Onyxia, MC cleared, You may just release NAXX; Absolute failure of the "true" vanilla experience and how to fix it

Allowing private server guilds to clean up first 2 raids of 5 40-player raids within the first week of release is just UNACCEPTABLE. You may just consider releasing NAXX right now because they WILL clear it.

What is the point of recreating the “authentic” vanilla experience if no one is gonna roll ret paladin or (moonkin) druid. This classic wow release has just been a complete clown fiesta - private servers are harder than classic and this is a huge disappointment.

What you should do

  • Lock down Onyxia and MC

  • Buff the raids and dungeons

  • Rework certain classes (paladin, druid, hunter), no one cares about #nochanges if this is a metagaming competition. The only people that cry about it are the metagamers itself, not the new players that would like to experience vanilla

  • Add new content

Yes, we want vanilla but we want TRUE challenging experience, not a metagaming contest. Stop listening to the clueless streamers and their minions (you know who I am talking about, especially the one that can’t even spell) and start analysing data and compare them with data back then. Changes NEEDS to be made. You don’t hire smart people to listen to mindless streamers.

Thanks a lot and I hope you hear me out


Who cares, Classic WoW shouldn’t be an esport. The whole “everything has to be an esport” mentality from blizz is one of the things that ruined retail.


I mean, it’s not.
I agree that a #nochanges attitude in regards to rebalancing content was stupid tho.

If you’re gonna make us start with 1.12 talent trees and itemization you should have made some of the content harder.
Even the instances seem to easy, the only problem comes from people not understanding how aggro works or pulling too much.


Who give f*ck? People play it for fun.


World of Warcraft is a casual mmo, that was designed with your average american Joe in mind.

Yeah, they beat you to 60 and to first world clears, who cares?
Just enjoy the game.

Oh wait, you don’t want to have a casual videogame? Then maybe WoW is not for you. Sorry.


Or they could just go back to their precious private servers. What do you expect? That classic would be different from vanilla lol? Those people have done MC again and again in private servers, and you are surprised that they could manage MC in classic. :roll_eyes:


if you think a boost of 10% in hp/damage,or nerffes to gear/talents will somehow make MC/Ony harder more challangeing,boy oh boy you are wrong

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These guys are and always have been a hardcore no life guild, when Phase 2 starts so will the bloodshed when they are grinding HK’s for Rank 14.

They are well practiced / drilled on “Fresh” servers, I don’t think it’s that much of a surprise they pushed it and got their kills inside a week. It’s not like it’s new content they hadn’t done 100’s of times before.

AFAIK these guilds have even Naxx on farm on private servers. They’ve been at it for years. It doesn’t really surprise me TBH.

It’s almost like this content is 15 years old, very well documented and with simple raid mechanics, given it’s the 2nd raid they ever made.


apart from the thing that who cares how anyone is playing, these people probably will quit from boredom and i won’t be even 60

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Do you REALLY care? If so, go outside mon, breathe in some fresh air.

Blizzard only ruined it for not making changes, other than that you can’t blame them. You can however blame streamers for making it an esport.

Yeah, sure it’s Blizzard fault not the community that went crazy over the smallest change.

You see most of the Classic puritist says that BFA was ruined by the community. Now they had their own turn. Well played.

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Listening to community 100% of the time is a wrong thing nowadays. Influencers are good at entertaining. Mathematicians are good at math and logic. I don’t know many mathematicians that decided to become clowns but I know clowns that try to become (horrible) mathematicians.

And someone preach on failure of their own understanding.

Private server players who have done the content a million times is different to the average player.

You just made yourself look stupid

Any form of discussion with someone who has char lvl higher than their IQ is pointless, sorry brother.

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You lost words that you must insult other? How pathetic.


Yeah especially when private server players are what? 20-35% of the population, maybe even more. Maybe close to 50%? That means they are average players, so you are WRONG. Now hide in sewers and go count your achievement points.