Only one faction can premade in AV

Only one faction and russians are able to premade in Alterac Valley.

Can you just enable raid premades in AV for everone and not just Russians and Alliance? Fair and simple.

Yes it is intended. It is a direct consequence of faction imbalance

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It’s also false.
Horde can premade AV, same as alliance. The only one stopping them is themselves. It requires effort and organization, but complaining is much easier.

Russia has Horde premades. We “fight” (by “fight” I mean ride past) them all the time.


How can Horde do that?

The chances for horde to premade are pretty much slim to none because of the que times.

Best solution is to just grab a few more friends and que up together and have some fun.

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It’s because the horde decided they want to be overwhelming majority faction in the overwhelming majority of servers.

SO too bad for them.

If they want to get rid of premades, unironically the best thing horde could do is reroll ally until 50-50 and then ally wouldnt be able to premade. etc

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My server have more Alliance than Horde.

Bgs are crossrealm

Yep. Its one of the few perks of being the minority faction.

Its a huge perk though.

Nah, blizzard f4cked up for not limiting the servers to a 50/50 ratios, and not allowing new characters.

You cant force horde to play alliance just to balance the servers, that’s just stupid.

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So does mine now, slightly.

But exceptions do not disprove the rule, it proves the rule.

Look at flamelash and the other servers. slowly got more and more horde dominated until all the ally LEFT. leaving next to no alliance on the server at all.

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But Horde is Minority on my realm? So we should reroll alliance to make pvp more balanced but that would make out realm mor unbalanced?

Why can’t we just queue as raid in AV?

group in ur little 5 man groups with 40-80 friends , all queue at same time, wait until queue pops, a lot of ppl will b in same av

They aren’t forced. They can choose between having queue times and playing against premades or rerolling. Pretty fair tbh.

Aha, no, that doesn’t work, to long queue for that. So I was right.

That’s forced, you want quick ques=reroll alliance

Why not? Faction specific queues would solve so many issues without any ingame consequences

Thats the downside of xrealm BGs.

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This is not the players fault, this is pure blizzard.

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