Why you ruin classes by contradicting yourself?

First you say:

       "Our goal  improving pathing and connections in the Class tree; addressing underused talents; increasing access to key Havoc utility that currently clashes with DPS; updating existing talents to improve resultant gameplay; improving Vengeance’s Sigil-related talents as a possible build identity or to be incorporated into other builds more successfully; and adding a couple new talents that help achieve those goals."

   and then you...you just do the opposite:

1.Fodder to the Flame demon now revealed by Spectral Sight.
Like this is exactly key Havoc utility will clash with DPS because spectral sight is needed to check location of stealth players, npc behind wall etc yet spectral sight is REMOVED whenever dh receives any damage. So now when i use spectral sight my demon will appear, hit me and immediately REMOVE sight from me? Nice utility clashing into dps
2. * Darkness now has a 15% chance to avoid all damage from an attack. Chance to avoid damage increased by 100% when not in a raid.
This is exactly the opposite to improving resultant gameplay. Darkness was already a weak ability because 20% is like very low and people were easily killed through it with chaos bolts, sniper shots etc. or pushed out from it which was states numerous times - Let's talk about DH - #26 by Velfchurch-draenor
Needed to learn the hard way that
with nerfing it even more you guarantee only one result - death to dh when his blur is over.
3. Inertia and other fel rush buff changes.
Again, this is utility that will now clash with DPS. Fel rush is an MOBILITY ability, it is not used offensive much. It’s connect-to target ability, flee ability etc but not damage rotational ability. Your changes to make most important mobility utility into damage rotation will screw the gameplay.
4. * Serrated Glaives is now a 1-point talent (was 2), and has been adjusted – Enemies hit by Chaos Strike or Throw Glaive (was only Throw Glaive) take 15% (was 10/20%) increased damage from Chaos Strike and Throw Glaive (was Chaos Strike and Eye Beam).
This is exactly disapproving resultant gameplay since eyebeam is the most iconic ability for dh and was very important in rotation. Yet after you nerfed it recently you nerfing it again lol. You really think that more damage from throw glaive which is one of weakest abilities will compensate damage loss nerf for the most powerful ability? Like how in Illidan’s name throw glaive is supposed to do big damage when it is used just to apply a dot or slow targets?
5. Immolation aura buffs.
few changes will be provided for immo aura which is definitely not for resultant gameplay since this ability is extremely situational and requires your enemies on stack on dh. In pvp it won’t work apart from enemies having tonnes of meele classes stacking together and in pve it will work against non-running adds…pretty much weak for resultant gameplay

    Overall, your plans for dh fully contradicting to your own changes. Iam confident that havoc will be extremely frustrating to play, will show poor resultant gameplay, and it's defensive/mobility abilities will definitely clash into its dps

There’s a PTR forum, and they even have a DH feedback thread.

Who knows maybe if you post there it’ll even reach the devs.

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It’s high up on my list of damage done in mythic plus. Very much a dps ability.

Still find the return to the tree a mistake. It was moved away from for a reason, and is messier to balance than the previous system.

nice thanks for info, already posted it there. However i pretty doubt it will help since devs look ignorant in this game

u do realize it means 100% in arena

yeah thanks bro, esp considering that dh is more popular in rated bgs (iam playing it too), both tank and dps, and there you are in a raid :melting_face:

i bet its still gonna be 50% in rbg
(it is 50% in pvp right now)
hopefully in arena as well

you sure it’s 50% in pvp? I know that some abilities work different from what is written it their descriptions but it defo looks and feels like 20% only

yep, it is, u may check it in the tooltip
it definitely feels like 20% sometimes for me as well, moreso like 0% haha (just as the blur does, i still remember going from 100 to 40 vs an arms warrior when i was sitting in warbringer root with the blur up lol)
but it is 50%

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