Onyxia Threat bug p3

Seems to be a threat issue in phase 3 on onyxia. Found it impossible to gain aggro, and the tank that afked during pretty much whole fight got aggro and it was impossible to overtake even with recklessness deathwish and dual wield in defensive stance. Heard from some other guilds that they had the same problem. Anyone else that have this issue?


Yeah Onyxia seems to be bugged currently. She’s supposed to reset aggro when she lands in P3 but doesn’t always do it.

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Private servers had this Bossfight filled with lot’s of bugs , which misslead people on how to do Onyxia.

#1 - DPS MUST wait when Onyxia land at P3 before they dps , it’s taunt immune and knockback reduce/wipe Tank threat .

#2 - Use 3 Tanks , not 1 and all of them should stay at the front of Onyxia and eat Cleaves for more Rage = more Threat (all DPS should stay under all 2-3 Tanks threat, recommended 3 tanks).

#3 - use threat addon , it helps you to manage this and keep DPS low until the Tanks actually do some nice threat.

Hope this will solve your issue.

In this case it “should be bugged”.

Keep in mind , there is moment where P2-P3 transition comes , if she have “debuffs” and if some damage dealer still did some damage, the Tanks will have strong issues picking it up , feeling like she didn’t reset while she did.

This is not pservers where Things are easy and have Warrior Tanks overpowered with beneficial bugs , this is Classic and should be treated as Classic .

I know how Onyxia is supposed to work. We had mages who did nothing (and frostmages don’t really have DoTs) and healers both getting aggro during transition while the tank frenetically tried to regain aggro to no avail.

It was like all the threat built up during P2 (where ranged continue to dps her and healers do their thing) was still there - which it probably was, which it shouldn’t be.

Healing still does big amount of aggro.

Yet you still missed the point where i said , use 3 Tanks , not 1 Tank to make it more efficient.

Knockback reducing the aggro of the Tank by huge margins , which makes your Healers dinner in your case.

I feel like the people giving advice in this thread havent actually attempted the boss.

On every raid so far we have had our 3 tanks sit on a full rage bar when she lands, we have had NO dots on the boss, and everyone has completely stopped all damage except for wanding when she is about to transition.

She still run around killing almost every single ranged DPS before she actually goes back to the tank.

The issue is the currently DOES NOT reset her threat in Phase 3 which makes it more or less impossible to get her back on the tank unless everyone dies.

This is absolutely not the correct behaviour of the boss. Some evidence of this is how she was 5manned in Vanilla before TBC. If she did not reset threat, then the DPS would have died after a 20 minute air phase. They did not.


You pointing straight out to me , which is funny imo because i was the one who did gave advice here only.

1st of all , i never denied the possibility of “BUG” .

2nd of all , DPS was not the issue in the explanation written by the Guy , it was the HEALER who died.

3rd , would love how you dodge where i said 3 Tanks ,not 1 .

You should sacrifice top dps. Rest should wait and not dps at p2. Same with healers.

Hmm yes… or maybe we should only have the tanks use their guns/bows during phase 2 instead? :rofl:

I did Onyxia yesterday. Can confirm she is bugged.

What happens is:

  1. Threat from Phase 1 carries over to Phase 3. As a Rogue with no dots, Onyxia went straight for me after she landed in Phase 3 although, of course, I did no damage to her at all in Phase 2 nor Phase 3 (didn’t even touch her).

  2. Tank threat is -incorrectly- wiped completely (and this a bug).

TLDR: DPSer threat carries over from Phase 1 while Tank threat from Phase 1 is wiped to zero.

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You are level 27 so why on Earth would you give advice on Onyxia? She is NOT working correctly at the moment.

The solution is easy to manage, we wiped 5 or 6 times in pug because people are bad :

  • Stop DoT DPS and heal at 45% (no DoT, only pure damage) and stop DPS when she will land on the ground.

  • Pop invuln potion, ALL raids member except tanks should pop it when she land on the ground in P3. That will wipe all threath.

  • If you get aggro on P3, just go fast on tank side and die. So no one will be destroyed by the cleave and the breath except you.

  • Split raid in 2 side (left and right) so if in P3, she breath and cleave on 1 side, the other side can stay safe and you will be able to kill it even if 25 members of your raid is dead.


Strange advice. The only thing that potion does in PvE is that it makes a mob ignore your position on the threat list for the duration of the effect. After 6 seconds, the mobs will un-ignore you and put you back on the threat list with the same amount of threat.

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  • 50DKP , There is no aggro reset!

I’ve done onyxia twice now and despite stopping at 45%, a good 10-15 seconds before she lands and only having CoS applied from the pull I get aggro. First a hunter who FDs which can resist of course and then I get aggro after. Curse of Shadows applied 2-3 minutes prior should not pull that much threat.

Private servers have the proper working Onyxia. And not this bugged classic garbage.

Can confirm. She never wiped threat after landing in phase 3, resulting in half the raid dying before she goes for the off-tank.

Out of 3 attempts the main-tank never got the aggro in phase 3, which means he got complete threat wipe.

In 2 attempts she wiped half the raid, and in the 3rd when i was off-tanking and went all-in on aggro generation so i can be right behind the MT, she went for me after only a hunter died.

watch kill videos from vanilla and compare it with videos from classic

onyxia p3 threat does not work in the same way

We have the same problem good thing i had evasion up xD