[PCU] [Neutral] Pirates - Coppersail Corsairs 🏴‍☠

We have too much coin tied up in Gallywix. His companies, his schemes. Look, people - the writing’s on the wall. Unless we do something fast, we’re going to lose serious liquidity!

Gazlowe, that Steamwheedle slime - he doesn’t know how to do good business! Have you seen how much he pays his workers?!

How are we going to keep these margins going without a good war? This is a disaster.

To sail the copper seas …!

Why should we work for Gallywix when we can keep the coins for ourselves HARH!

We shall sail the seas, plunder and take what is owed to us, no law, no man can slow our way of life, of free people!

Hello gamers,

Coppersail Corsairs is recruiting. This guild used to be Copper Streets Solution a goblin-themed take on the loyalist theme. Formerly a proxy company set up by a board of shadowy investors who had sunk a lot of their fortune into either the war against the Alliance or Gallywix’s other dealings.

However, the past year with exciting guild and community stories reflecting the current lore and the journey the Coppers has taken has steered them to Piracy with new and allies and enemies. The Pirates continue to profit in any means possible as a free crew! Meeting new clients, collecting bounty or raiding and pestering ships and costal areas making a name for themselves as well!

We are also willing to operate and trek on land and getting involved with other shady businesses on the long term to exploit and profit from!

The majority of this guild will play the role of buccaneers operating on the ship with different responsibilities and professions both Combat and non Combat skills to aid the crew or generate profit. We are also open to accepting other types of Criminal Role Players within the crew who are villainous clientele in the name of coins and renown

We will be recruiting all races that can reasonably operate as part of a villainous group of pirates / mercenaries, this includes both factions and neutral Races that are able to prism and use the appearances or look the part.

If you’re interested, PM Proudgarde or Tidecorrupt for any questions or interest!

Thank you for reading, happy plundering :pirate_flag: :moneybag: :sailboat:


These guys cool. Dealing with Coven? Lies and slander


Yoho a pirate’s life for me! I wish I could be as cool as these guys… Oh wait, I joined them!


I joined too…


This guild? Yeah its pretty good

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Pirates?! In my World of Warcraft? It’s more likely than you think. Sadly you don’t get any rep with Booty bay for killing any of them :pensive: But you do get rep with me for RPing with them!

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When you rp with a guild and it makes you wanna make an alt for that guild after rping with them its rlly based. Absolute blast rping with them.


Some of the best scoundrels anyone could ask for, i reccommend them for anyone who wants to be underhanded!

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Thank ye, I want to make an alt fer ye guys too.

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They’ve recently been to Freehold to leave a mark; hoping to roleplay with these awesome bunch soon!

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The lure for easy treasure instead turned to a fight for their lives! The Coppersail Corsairs, uncovering a Scourge infestation, was caught between certain death and the arm of the Law, and decided to take on the certain death instead.

Victory was secured, and with a few things nicked as well.
A terrifying time.

The Ebon Onslaught, Coppersail Coursairs and Stormwind City Sentry had a nice little Hallow’s End ghoul slaughter.

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I’m going to KILL MURTAGH.

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yo ho ho a pirates life for me (and you)

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I would like to see you try… :pirate_flag:

10/10 would hire to steal shipments again!

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Awesome campaign start yesterday ye mateys!

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I’d say we have a beef with you but you probably stole it like everything else you’ve taken from us!


Odd. You lot look like some weird folks I saw in Duskwood, wearing masks and being chased by ghouls.

You know anything about that?

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N-no… I wasn’t there at all… I swear…

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