[PCU] Moonlight Melody - Argent Dawn's Longest Running Sisterhood of Elune Guild 🌙

Who are we?

“One of those evil guilds ruining the server” - Asmongold
“You’re not actually Roleplayers” - Taliesin

The Sisterhood of Fal’adora are a religious organisation composed of Shal’dorei dedicated to the preservation of the faith in Mother Moon, Elune, and the reverance of her prophet Haidene. Our members are Priestesses and Acolytes of Elune and their guardsmen - we are focused primarily on the spiritual lives of these devout individuals.

The organisation, whilst of course religious, is not the only focus of the guild. The devout within the guild shall travel from land to land to aid with the spreading of Mother Moon’s light; be it aiding others, cleansing corruption or hosting ceremonies across Azeroth.

The Sisterhood have a strenuous bond with their former kin, and though they do try to find common ground with the Kaldorei when they can they are unashamed of their loyalty to Suramar, operating openly as menders of the Horde, offering their goddess’ light to those who their cousins openly scorn.

Guild History:

Nearly all of the Fal’adora’s Priestesses are surviving members of the Sisterhood of Elune from before the Sundering, they have dedicated their lives to recreating the ancient order in the modern complexities of Suramar, adjusting practices and rites to be appropriate for a city locked away from civilisation for ten thousand years.

The organisation was originally founded by the late Lord Zarival Songstrand for the purpose of acting as a way for Elune’s devout within Shal’dorei society to congregate. However following his departure, and eventual death, the Sisterhood has been overseen by Priestess Erena Lunarglade, who took the title of Matron and heavily reformed the order. She ruled a return to tradition, banning the controversial tolerance of Male Priests and cemented the ideals of Haidene as the Goddess’ speaker & claiming Whisperwind a false prophet.

The Sisterhood of Fal’adora serves as a collective of Zealots and Warriors, offering their skills as healers and lunar blessings of war to any Horde group that will accept them, permitting they are not forced to fight against their own values. Though diplomacy was attempted the Sisterhood largely does not deal with Kaldorei, choosing to remain focused on Suramar and Horde business.


Ten thousand years without an active Speaker of the Goddess has bred a more insular approach to worship. The Sisterhood believes that the Kaldorei leader does not hold a legitimate claim to the title of High Priestess and that Haidene should be revered as the true Handmaiden of Elune in absence of a “true” speaker.

The Sisterhood also disavow the Black Moon Kaldorei as heretics, believing it to not only be a move by Tyrande to steal the Goddess’ power but also to be a disturbance of the balance of mother moon as favouring one side of the Goddess over the others is to deny her truth.



The ‘Matron’ is the leader of the organisation. - This is currently held by the Priestess “Erena Lunarglade”. The role of the Matron is to keep everything at peace within the organisation, host ceremonies, prayers and lessons - whilst also focusing on communication within her own order and other allied orders.


The ‘Handmaiden’ within the guild is quite simply an officer role. They function as both advisers to the leader, and to all other ranks within the guild. The Handmaiden is one the others may trust and seek for advice and aid in day-to-day life. During times of battle, they may also be looked to for leadership, during the Matron’s absence.


The inquisitor serves as the defender of the faith within the order itself. The duty of this rank is to ensure that members follow proper procedure and religious expectations of the organisation. This rank works closely with the Lunar Guard but takes orders directly from the Matron and her Handmaiden.


The ‘Priestess’ serves as a pinnacle of faith within the guild. Just as in ancient Kaldorei culture, the Priestesses are very well respected members within the order. These pillars of wisdom are among the most pious and devoted in the Sisterhood. This rank is for, as one can guess, Priestesses of Elune.

Guard Captain

The Guard Captain commands the Lunar Guard, looking after their training and ensuring that they are properly kept to standard.

Lunar Guard

The ‘Lunar Guard’ is an important role, especially whilst we are out from the safety of Fal’adora. The Lunar Guard is composed of our devout males and females who desire to protect the order and have demonstrated their reliability. They will be the protectors in combat and the true backbone to helping the order in more dangerous scenarios.


The ‘Apprentice’ - Once you are initiated into the order through a proper ritual you will be assigned to a senior figure in the area you are to enter. Once this happens you will begin formally training until you are of standard to be accepted by your official rank. Apprentices are often Lunar Guard but in the right circumstances they will also train to join the Sisterhood itself.


The ‘Serf’ fulfills the manual labour duties within the order. They are responsible for maintaining inventory, doing repairs, setting up camps and overseeing the priestesses and guardsmen have necessary supplies when the Sisterhood moves to assist people outside of Suramar.


