Onyxia and aggro in P2-P3

Hi guys.

I don’t understand how work Onyxia aggro.

In P1, we let tank build aggro and DPS use wand, only Rogue do damage. After a while, caster start to do a bit of damage but return to wand to not waste mana.

She go in P2 (air phase), and we zerg DPS. At 42%, we stop damage and there’s no DoT on the boss. We do a bit of damage to put Onyxia on transition (40%).

At 40%, she’s back to the ground and fear all the raid (P3). At this point, we expect she reset and tank should build aggro fast.

But on ALL try, tank are unable to build aggro in P3. People don’t use anything, even a single Will Of the Forsaken or a HoT, or damage ability, and she run to the raid on 5 or 6 people and breath and move everywhere, and you know the end : we die.

Tank try to build aggro, but they can’t.

If you can help me to understand what’s going on :wink: .


That is not bug , ty.

get treath meter and see for yourself what happens to the aggro…

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I would like, but treath metter seem completely broken on Classic when boss have “reset” aggro mechanic.

Who said anything about a bug? Ty


Onyxia might be resisting taunt attempts, so your tank who has difficult time to build threat in the first place it seems (nobody really needs to wand just to not pull the boss, I saw video of succesful onyxia from classic and they didn’t need to hold dps back so much) can’t regain threat on the threat reset phase, so onyxia will just waddle to some random person or proximity aggro or healing aggro and breathe onto them.

Can’t build threat if your tanks can’t hit the boss. Otherwise they should not have problems building threat at all.

Onyxia immune to taunt


Aa… now it makes a whole lot of sense.

OP’s tanks are prolly trying to taunt onyxia and then she just runs out of range and nukes people and they’re left to chasing down onyxia from people trying to defend themselves via heals and building threat while the tank still has zero and it escalates from there.

I am not sure about current version but I remember as tank climbing to back wall and be able to hit it as dwarf.

Also I remember there was spot on floor even where I was able to build threat, was easier on taller races I think. Don’t if I had to be jumping or not and what spot it was.
I am sure some private server lads have kept those guides up.

She has/had massive hitbox.

There might be something wrong with onyxia this week. It’s not abnormal for resets to mess up something.

If tank threat is indeed reseting for no reason, that would be why OP said threat has been an issue.


Killed Onyxia 2 days ago. I stopped dps in phase 2 (can’t attack her) and didn’t do a single damage to her until tank got aggro back in phase 3. The strange thing was that I got aggro, even before the tank did in phase 3, while I was just standing still without doing any damage.

At this point onyxia had targeted ~3 people before before me, so it can’t be that it was my threat that from phase 1 that aggroed her. Another thing that happened was that her breath was bugged, no one in the raid saw her do any animation while she did the breath. Something is strange about her.


She’s not tauntable.
Try not to stop dps and just burn her down through phase and nuke her right where she lands. That’s how it’s done by t2 geared raid and by all appearance that can be done now by green raid

Did onyxia today and we tryed OT tank phase 1 and MT be on onyxia to build threat (phase 2).

OT got hit by fireball and his threat reseted, but dont onyxia reset all threat when she lands? So even if MT tank and spank and get hit by fireballs he just spam sunders on her when shes going in for her landing?

Some ppl in “Range attack” told they did not do dmg after 45% (phase 2), and rogues/hunters downed her to next phase 3. Still onyxia went to mages that swore they just dps:ed the whelps in sec phase. Why!?

We tanks did not get the threat up on onyxia and she wiped most of the raid.

So as I recall this fight was MT on onyxia and OT on whelps, and it was not really any problem getting to down onyxia from sec phase to third, and tank just sunder onyxia with berzerk rage up.

How do you tank her?


We downed Onyxia yesterday after a few attempts, we had the exact same experience as OP. Let hunters get her to P3, all feign death when she lands, only tanks engage her at this point. Problem: Onyxia didn’t care in 3 attempts, she just randomly attacked the whole raid while sunders didn’t do anything. Obviously she’s immune to taunts, thanks to the very smart people in here who think that’s the issue.

My guess would be that either sometimes her aggro table doesn’t reset completely, or the whelps in p2 somehow interfere with the reset. That would be the stuff that I’d check if I were Blizzard. Pretty certain that there is something shady going on.

Edit: She also doesn’t do Deep Breath at all. Something’s not right.

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simple solution get a tank that knows what they doing. If your tank is not picking up ony as she lands in p3 you have a tank that is not knowing the fight. we have not had an issue with this while raiding on classic so far

Erm im in top guild and we had issues. It has nothing to do with the tank. Their is no aggro reset on transition. We solved the issue by having everyone in the raid except tank use gnomish cloaking device on transition because it drops all threat

u honestly dont even need to do that

simple solution fury tank / fury with full rage in p2 dumps it as she landing and gg u have threat no issues position it and go mad