People are toxic as hell


Or Warlock😂

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I’d like to know when it became compulsory to hand over anything you win to the first person who asks you. “Oh but I asked you politely!” Oh well that’s different!

Allow me to tell you to eff off politely.

But thank you OP for validating my reasons why I have whispers permanently disabled and don’t loot any bosses. As I have said before after telling how I was kicked from an LFR for not dutifully handing over lewt to the first person who asked, all they did was ensure NO ONE gets obligatory lewt from me.

I like to see what drops into my mailbox now.

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First one is true, i do that too… i am sorry but every bit of azerite matters as its still a fresh patch and i don’t even have my m+ or my pvp sets yet over ilvl 415. Only time i’ll roll it out is in a guild run.

Second is less likely to happen cause that just petty but hey, personal loot.

That is not what toxicity is, i think you need to just mind your business.


It’s his loot, it’s irrelevant why he didn’t want to.

You sound like a pain to be honest.
I like to share my loot, but I wouldn’t give it to you if you said “trade with me”.
Did you at least say “Hey, do you need that? Thanks regardless”.

Azerite is beneficial to everyone even if it isn’t a higher item level, it can be used for other specs, traits, or to scrap for dust.

You’re the toxic person here.


They did not join the raid to trade you gear if they want to keep their loot they can.


He made the whole situation up. So it is hard to answer your question what ‘literally’ happened… It is an energy-loss to respond further on him.


I don’t understand how you see these people as toxic. In my opinion they gave you polite answers, you on the other hand just seems to be very pissed and having a bad day. I understand getting no loot can be frustrating.

Personally i rarely trade becuse often i don’t even get the chance to look at my loot before getting spammed with /w.
I keep all the loot i come across, even fish oil. There is always some use for it and thats how i keep my gold rolling in.


Could you be any more entitled? The toxic one is you.

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Aha this explains some things

As for the reactions your fake post got, please do realize that to me atleast it seemed like you did your absolute best to be as dislikeable as possible in that OP and I’m not some superunique genious so if I got that idea I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, could explain some of the comments you had gotten.

Pretty sure that if you reworded this to be less aggrevating it’d get more positive responses

Idea for the next social experiment?


Using personal loot as a social test for Classic? Nice try buddy, nice try…

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Can i have your gold? I need it more than you!


So you left a group because people didn’t gave you their gear? That seems more toxic to me than other players keeping what is theirs.


While I do think it’s polite to answer people, you can’t force someone to and it doesn’t make them toxic if they don’t.


Or he just pretend that he made it up, because he was not getting enough upvotes. We shall never know


Welcome to BFA! It seems you are new, so I will explain to you in detail why people won’t trade their gear to strangers immediately:

  • Azerite gear can be scrapped for residuum, which you can use to buy new azerite pieces from
  • You can keep multiple azerite pieces for your other specs, so you don’t have to reforge them. Let’s say I play as resto, but also want to play balance. I can definitely keep two pieces of the same item, just for the sake of switching.
  • Reforging costs more money every time you do it, one of the biggest reasons to keep offspec items

I hope you understand now that they are not toxic, you simply were not aware of the way azerite gear works. But now you do!


OP creats a fake post. Uses alts to upvote his own post. Gets caught out…admits it was bait. Other people calls him out on it…you think its bashing?? Grow up

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It is! It may be his mistake but when multiple ppl takes his case then its pure bashing or worst baiting…
Ofc! If the forums moderators where doing their job then this thread would have been locked along time ago…
Also, it’s a player problem not a developer. There is a huge difference, we pay the devs for their product, while for players we play with them. So, being civil is what makes a person grown up, even if the others don’t apply that philosophy.

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no one is obligated to trade ANYTHING ever unless they have some obligation like social contract in a guild etc.

If they trade its because they dont need at all, if they need it for any reason why should they trade? If they need for transmog or whatever, too bad for u.


Because i literally asked why and he said something along the lines of; “Please dont message me i vendored the item already feelsgoodman”


Well from the looks of the comment section, you are somewhat right

People are a-holes, but not really toxic, its just a dick move really