No servers available (BLZ51934200)

So, yeah, whats this about now?
Its not a good time to hit this stuff on expansion weekend…


DDoS Attack.

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classic is down too

Yup, same here. I logged out for dinner and when trying to log in again I also got that message (No Servers Available (BLZ1934200)).

Yep! Same problem here…

Same problem here… Cannot log in, even tho I was online ten minutes ago… I just reloged and got the “no servers are currently available” message


Same problem (BLZ51934200)

Happening to me too

this is lovely, especially the lack of communication further on from Blizz

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DDOS attack annonced in twitter 6 minutes ago

Same here (BLZ51934200).

God damn it, I booked the following week off work just so I could put some quality time in and this happens as soon as I’m about to log in for the first time today. Come on Blizz I have every faith in you to get this resolved quickly. Please.


Yup, bad timing for sure…

same here cant connect

They busy to fix it. New error is NO REALMS AVAILABLE. So the servers are up. Realms are restarting it seems.

same here… after logging in, there is a login queue. After reaching 0 it tries to connect and results in this error message… this is for retail and classic, starcraft2 and diablo3 servers are logging in as expected…

Guess some people hate their lives
So they take it out on people who have fun :frowning:

SERVERS ARE BACK UP. EU wildhammer - Just managed to log in.

Servers are back up. Thank you for the swift recovery :D.