My Feedback for Feral Shadowlands/Dragonflight


Okay so i recently made a post about feral losing one of the best "oh s * hit " button Survival Instinct 2x 50% dmg reduction for 6 sec with Barkskin thats 20% dmg reduction only 1 charge and 4min cd

Okay il take that but remove rogue cloak or evasion their “oh s * hit buttons”
Remove demon hunter Blur and let them only have “darkness”
Remove divine sheild from ret and let ret only have Sheild of Vengance

thats how feral feels without Survival instinct and no im not over reacting
i tested alpha and beta bfa and gave feedback on feral dmg and they deleted the feedback and said “you didn’t give feedback”

Rather be loud now and let them revert this BS change SI swap with Bark
or give us both
Feral needs passive bleed buff , give us more ulitly we lost “our strength” as Ion Hazzikostas would say we lost Roar which was tied to guardian and feral now all specs get it which makes feral even more usless and no reason to bring in mythic +

Remove Leader of the Pack pvp talent and make it passive baseline so feral will be more competitive in Shadowlands in PvE and PvP content

What is absurd balance spec has typhoon as baseline and bash is still a talent for feral.
Speaking of bash , bash got nerfed from 5 sec stun to 4 second stun which is absurd either keep it this way and reduce cd on bash and make it baseline or revert it back to live version
Give us baseline vortex like you said at blizzcon , im happy with baseline cyclone but i would love to see nature’s swiftness . i would love to see incarnation nerf from bfa reverted back as it used to be so people have reason to pick incarn.

Guardian does more damage than Feral on Alpha , Is this BFA all over agian?
After feral players went through so much trashtalk from meta players and high end mythic raiding guilds .

These kind of ferals deserve to be rewarded in shadowlands for sticking with their main even tho it was so bad on start of bfa they made it alive at the end of it proving people feral can be competitive

I do not want to reroll other class just cause you don’t care about feral ,i rather vote with my wallet than go through another “BFA Uldir 0.5 times” when guardian and resto did more damage.

And then u see fire mages, demon hunters still on top , like why? what’s wrong with the Balance team . you really wanna see same specs being broken for another expansion?

Please read this blizzard , Feral’s feel really bad on alpha . Ion you said u want feedback from alpha so you can stand up early , here is my feedback .

You got enough time to act and other Feral players can agree with me here

Don’t remove Survival instinct and make good use of bash somehow and do not put Heart of the Wild in same row as mass root or bash .

Make Soul of the forest baseline passive and u got more choice for a talent tree row.

Edit: And give us some utility baseline that no other druid spec has so we will bring something unique on the table .

This expansion is supposed to be about unpruning the classes not pruning them harder

Update: What i would love to see in Shadolands

make it baseline and increase its cooldown

Savage Roar.
they can make savage roar work if they are smart and instead of increasing our damage it can increase our crit when we use it with energy regen. jungle fury and wildfresh rending should be passive baseline

Just remove these restrictions and give all druids back rejuv , bear with enraged regen and treants ? so you can be any spec and use your actual druid abilites

just make incarnation baseline with soul of the forest so they can get better ideas for talent row

Back to being our 25% execute passive

just make it instant cast like in legion , only guardians can instant rez which i find BS.


i would love to have that so i would be taken in mythic + and healers would actually love me for innervate

okay so give us MoP class design back . since balance druid gets baseline typhoon and feral does not get bash baseline make it baseline for feral and guardian .

there is a talent row i think its 75 soul incarn and savage roar how about make all 3 baseline but savage roar reworked so it gives us crit by 30% when we use it increase energy regen by 50% since we are losing memory of lucid dreams .

and then they have a whole lvl 75 talent row free and think of what feral could have i would imo slap Nature’s swiftness , Treants and Heart of the wild like a utility row

i would make all Affinites baseline since we are druids not just ferals .

on top of all that i would buff bleeds so our bleeds actualy hit hard like in mop

i would also love to see incarnation have 30% damage increase if it was baseline so incarn would feel like an actual cooldown.

