New to WoW or Returning After a Long Break?

Are you new to World of Warcraft or returning after a long break?
Bellular’s New & Returning Player Guides will get you up to speed!

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Episode 1: What is World of Warcraft
This episode provides a brief history on World of Warcraft and what is needed in order to play the game.

Episode 2: Creating your Character
Learn how to pick a realm and create your first character.

Episode 3: First steps and game UI
Discover the features of the World of Warcraft UI and learn some tips & tricks for taking your first steps in Azeroth.

Episode 4: Leveling Up and Mounts
Learn more about how to level up and unlock riding skills and mounts.

Episode 5: Social Features and the Community
Discover the Social Features and the wider World of Warcraft community.

Episode 6: PvE Content in World of Warcraft
From dungeoneering to questing, there’s a wide variety of PvE content available to take part in,

Episode 7: PvP Content in World of Warcraft
Test your mettle against other players by diving into the PvP content of World of Warcraft.

Episode 8: Additional Features of World of Warcraft
Take a look at some of the other features and activities found in World of Warcraft,

Episode 9: Gearing up and the Endgame
You’ve hit level 120 but the journey is far from over, now it’s time to discover what to do next!

Episode 10: WoW Encyclopedia: Abbreviations & Terminology
Are terms like AoE, BoE, BoP, DPS etc. like another language to you? This video has you covered!


Hi. I have Dragonflight and am stuck at level 60. What should I do?

Hi, Unixar. Welcome to Azeroth- more or less :slight_smile:

There are a LOT of things to get stuck on at 60. The hitting-60 experience could well have been designed by Kafka. I have like 17 characters at level 60, and with every! damn! one! of them I’ve managed to snag myself on something.

So the first thingf I see when I look at your armoury is that you haven’t found a Covenant yet.

And then I go to your Quests in Shadowlands, and I don’t see that you have done any quests at all in Shadowlands, except the Maw introduction. Your armour is all from dungeons - Timewarped, with one Heroic piece from BfA.

Did you use a boost to 50, do some BfA dungeons, and then Timewalk-dungeon your way to 60?

If this is so, I’m afraid I have to tell you that you are now required to do the campaign quests in order to join a Covenant, and you are required to join a Covenant in order to get your soulbinds and conduits, unlock World Quests and Torghast and Korthia and Zereth Mortis for your Legendary, and so on.

I’m going to assume thatI’m right about how you got to 60. If I’m wrong, please let me know, so I can advise you better.

What I would do if I were you is visit the Auction House, and buy item level 229 Green Mail pieces of armour for your weak slots, where I would call anything below ilevel 200 weak. Your current ilevel is 139, and that will make the going tough for you in a world where level 60s are expected to be operating at something like double that power and health.

The Mail set is called “Anthemic”, and here are the prices:
The weapon you ideally want is Burnished Arbalest

You probably won’t be able to afford a full set immediately. There are some ways to farm a few thousand gold over several hours I can suggest, if you’re interested.

Now, whether you get that upgraded gear or not, the thing you have to do is work through the levelling campaign. There is no way around this. The questing campaign will send you around the four zones to meet the four Covanants, and when you have finished it, you can choose one to join, and that will open up all the features of the level 60 endgame.

The first Covenant is Bastion. Tal-Inara at the table in Oribos will have a quest for you to go to Bastion. Do you have that quest, or can you find it? If so, that’s your answer. Go, follow the trail of quests all round the four zones.

This is the final quest in Oribos before you head to Bastion:

If you look on the right of the page, at “Storyline”, you will see the quests leading up to it. Find yourself in that storyline, and carry on from there.

Let me know if you understand this and if it worke for you.

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