s honor gain

same here. monday honor is gone

Yup same for me.

I am also missing mondays honor, even in my weekly honor! I don’t recall exactly how much I grinded Monday, but was about 12-13k honor, which would put be above 30k honor for the week. Now my last weeks honor is set at ~22k and I did not get rank 7 as anticipated, and hence not access to my gear :frowning:

missing my honor update also

Aparantly it posted as my wrong character. But yea, I really hope they get it fixed!

Same problem here. Guy on my server made a ticket, and got a well too bad, make a bug report as a reply. Its looking good.

Same problem, no mondays honor and no weekly reset update.

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Did you help your horded low-level friends to get Honor by killing their-level enemies? When you do it, you lose honor.

im guessing this is the same Shroudwalker from noggenfogger :smiley: who tries to catch me getting gy kills at TP in searing gorge

Can confirm I am indeed missing mondays honor too.

Haha yeah, you killed me alot there honestly xD.