Old Rogue looking for a RP experience?


I’ve returned to WoW many times from Vanilla and I decided to join AD Purely on player numbers alone and play an Alliance character for a change. So i was happily running around in Loch Modan on my Warrior and saw what looked like a band of NPC’s wandering North along the road from Thelsamar. I ran on and as i approached,i saw that they were PC’s, and WALKING no-less!

I waved and they, almost to a man, waved back :slight_smile: So I asked them where they were headed, I knew I was on a RP server, so i was as respectful as i could be considering RP on a video game is pretty new to me. They mostly ignored me, but one said they were headed northwards. On they went, i followed for a while, but then i was headed westward to Ironforge.

I can’t stop thinking about it! I started playing WoW when I was around 33, I’m now 48 and keep returning at Christmas time for the events and then maybe once a year to ‘see how it is’ and now as an Alliance character to see if it sticks!

But this is the first time I’ve encountered ACTUAL Role Playing. People trotting along on seemingly standard black horses, some walking alongside, chatting between themselves and ignoring some nutter galloping around on a pretty expensive-looking horse and asking them questions. Good RPing if you ask me, we’ve all seen that dude and kindly ushered him along.

So, my point is, How do i join? Am i too old? Do i have to speak aloud? (I’m self conscious, but only verbally, not chatting by text, if you see what i mean)

I think i’ve found what i’ve been craving in the game, a sense of immersion that i havent had since maybe BC/WotLK.

A bit about me, I’m 38 M from Ireland, I play sitting in the main room with my wife, so no audio exceptfor the game. I have played D&D as a kid and Warhammer RP as an adult, i even bought the new book to have a go with my family one Christmas.

So anyway, this is a rambling post and i just wanted to know if anyone is recruiting, i’d play a rogue, or maybe a warrior. I’d have to work on backstory as it would depend on the guild i think.


EDIT: I’m 48, not 38, God, old age is a biyatch with the memory!


You should get the Addon TRP 3, then make a name put some info in about your characters looks on first glances. That way you’ll also be able to learn a bit more about other peoples characters and you can put in there that you’re new to Roleplay c:

From there you can then join a guild if you wanted to have a bit more structure or you could just do casual rp. RPers always just talk in /s and emote in /e you never have to talk on Voice Comms to anyone as it kinda ruins the immersion when rping :wink:

Hope that helps get you started.


No! No such thing as being too old for RP!

Joining in with RP is easy. Just… jump in! But of course, respect the basic rules like don’t talk OOC in an IC area, don’t disrupt people’s fun etc.

You can do emotes with /me, such as your character picking something up. Speak aloud in /s to generally chat.

Make a cool character you like with maybe some fun background if you want to. Try looking at some lore on wowpedia or the likes to get an idea of what you’re getting into.

General RolePlay Guides << Some guides!

All in all, have fun. And welcome back.


Never too old to rp, and its nice to see something like that inspired you to get involved, there are many ways to get involved in rp, many communities/discords ect, and in all fairness its incredibly easy to pick up/learn/teach, there isnt much to it, aslong as you have someone to give the time of day, you can kinda teach someone the basics of rp in about 10 minutes…one huge paragraph would do it, hope you find what your after and look forward to seing you about!

Welcome. There are some guilds you can check out in PCU

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Ooh! The Sunnyglade Ra—Ahem 1st Sunnyglade Freecompany sounds good, like a Joe Abercrombie book. I’ll apply there first and see how i get on. Maybe they’ll need something and maybe someone else is unaware that they need something gotten rid of?


Welcome to Argent Dawn! There are plenty of people who can help you get in the swing of roleplaying & help with character building! Someone’s already pointed you in the direction of some guilds and that’s the easiest first step.

As for being too old? Absolutely not. I know some ANCIENT people who RP regularly.

Hope you enjoy RP and the wonderful world we love to explore!

Listen Woe just because I’m 30-


HA! Youngster…

And you dress like you’re 200

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Haha… We’re old.

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