Leader of the pack baseline but nerfed from 5% crit to 3% so ferals would be taken in more in high end content like mythic plus and highe end raiding

Update July 27th

can cast forms without GCD on top of them

Need major buffs they need to increase bleed damage alot i want my bleeds to tick big like in mop when shred and bites were not our only damage
I know this sounds way way way overpowered but since what we went through in BFA being clowned by meta players and community i think we deserve to be broken on start til end of expansion.

Level 35 Talent row in shadowlands

Bash Mass roots and Heart Of The WIld what the actual F
why would you put HotW there . fix this , make Mighty Bash baseline for Guardian and Feral Druid and put Mass Roots and you can put there something like Nature’s Swiftness which makes your cyclone,Hibrenate,Combat Rez instant cast and its a 2min Cooldown. I would also put Treants back from mop the ones that put 3 rakes on my target and whola new utility talent row.

We are the only melee in the game without any burst , we would love to have burst aswell.

Tiger fury
add Jungle fury azerite trait built into the ability so whenever we press tiger fury we get that crit bonus on top with 15% more dmg

wildfresh rending needs to be passive to make this bleed even be used cause its the most usless bleed and ability atm , i would love to make this bleed have its purpose so it would increase our shred and swipe damage

UPDATE 23.10.2020
Hello everyone , im here to tell you how much feedback is getting ignored for feral, for two expansions straight we will be the bottom and laughing post for meta players , we do not ask to be the best spec in the game but give us a purpose in raids give us a raid buff aura if you are against “Leader of the pack 5% crit buff for whole raid” then give us something like "if you got atleast 1 bleed on your target everyone in the raid bypasses 5% armor on the target .

The state of feral in general , Bleeds feel so bad and Rogues weakest bleed hits same as ferals strongest bleed “Rip” , bleeds need to get buffed heavily and nerf bite damage in half , reduce energy cost on some abilites or buff energy regeneration. I am a mythic cutting edge feral myself , i know the class is about snapshoting and pooling energy correctly but feral is only viable when we have our 3 min cooldown active outside of that we are energy starved.

Also i saw this on US forums aswell and i wanna point it out so people that say “Feral is fine” understand where i am comming from this is comment from “Lýnxx” from US forums

""I know it’s a matter of tuning, but I really feel we don’t do much compared to other classes. There are some serious outliers and we’re on the lower end. I know there will always be that one player doing very well, no matter what, but I just feel… weaker than the others. But I get it. It’s a matter of tuning, I hope it’s done right. In BfA we’re upper middle of the pack and that’s great! I don’t want to be overpowered – Druids are hybrid class after all. But being on the lower end suuuucks. It wouldn’t be that bad if the difference between top and lowest class weren’t so damn immense. But they are. I hope it’s done right.

What I don’t understand is… why is Bite-promoting gameplay forced so much? I mean, there are maaaaany Ferals that love bleeds and bleed-oriented gameplay. Why are the bleeds so weak? Bite accounts for like 30-40% of our damage, which is ridiculous. Especially considering the fact that bleeds are much more difficult to micromanage. And muuuuch funnier. I understand everyone fears the power of multidotting (especially after what happened in Eternal Palace and is likely to happen in Castle Nathria), but hey! We’re melee! We won’t jump around the whole platform all the time dotting everything, keeping snapshots on everything. And even if… we’d have some strength. At last, because 90% of raid fights prefer either burst damage (which we’re lacking a bit) or spread cleave, which we don’t really have. If we’re meant to be a sustained dps spec, why can’t it be bleed oriented? It would be unique, it would fit class fantasy perfectly. It would be fun.

Most common misconceptions in the Feral community – that we have no utility. NO! We have so much! We just don’t have any UNIQUE utility. That’s the problem here. Druid has 3 other specs and we need to compete against each of them. We’re supposed to have the same utility as other druids, right? Wrong! Balance and Restoration have Innervate, which we can’t access by any means. Balance has trees. We don’t. And on top of that they ALL get Stampeding Roar, in BfA a feature of Guardian/Feral, the best raid mobility cooldown in the game. Really? I feel it’s a joke. Give us something in return.

