New Hotfix - World Buffs in Raid Log

Ok havent checked that… however i dont see how its related to this topic:)

Noob question, what does this mean and what is the effect?

probably because u play on some rp or pve realm

Even if you are tanking?

Horde usually just camp BRM lately, so most of the alliance guilds on my realm raid without world buffs usually.
My guild for instance usually has most of our guildies still above 80-85% parses.

Not really going to change though.
The difference between world buffs and no world buffs is like 10-20minutes for us.

that is the issue even if I am tanking which is my intention.

And horde make profit out of it.
You also ask alliance priests to mc npc when someone pop ony head unscheduled

no i dont.

cross-faction collusion is antithetical to WoW gameplay

Can we get separate parses/logs for people who DON’T use world buffs?

Are you that tonedeaf?

Horde gets an exclusive, extremely powerful world buff with no Alliance equivalent, and then you complain some clever people figured out how to get it on the other faction with 100x the effort of getting it on Horde?

“Clever people” doing what got you banned on private servers for breaking WoW ToS, which blizzard ignores as it gets them a few more subs.

private servers aren’t blizz - but you missed my point in the first place, what say you about the obvious horde advantage of having WCB in the first place?
also what PS actually banned you for it, because I distinctly remember top PS guilds on many different servers having Horde accounts for WCB and used them regularly - SALAD BAKERS the example I can think of

Your argument relies on shamans and paladins being balanced, which they are not.

Kronos warned you, then ban if repeated.

Its common in our server and many other.

WCB was not an equaliser because shamans were worse than paladins tho. You knew full well what you were getting when you picked Horde.

WCB is a huge dps increase and the threat increase is offset by getting it on your MT as well. Why shouldn’t we get it?

Some PS turned off world buffs entirely for releases of new raids, so clearly they all have different views on world buffs. One server declaring WCB horde-only is just a stance on it. What about the others?

Remove your gear if you want challenge, why would you not raid with wbuffs? The whole idea that some players don’t want to get as powerful as possible is insane to me. Why not just vendor all the loot aswell? The whole point of an RPG is to become more powerful.

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Looks like Blizzard read my previous post and did something. Cheers!

No it was my post they read and my ideas was all u copy and steal just before my lawyer (me) copywrite them

Haha Kork has entered the room😂

U have entered my living room and repeat me like a duck