The ‘Postulant’. This rank is quite simply for new joiners, especially those who wish to serve as devouts or temple guards. During this time they will attend ceremonies, prayers, and aid the order - thus proving them self to the order and Elune so that they may soon become a fully-fledged member.


Event Style: Our events are to be held in a myriad of styles. Varying from religious ceremonies and lessons for Acolytes and Priestesses, to venturing out into the wilds, cleansing corruption and helping locals in the different areas we travel.
There will be periods where the guild may also aid other different guilds with campaigns and events, working as healers and protectors alongside them. We work to bring faith and support to the community.

How to Join: To join, get in contact with any online guild member, they can easily direct you to an officers discord or an officer, if they’re online. From there an OOC interview will be conducted to ensure you feel the guild is right for you, and then an IC interview will take place, commonly at the current temple we reside at.

Recruiting Officers: Erena Lunarglade, Juliana Rainfall & Estalar Darkwarden

Who can Join? Whilst the guild is of course prominently Shal’dorei, due to religious reasons, other races will be considered on a case by case scenario, if they prove truly fitting to the guild’s ideals and religion. An example may be that of a Tauren druid. Any roles that are considered ‘heretical’ will not be accepted, E.G - Fel and Void users. Death Knight’s are accepted permitting they submit themselves to the goddess’ will.

Classes We Accept ICly
  • Warriors
  • Mages
  • Priestesses
  • Hunters
  • Rogues
  • Druids/Botanists
  • Death Knights
Classes We Do Not Accept ICly
  • Warlocks
  • IC Monks
  • Void Users
  • Male Priests

Uniform: Members are expected to wear a blue outfit accompanying the orders tabard. The exception to this is OOC Monks or Rogues in the inquisiton who have their own outfit.

Further Questions? Should you have any further questions, by all means, contact us in game or leave a question down below, we will ensure to get in touch, ASAP.


I approve of this guild concept and highly suggest you giving it a chance! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:


Me gonna smash dat like and share button so more know about da Melody and da fact dey treat Durb good! More blue elves should come, Durb will give complementary pork and cactus cider for new people!


Thank you Durb, very cool!


Haidene gang is one of the best gangs and Erena is very chill, best guild for Horde moonstuff.
(Insert Horde man bad)


New thread. Who dis?


Hi, i made this just long enough for my GM to not be upset with me.


Man look at the -size- o’ that post! So proud! sniffs

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Tanu’balah, Handmaidens of Mother Moon.

My Astromancer would be delighted to join your flock! :slight_smile: With the skies clear now, he’s in need of spiritual guidance.

How can I meet you? Where and when?

May the starts guide you.


We’re currently out and about in Quel’thalas. And can be reached for RP ICly quite easily by poking around the city. If you can’t find anyone just PM me or Estalarra!

We don’t take males, but I’m sure Erena might be able to sort you out! :wink:

Also bump for our mutant friendos

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I’ve known these people for a very long time even before the guild began and they’re truly wonderful and delightful people, I couldn’t recommend a better Shal’dorei guild!



A very nice concept! But it is known among the night elves that the ritual of the Night Warrior has been completed once before, and it is shown as to be the wrath of Elune in the night elf religion that is feared, yet accepted. Is it that the Melody’s religion differs slightly from the traditional depiction of the ritual, or they’re just spooked by it to the point they consider it abhorrent? Or maybe something else entirely. But overall a very good idea!

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Well well well, good to see the old bunch still Eluning around! I hope you kept the Temple all clean and the gardens weeded out!

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A bit of both, The Melody have a warped view of the faith due to isolation and the neccessity to reject Tyrande to justify their position in the Horde. It’s hard to see something as righteous when it’s trying to kill you afterall.


Oh, pardon? Is that a Kaldorei Priestess talking to me?

Blasphemous! I never intended to become a PRIEST! I am a proud Astromancer, but I heed the Goddess’ will. Arcane brings me one step closer to Her.

I am sure you would not understand, you savage.

Based and Elunepilled response :^)

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Ok Bubbler


Melody is currently enjoying hospitality of fair city of Silvermoon - or more specifically, inn and its surroundings in Falconwing Square.

Do come visit should you happen to be nearby, our sisters and brothers are always happy to meet new faces and make new friends!


This group is dedicated, active and qualitative! I as a new member highly recommend them for all devout followers of the godess! Elune-adore