No blue post, no tweet, no update, nothing? Is this a joke?

19:30 Server time. Still no honor updates. Not even a sign for any kind of reaction from Blizzard team. What the actual hell?


11:38pm server time STILL missing honor update. Judgement-eu

Yeah, Ten Storms as well. Seems silly.

The most weird thing about this is that there is no communication at all.


Been grinding for 12h+ to day cause i dont know if i got my rank or not

It’s 6th of february already, no update and no info whatsoever.
The support is so bad it’s actually embarrasing.

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Ya this is getting kinda embarrassing on Blizzard’s behalf, all you need to do is make a effing blue post acknowledging the issue and give us a time frame.

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the troll just wanted his 420th post lol

Are your glasses working? I think you’ll find that’s an undead!

Just because you are a handsome troll hunter doesn’t mean everyone else is a troll too ;o

I’m sorry my jokes are bad and I should feel bad :crying_cat_face:


I feel bad for you guys.

I thought today was going to be amazing; US getting a WF kill, seeing the grinders get what they worked for after 15 weeks and Trump getting acquitted.

Only one happened, so it’s like i’m the only one whos happy:p

Trump is the biggest troll ever.


Amateurs… makes you wonder why you pay money to them…

Still no honor update

Welcome to Blizzard EU customer support, we’re second rate customers over here and as WoW Classic is secondary to WoW, we’re like the secondary second rate customers.
Don’t expect an answer until at least tomorrow, wouldn’t surprise me if they stayed quiet tomorrow too tho.


Blizzard as a whole is gone far, far down the drain. If it wasn’t for my guild I’d probably already quit the game.

Pservers were miles better, there are no words to describe my contempt for what this company has become.

Yeah… But I’m still buying D4.


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