The removal of energy reduction on berserk made it much, much slower. I mean, it’s supposed to be our big damage moment, right? But now I’m constantly pooling energy. „Hey, what are you doing there? Why are you auto attacking the boss during his vulnerable phase?” How should I answer? „Hey, I’m waiting, because I got tired… Just a moment, bitte”? I know it will get much better, the more secondary stats we get. With haste comes energy, with crit comes faster combo point generation. But for now? It’s too slow. I see other classes tossing whatever they have and I just… stand there, waiting, precious seconds pass… At the end I don’t make much use of it. Just because of energy. Why is it 3 minute cooldown then?""

This is what i wanted everyone to see how feral is , to open your eyes to see how bad we are in Shadowlands, we are not asking for much , we are not asking for rework or anything like that , but damage on bleeds that can be easy fixed , Unique spec utility and energy starvation problem mentioned above from the Us Forum posted. I want community to see the problems this spec has and i want people to help us be loud so they fix us. We are underplayed spec since its complex and in a bad state in Shadowlands we need to have a voice and i want community to help us Feral Druids.

there is soo much ideas and feedback aswell on just Druid forums alone , so much discussion and so many ideas and every beta build i see is legit notting that will change the problems we have.

I really hate how some simple classes are top dps and complex ones on the bottom.

I think that most ferals would agree to lower the bite damage and buff the bleed damage.

All feedback on druid forums —> (h ttps://

Please fix Feral Druid


Lets start off with the Druid Tree

My issues with the Druid Tree*

Why is Wild charge not baseline for all specs? i would rather put Displancer Beast with Tiger dash in that row

Why is Skull bash not baseline for feral? why can boomkins have 2 interupts now?
or simply just make a choice between solar beam and Skull bash so all specs can pick both , stop favoring boomkins every expansion , everyone is getting tired of it

Why did they make thrash and not Rip baseline for feral??! Nobody presses thrash unless it procs . costs too much does legit none to 0 damage , useless if you ask me, would rather see Rip there.

Why removing Primal Fury that was core of the spec for years to a Druid tree? if sub rogues dont lose their bonuses with combo points and energy regen , i will get my question answered which would mean blizzard favours rogues

Why is Cyclone not Baseline for all specs? I find it really really stupid removing that , since it was core for years to have cyclone with all druid specs

*Remove corruption not baseline for all specs "Again same problem , do not put really core druid abilites on a tree and put something new and interesting there that we didnt see before .


My biggest issue on start is , Why is not Sabertooth baked into ferocious bite? like it used to be like an execute … it really baffles me to see that .

Also why do we got to spend 3 points into useless conduit that like 95% of feral player base rarely picked , sudden ambush? really? how about you swap that with rake stun instead , would felt more valuble than 1 stupid conduit nobody cares about.

also WHY IS SURVIVAL INSTINCTS NOT BASELINE WTF … LIKE FOR REAL , YOU TAKE AWAY 1 CHARGE OF IT IN START OF SL AND NOW YOU WANT TO MAKE IT A TALENT … YOU ARE FORCING US TO PICK IT WHY JUST NOT SWAP IT WITH STUPID SCENT OF BLOOD … Gosh that makes me soo angry , like who is designing this talent tree i really want to meet this person , the stupidity is insane . our only defensive cd put deep into the talent tree , like what the F …And scent of blood is a uselesss dead talent , just remove it at this point

Predatory swiftness not baseline "Basically what you are showing here you are secretly pruning us and making it look like we are gaining something from it , it saddens me ,really

Predatory Swiftness should be baseline only for feral , no question.

PS: I feel like we will have another BFA and Shadowlands when all the feedback feral community will give will once again be ignored but , i will protest all of this until the expansion releases cause i care about this spec and for you reading this i know you care too . Put down suggestions for improving the spec as a whole , tell me what bothers you about the current tree and please share your thoughts with me


I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, almost all of it. I just don’t think undoing SI removal is enough.

They need to also 100% undo the Mighty Bash nerfs for Feral.

Personally I’d much, much rather get baseline Typhoon than Ursol’s Vortex. But one of them needs to be baselined for sure.

I agree fully that SotF should be baselined. Maybe replace with MoP Treants with Rake and root.

A metric ton of the stuff in the affinity talents needs to be baselined (Rejuvenation and most balance spells mainly). Dont make Rejuvenation and balance spells unviable/dead behind Guardian affinity survivability in PvP and Balance affinity in PvE.

