Nathrian Weaponmasters functioning incorrectly


I recently looted a 298 Apogee Anima Bead from the weekly Mythic Dungeon quest, and upon reaching the vendor, made the discovery that I can’t actually purchase the respective piece as the vendor requires a 207 Anima Bead instead, one found from the un-fated variant of Castle Nathria Normal.

I’ve noticed that the same can be said about other pieces of this item level, as well as higher Mythic pieces.

This same issue isn’t happening for some people in my guild though, which makes me think it doesn’t affect everyone, I just don’t understand why. It doesn’t seem like it’s covenant based, and it also isn’t class based as my Hunter can’t purchase the correct item, but another in my guild can.

I’m not sure why the vendors have updated inventories for some people and not others? Is there perhaps something I haven’t done to internally refresh them? Or is it just bugged because Fated isn’t on Nathria this week?

I am unsure


I have the same issue on my main. it occurs only on the weapons that have the higher item level version of that difficulty level. so the 291 heroic weapons are fine but the 298 weapon are not.

same goes for LFR, normal, and Mythic. Mythic 304 weapons are fine but the 311 version cannot be bought. I have no clue if they are going to fix this and how long it will take, but it is very dissapointing to receive something awesome like the 298 ilvl one you and I received but cannot redeem the item. so sad


Same here :slight_smile:

Me too, it’s a bit annoying because it would be a 50 % upgrade.

Hi, Same here :slight_smile:

Same here. Got 298 token - can’t exchange it anywhere. Also gave me token for offhand/shield when I am using Staff :frowning:

Hi same here.

same, cant exchange

I also have the same problem …

Hello everyone,

We are currently aware of an issue that the Fated Weapon Tokens from the weekly dungeon quest are not allowing players to trade for a weapon. While this has already been fixed in game, the fix was not retroactive for those that already received them.

In this case, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance, as they will be able to verify if you have a bugged item and trade it for a valid one.

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I responded to a ticket from you 2 days ago with no response which ive now cancelled because i honestly gave up, and 22 hours ago for this issue i raised a new ticket… so when should we expect to see results? mid dragonflight?

We aim to answer every ticket within 24 hours, however depending on the queue size in some cases it can take longer. Our Support Team are doing their best to try and keep the waiting time as low as possible, however it may take a little bit longer than average for a reply.

I’ve also had a ticket open for about a day now, hopefully the support people can get back to it soon! Really hoping to use this shield soooon

Yea it really is poor design, when the main thing you look forward to on a Wednesday is it being loot day and you get somthing so good for you but you can’t get it and no ones helping even after a ticket open for 24hrs it feels real bad to be paying to play the game.

I understand this, but im well over 24 hours now with zero effort to respond and its incredibly frustrating when i can see others are getting answered quickly and getting their item replaced.

now over 42 hours… you want to keep saying 24 hours with a little delay if busy? this is getting silly.

In the ticket that i wrote about this problem i received and answer. The Game Master told me to submit a bug report. You can try to do that … Maybe IT helps. I’m also waitting for a fix. :slight_smile:

by the time this is fixed, ill have gotten a weapon from my vault. this is ridiculous. the vendor displays an incorrect item for trade, why isn’t it a case of fixing the vendor?


Any news for a fix? I still can’t change the token, and got no help …

after the weekly reset now the vendor requires the 298 anima bead to buy the offhand but i still can’t buy it …