People already leaving again


Bb mr/miss troll

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Ahh, the weekend.

And from where do you get this mysterious and arcane knowledge, OP? Did someone’s uncle’s pet dog at Blizzard tell you, or do you get a ticker tape listing out of your posterior telling you facts?

Can you -prove- these facts, to make you anything more than a typical ‘Wow is dead’ weekend poster?


yeah well i resubbed for the worgen remodel and heritage armor… only one of those things will be out in the next patch so no point to stick around and get burnt out waiting.

also the pathfinder bit seems to have been made to spite people who want flying because it’s some of the most infuriating content i’ve played yet.


Probley. I have good memories of classic. But i dont know if it will rewake my interest in world of warcraft. Spending 12 euro a month on a game when there are beter games for free is hard to justify.
I used to love the WORLD of warcraft for being a big open world with unique classes. I hope classic will bring that feeling back.


Blizzard are not creatively brave enough to really recreate something like vanilla, they themselves didn’t even expect its success, which means they went all out on crazy RPG stuff with less creative restrictions, it’s all driven by committee these days, and it’s been steadily declining because of that.

I don’t even think it’s the biggest MMO anymore, I think Final Fantasy is.

Also, balance makes games boring, “balancing” PVP and PVE is anti-RPG, and will slowly choke the flavor out of your classes.


Many would disagree but I also thinks its true. But… in true mmorpg (by what I can imagine), there shouldnt be forced class system. That means, you starts as non-classified hero, and slowly learning certain skills making ur own class in long term run (with proper restrictions). That way balance, is 100% player driven thing… you want be good in pvp ? Try to make something that is viable. etc.


I think what happens is, you make your RPG, people play it, then you have a forum, then customers who are competitive start complaining, especially PVP driven ones, about “balance”, then your investors read the forums, then your investors tell you to “Balance”.

Then you start pruning things to “Balance” the game.

Then when you’ve spent thousands of hours perfectly balancing the game, like a perfectly crafted masterpiece, nobody plays it, because now it’s boring.

Rinse and repeat.

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People are always joining and leaving, just some people feel they need to post about leaving and others don’t.


Ofc , and not to mention summer timer (holidays ).


the foundation of bfa is bad,no polish can save the terrible game mechanics and class design


Why queue for LFR when you can do normal with the same faceroll difficulty and get a better reward?

Blame the players, not the game. If everyone wants a 2k rio prot war for a +10 because everything has to be a faceroll, an hour wait is a way too light of a punishment.

True, but can’t blame the players for not wanting to queue to hordemode and get chopped.
Half of the random bg you find a russian premade group, join a brawl and the system starts with massive imbalance in player numbers (15 vs 30 at tarren mill is sooo funny, thanks blizz!).

Frankly, if blizz was less cashgrabby, in recent years could have solved this by offering free transfer to big guilds, proper rebalancing of racials, and server merges.

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I don’t, others do. I don’t even do normal, heroic maybe if i feel like it, I’m not into bfa raiding because it all gives terrible rewards. I’m nearly 430 so 430 base for a raid that takes hours is not enough anymore, especially since I can grind out +10 dungeons. Anyway pugged a normal to see the raid, did pretty much nothing of other raids, and tried heroic but people are so bad at this game, it’s incredible.

I never ask for rio in title,. I check it, but even without crying for rio they don’t queue cause retail is dead. Of course it has to go smooth are you high? +10 only gives 430 I don’t wanna spend hours there cause chance is high I get no loot or something I already have 430. Generally speaking 99% of the wow players are plain terrible, which is fine but not for 10+. You need rio to at least weed out the obvious low tier players.

It’s the game design everyone feels entitled to doing high end content. The best part is, all raider pugs I encounter are all using noob addons such as DBM and they still fail at mechanics, it’s sad really, but a big reason why I leave raiding, I get tired of explaining basic heroic tactics. I might try it again cause it gave me a sweet TF, but it depends, I need a new weapon can’t find it anywhere.


Bye, don’t let the door slap you on your beefs on the way out.


“I can say that if the WoW concurrent player numbers were on Steam it would be the number 1, 2, or 3 game, depending on the time of day. … Much healthier than I think people think it is. Although it’s like, really, like 70% China, so …”
(taken from full stream below)


(Trigger Warning for people allergic to Asmongold)

I don’t know who the guest on Destiny’s stream is, but he seems to be portrayed as an (ex-)? employee of Blizzard. Maybe if I watched the whole stream … naah.

Let’s take it at face value, for discussion’s sake.

So ~400K concurrent. What fraction of a 24-hour day would that be equivalent to in subs? (Reminder here that not everybody no-lifes WoW.) Factor of 24, averaging 1hr/day? 9.6M subs equivalent, with just under 7M in China?

Food for thought.

Speculation: WoW Classic has more players than retail in the EU and the US
19 hour almost to classic
Final nail in the crafting coffin

Well tbh idc about this patch. I mostly play alts anyway. I haven’t even been to the new island.

So much for that content I guess.

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Well, Classic is coming in a few days. Have you considered giving it a try? There is a reasonable chance that you might enjoy it, it seems to have baked in the solution exactly to the problem you described - that content is consumed too fast.

Either way, whether you decide to come to Classic or not, have fun in whatever you do.

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No, not really to be honest. I’m fine with playing retail only. Still have two heritage armors to go and enjoy specs I haven’t played before.

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I was replying to the OP. Are you the same person?

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No but let’s say I really wanted to reply you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Well, it should have been obvious that my advice wasn’t for you or people like you that still find fun in retail. It was for the OP and people who feel the same way he does.