Then we need some ompfh in mobility. Make powershifting, or an equivalent ability that removes all roots and slows with 1sec CD no GCD, baseline (or PvP talent at worst). Stampeding Roar should remove roots/slows on use baseline - there should be at least some perks to being Feral. It cant just be a clunky mess mobilty wise.

Feral really needs something that will make us get brought to group content (that isnt just damage because that changes from patch to patch). We need LotP baseline, Typhoon baseline or maybe even our own Feral Roar which doesnt DR with Incap Roar nor other CC. Regardless we desperately need more CC and utility, baseline, to make us more viable in PvP and M+.

Lastly Sabertooth needs to be reverted to the 25% execute it was pre-Legion. 'Cus as it stands right now Rip is barely used in the rotation and while BT is complete bollocks (needed a re-design, although it still looks really bad) it’s true that the rotation needs some depth, and SbT is denying us that.


Completely agree with the post above - especially about powershifting, it feels so horrible - we are cats ffs, we’re supposed to be agile and have a lot of mobility yet as it stands it feels super clunky.

I also agree with having access to more balance and resto abilites outside of form. Feels horrible to be stuck in between shapeshifts and have no buttons to press.

Also the rest +1


Sabertooth change is top of the list. It trashes the spec in pve completely.


Keep this post alive so blizz see’s it . main reason im angry is Survival instinct gone
how tf will i do +20 keys on tyran weeks without it :confused:


This thread should really be spammed to all the influencers and the Blizzard devs.


I even tweeted holinka, ion and warcraftdevs ,if you wanna spread this message please share it


Ferals are extremely good at herb gathering , tho. Seems that’s the niche blizzard has been forcing.


I tested the new bloodtalons it’s really horrible


Could you specify?

I think BT should be an active ability that does some minor ST damage and gives 2x stack of the BT buff, on a minor CD (15-20 sec or so). If implemented like that it’d not be tied to utility and it wouldn’t be clunky, and you’d still have to pick and choose when to use it (not just auto use on CD).

That’d actually make Feral really fun for me personally rotation-wise. Well, given that at the same time they remove Sabertooth (or revert it to the execute mechanic).


Let’s keep this post alive


Agreed. Blizz, please, actually unprune Feral.


I’m also pretty disappointed with Feral, played it for several addons, gave it a try in BfA but was not impressed. I think it is just clunky and the more complex rotation is not worth it. The only upside is that you can feel special cause nobody’s playing Feral. :crying_cat_face:

Even if it does good damage and the current issues are fixed, why should a raid lead or a m+ team invite a feral instead of another melee or a moonkin? I would like the feral to be more “tanky” so he can tank a trash grp like boomkin can with it’s treants and also bring back the Crit aura, why does DH and Monk have a 5% damage debuff but Feral lost that?

Hopefully blizz does more than the current changes which feel they came from a 20 minute brainstorm on Friday evening.


I’ve made my peace with the fact that feral will always be a poorer performing, more clunky Assassination Rogue.

It’s a catch 22. Feral is so unpopular because it’s been a meme spec for so long but blizzard can’t really be bothered to put the effort in to overhaul it because it’s so unpopular.

Shift the power away from bite to rip/rake and find a way for blood talons to not feel clunky as hell and feral will be in a good place.


I like this. Far too many of the CDs in wow these days (across all classes) are just ‘use on CD’. There aren’t that many where it makes sense to hold-off on using them so you can sync them up with other abilities.


Tbh feral has turned to a cumbersome spec where its basically not even fun to play anymore. I logged in after 16 months and find out that its still the same old and is it me or did they change the way your hear the attacks of ferals…. it feels really odd. Did they change it in those 16 months?

