People are toxic as hell


So what if people keep the loot for offspec or residuum reasons? I don’t think that’s a dick move at all.


Talking bout the guy who just didnt wanna trade an item because rng worked in his favour instead of someone else who’d need it

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OP should stop being entitled to someone elses gear. Unless it’s in your inventory it’s not yours.
Nothing toxic in that. Dickish perhaps, but not toxic.

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It’s not your gear unfortunately and the receiver can do with it what they want. I know it sux to see somthing you’ve been wanting go to someone else but keep going and eventually the gods of RNG will be in your favor.

It helps to sacrafice Moonkins before a raid to appease the RNG gods it doesn’t always work but you still get satisfaction from the sacrifices.

I personally only give out loot to nice people, people who have been chatty or helpful in the raid the ones who deserve it. That’s just me I believe manners cost nothing and they should be used :blush:. You’ll get the pieces you want in the end it just takes time.


It’s not your gear when you can trade it, it’s the property of all raid members who can use it because they have lower items ilvl and people are forced to use personnal loot because Blizzard made bad decision.

If i make a raid in next expansion and this system do not change, as a leader, i will kick you instantly if you don’t trade gear for stupid reason.

Residuum, TMOG, Off-Spec, Upgrade, ok.

Selling to vendor, dez item, avoid respec cost by getting the same duplicate azerith when cost is divided every day, being dickish because you don’t like to be whispered before you see your loot (are you blind ?), kicked.

You do not have the authority to decide who should receive what.

It’s the same as ninja loot in Classic if you want a parallel. I call this “Personal loot ninja”.

All raid leader should do that to force player to live in a better WoW.

I encourage people to make raid with healthy trade loot environment. Avoid the dickish plague.


You can trade your gold too, doesn’t make it property of all the other players of my faction. Or actually, give your gold please?


You can’t trade gold between realm and all people get the same amount of gold when we kill a boss, unlike the loot.


Share with me then please, i also think im entitled to OP’s gold so he should just give it to me.
And please do kick me if i would do that, because i wouldnt want to be in a raid with such a person anyway. Also kick me if you want, i still got the lootzz :smiley:

Edit: that last one may sound “toxic” to OP, doesnt change the fact it is MY loot and i can do whatever i want with it, and if someone decides to kick me for that, whatever


I’ll not take you anyway Sandario don’t worry. 4/8 HC 2 month after 8.2.0 with 437 ilvl and grey logs, i don’t want you in my raid. You sound not toxic, you feel mad :< .


Lol you say this like you expect i would care, btw werent you the one who said he didnt play retail anymore and is still going on about raiding in retail, this is getting funnier and funnier by the minute


And btw, when did i get mad? Ive just been calling you out on you bs, self-contradicting posts, self-upvoting to save yourself and using alts to praise yourself…


Im joking with you. I dont care about your progress. You are welcome. You know ill get ban for a long time so be happy. And trade loot please !


Nah not happy about that, what i do hope is for you to see what you are causing and for you to see that if you act this way when you go Classic you are going to have a really hard time


I promise you i will not be a lootovore on classic.


There is no need to throw epeen (ilvl, logs, raiderio, curves, whatever) to each other. It is totally off topic. Be good, be nice! :hugs:


Haha i dont care anyway, i even think i said that im a terrible raidhealer before in another thread so i have nothing to hide xD throw any logs my way you can, i wont care


This is funny af. OP is a :clown_face: and because of this, i’m never giving my loot to anyone in the hopes they go to the forums on a Loot-Crusade.


for azerite pieces there is no way that will give to random guy when i can get titan residium and buy 450 when i get enough , only guildies on their mains if they really really needs

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Yea. So if you won the lottery youd give it to me cos its just rng that enabled u to win it?

Thats right. Your comment was dumb.

And op, youre the toxic entitled baby here.


Damn guess my little sister owns my cars now because she can drive too.
gg unbeatable logic communism for the win bro