Onyxia, MC cleared, You may just release NAXX; Absolute failure of the "true" vanilla experience and how to fix it

So you want to create a true authentic experience by completely changing the progression path & time gate classic wow? ermmm… Something is telling me you don’t read over what your type. If you want a game that’s constantly in development go play retail.

You fell for the hype that classic is insanely hard which is simply not the case.

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How did I loose words? I stated facts non-verbally :slight_smile: , sorry that facts offend you but you know. That’s how things are sometimes. No go prepare for the next mount competition.

I feel sorry for you kid, nothing offends me even nor your insulance. Have nice day.


Classic is classic because it should FEEL like classic. It doesn’t need to be the same, it needs to FEEL the same.

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Please speak for yourself, i don’t care if somebody cleared ony and mc already or not. It does not affect me in any way. I was actually expecting it will be cleared within a first week.


How about we just play classic how it was & have FUN & let the people who want to no-life & progress fast do that.


why dont you just shut the f up?

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And this is probably where those players that ONLY came to classic for hardcore raiding will leave. When they realise it was only about 10% of the game back then and nowhere near the same kind of raiding you have in retail now.

I’m here, for the whole game. Raiding? I’m not even sure I’ll bother.


Classic doesnt have achievements

Also not everyone played Private servers.
Go ahead and cry and quit

I can´t wait to check out the forums when Naxx releases!

That is why I choice RP-PvP server because lot of people will leave and It will not much effect my server.

I don’t see how it matters, it doesn’t impact my gameplay. I’ll take it slowly and others will race on ahead. If that’s what they enjoy (as mindboggling as it is to me :D), why should they not be allowed to do that?

I parked a rogue on the RP-PvP, just for my spare time to level. But, mostly playing on normal, because were all old slacker casuals now. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have 23 lvl and I don´t feel for rush, it is fun in slow pace.

Yeah exactly. And we’ll get to be 60 for quite a while no doubt, seems a waste to me to rush :slight_smile:


An utterly nonsensical and impossible task for blizz, trying to create feelings.

Vanilla had 15 years prior, as a whole lot of ignorance and incompetence in our part. How do you propose they recreate those feelings without changing the game so it may as well not be called classic?

We know the world.
We know the mobs
We know the raids.
Unless you change them beyond belief, that ain’t coming back.

Vanilla was never hard at the core. It was our failings as new players that made it seem so difficult. Now modern players have been at it for a while, it’s exposed how simple it actually is if you can guarantee coordination between players for raids.

I fidn it hilarious that in order to make it “close to the core experience” you need to make changes that are in line with retail such as ensuring spec balance (which most ppl call retail trashy class design if I recall) and time gating (another thing ppl said makes retail slog compared to classic).

Did anyone stop to think that maybe blizzard implemented those changes over time for a reason? Not just because they press random buttons? See the game without any of that and players that are actually experienced. We have, end boss of phase done in 5 days.

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Stop the rat race. Its.not.the point of classic.

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Strange I see that your IQ is lower then 26… Maybe you should reserve such judgments for your self.

than* yourself*
again, point proven, please level down your main to around 90 and then we can “talk”.

I’m not unhappy that they could do raids early.
That’s not the issue.

The issue is, 90% of players on Gehennas spent most of their times in the login queue while these APES did not.
I was on gehennas, I know it. I was level 10, same level with these guys, until I got a random DC and had to wait 10 hours in the queue.
When I logged back in they were all 30+.

I bet you, knowing this company, that they paid irl money to blizzard for queue priviledges and stuff like that.

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