Anyway on topic, I think that they have to completely rework the entire spec. First of by thinking whats a feral druid, because right now it feels like bad rogue. Feral druids are according the lore:

‘’ As master shapeshifters, druids can take on the forms of a variety of beasts, morphing into a bear, cat, storm crow, or sea lion with ease. This flexibility allows them to fill different roles during their adventures, tearing enemies to shreds one minute and surveying the battlefield from the sky the next. These keepers of the natural order are among the most versatile heroes in Azeroth, and they must be prepared to adjust to new challenges on a moment’s notice’’

‘‘As a shapeshifter, the feral druid endlessly pursues a greater understanding of this truth. They seek a visceral connection to the wild, and in combat take the form of a deadly feline predator. Feral druids become ferocious, agile stalkers—ripping, biting, and bleeding their enemies dry. The forces of chaos are tamed by the druid’s primal fury’’

Meaning druids dps form should be one spec but that would make it too imba, so seperate it, to feral and moonkin. Now, if you read the books you can see that ferals are basically an unit that supposed to be high mobility so that they can engage and disengage in a moments notice. So this means that the gameplay should be like this aswell. It is kinda like this with the bleed build but which animal would wait till you bleed, they go for the kill. So this is my suggestion about the playstyle:

  • First of, make the cat a bit bigger so that it basically doesnt look like a pet. there are hunter pets that are cats and ARE bigger!
  • Make the bleeds not a primary dps builder, we are not a leecher but a panther.
  • Make them highly mobile in a way that they can use multiple jumps offcd to get away from the enemy. You can determine which way you use those two jumps, just like a warrior but more nimble.
  • Remove rip, remove bloodtalons, maybe also sabertooth? (it fits the role but makes the spec boring)
  • Add new finishers;

#1: Pursuing Bite <lash yourself onto your target and go for the kill, when doing so, you deal % dmg to your opponent and stunning them for 3 seconds, during this, you wont be able to use any action, cannot be used within 30 seconds of eachother and target HP must be 20% or below.

#2: Ferocious roar, increasing any party members dmg by 10% for 15 seconds, (dunno 10% attack power or dmg done).

  • Add more abilities which make the gameplay fun;

#1: See the jumping thing above. < nimble retreat > can only be used every 30 seconds, each jump is 20 yard ish.

#2: Cower, shriek like a crazed cat, distracting your enemy. < making sure that enemy cant target you for 1 second > (used to run away with nimble retreat)

#3: change trash to an ability that mimics the demon hunter ability where he criscrosses the place for aoe and keep calling it trash.

#4: Get ravage back, it was a nice ability but try to let it look more awesome, like you glow a bit red.

#5: Get positional back for shred and bring back mangle where it still makes bleeds better. However bleeds shouldnt be strong at all. Focus on the fangs.

#6: make it so that combos are necessary.

Just something like this, where the focus are the fangs of a big panther and where the panter is nimble so that it can go in and out of combat.


I’ll say again, the positional requirement for shred was a good change. Sometimes you’re unable to get behind your target. certain raid bosses only allow attacks from the front. Taking that ability away takes away a lot of damage.

But i agree with alot of your other points; We should be able to jump and i quote “All nimbly from tree to tree” meow back ontopic. I’ve always hated thrash, both as ST bleed and AOE Bleed. AOE bleeds just dont work! Especially not for M+ (In lower keys). There’s lots of systematic changes that need to be fixed for feral before shadowlands. Keep posting those ideas!


#7 how about making some saddles that ferals can choose to wear in their feral form which are obtainable by doing achievements focused on ferals. The difficulty of raids have to be hc and if you want an even more awesome ones, mythic raid. For mythic dungouns you get one at mythic + 10 and one mythic +15 by also doing something at that instance.

#8: Leaping jump also pushes the target back and dazes them a bit (no stun), can even connect to a second target. (wondering if this should be on auto or that you can choose yourself)


#9 Change the big cooldowns, so no berserk which you can just click, but put a bar which represents the ferals ferciousness. It starts from zero and when it becomes 100, something akin to incarnation happens. This bar is filled if you keep uptime on the boss by doing abilities, so the better the rotation is the faster it fills. How does the gauge know if your doing it right? by the amount of bleedticks and normal abilities in a certain window. Also when it gets a 100 it does the same as incarnation and gives another ability which you can only use once in that state, the state is 30 seconds or 20 long. This new ability depends which talent you chose, the single target talent is an ability which does more dmg than ravage and is called < Kings Ravage >. If you chose an aoe talent your new ability < Bolsterous Ravage > lets you jump in the air and use Ravage on all targets nearby. Both ability can be only used once in that state and whenever you want in that state.