New raid end cinematic - big joke?

I just saw this on wowhead and I couldn’t believe my eyes…

The expansion story ends with one woman placing her hand on the shoulder of another one saying “we learn from our lessons for the future” after having talked nonsense for 2 minutes.

Just wow! Who does these cinematics? What’s up with the storytelling? I thought the Arthas and Thrall cinematic hugging and crying was bad, but this one just took it to new levels


Nothing changed and Metzen will not turn this company around that is all i saw its still the weak 2023 storytelling of the blizzard devs that have abandoned the core of warcraft from the 90s for peacecraft that nobody cares about.

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Sad one of the best expansion’s ended so weakly

Just like the Dragon Aspects are united at the end of this cinematic, the Forum Dwellers are united in their will to make new threads about it.

It’s poetic. Dare I say it’s good writing?

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I’m genuinely trying to understand why they are doing it???

Is it a marketing strategy to lure a certain group of people to WoW? Who is interested in such stories anyway? 8 year olds? They are not allowed to play WoW due to age restrictions. Then who are they targeting with this?

The 3-12 year old.
The woke left crowd.
The overconcerned parents that want only love and safespaces for their childeren in entertainment.

Guess that is the targeted community blizzard wants to please.

Communism is when women and sentimental speeches.
Hey, if you let us appropriate feelings and hands on shoulders, I won’t complain.

I actually can’t remember a boss cinematic I have thought was cool since Legion. Maybe I’m just a grump.

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