Orc passive is gamebreaking, change it in the future

Orc’s resist chance on stuns is not just OP, it is completely gamebreaking in a game that relies a lot on CC rotation and anticipation.

Lots of players ( 99% of the time horde players of course ) are responding to this statement by stupidly saying that it is only RNG so that is not a big deal, but:

1- It is a +25% chance of resist added to your base chance which brings the chance to resist to about 30% or more depending on gear and talents ( that is 1/3 chance which is not like once in a while like “RNG” could make it sound like.

2-The fact that it cannot be predicted / anticipated and is RNG IS THE PROBLEM, some peeps say that orcs have that but that Dwarfs have stone form, well stone form is an ability that you have to activate, only lasts 8 seconds and has a cooldown, it is not something that you cannot counterplay.

3-Before you come at me saying that I am playing a rogue ( which actually for that matter gives me all the reasons to be pissed considering my class relies mainly on stuns ) or that I should go back to retail or any nonsense like that, it is even admited by orc players that this passive is broken…

I know that due to the handful of players who wants no change even, it probably won’t be addressed right now, BUT weither you like it or not, Classic+ will come one day that is a certainty, and when it comes then lots of things need to change regarding PvP balancing, and don’t tell me “if you wanted to do pvp then you just had to go horde and choose orc” because I saw this on other posts and it is a retarded argument, if everybody did that on pvp servers, horde would be fighting ghosts…

Few suggestions regarding what could be done:

-Instead of making it 25% chance to resist, make it 15-20% less duration on stun or any CC.
-Make it an activated ability with cooldown that imunes to stuns or any CC for an amount of time.

If you respond to this post saying this passive shouldn’t be nerfed or changed, then you are either a troll who wants attention, a horde player who never played on the other side in pvp, or you are just plain aware that this passive is broken but you don’t want to change it because you are selfish.


dw it got changed… on retail :wink:


Human milky waifu qq’ing cause she can’t stunlock orcs in a single rogue stun chain KEKW Classic popcorn read


The orc stun resist is absolutely broken there’s no way around it, but no class is nearly as …ed by it than rogues: kidney shot and cheap shot are a rogue’s bread and butter with blind, vanish, and gouge, so yeah.

But what you’re asking for will never happen, believe me, because Blizzard knows that changes to classes or races would create a huge uproar.

You do have paladins on your side, and for group pvp it’s much better than shamans, you’ll see in bgs soon enough.

For 1v1 it sucks yes, I went rogue on horde mostly to avoid orcs, they’re way too annoying.


Well I actually tend to avoid attacking geared orcs when I would attack any other race with the same gear so yeah…

KEKW and you should, Alliance scumbag, u can’t chain stun me! Becky Laughmao KEK


#Nochanges - This is how it used to be, You may not like it but that how it should be.

Remember as playing a human you can see trough stealthy enemy players makes you a deadly rogue / feral druid detector.

And faster at reputation farming.

Dont think you would that nerfed or removed.

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Yeah don’t get me wrong I know there are other things to adress regarding balance, just adressing this one because it directly concerns me.

I don’t think there would be an uproar actualy, people would complain just to complain and try to look like “real vanilla players”, they just want attention.

vanilla wow has a lot of rng be it resists, dodges or glances. vanilla wow is not supposed to be a good and competitive game but mechanics like these and weapon damage ranges exist to lower the impact of skill and gear to randomize outcomes.

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Perception gives an advantage when you actually play with improved stealthed and I don’t, orcs passive gives an advantage whatever your build or class is DON’T YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE AND THE PROBLEM HERE ?

I do not, sorry.

Yes you do you damn troll.

the game is fine, qq’ers like you turned it into retail


Don’t worry It gets reduced to 15% in 2.0

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see? 10 chars

No i honestly dont, I mean your race has something that the other has not and makes you better than it right? Each too there own opinion i suppose.

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There is no Class balance in Classic
There is no racial balance on Classic
There was no Class balance in Vanilla
there was no racial balance in Vanilla

Why are you complaining


A rogue complaining about not being able to stun people in classic


he mad cause the high end pvp meta swings in orc favor, no matter what blizzard’d do, if they flatten the racials out, the game turns into a pile of trash called retail, go to retail.


I tryhard to play retri paladin and honor farm and i still dont complain about class balance and you come here as a rogue AS A ROGUE AS A ROGUE AS A ROGUE to ask for changes. we all knew how things are before starting this.