People are toxic as hell

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To be fair there is nothing wrong with asking do you need, it’s an aspect of an MMO game to share loot between eachother.

What is wrong however is not being polite and being stingy when you’re denied the loot.

For whatever reason, the person that got the item can do whatever they want with it, if someone whispered them and they gave the item it’s okay, if they didn’t it’s also okay even if they disenchanted it for gold it’s still okay.

@OP and some posters here :-

Toxic is a word that’s has been losing it’s meaning for so long now, you can’t just throw the word toxic at whatever behavior you dislike.

People not trading are not toxic.
The OP complaining about people not trading is NOT toxic.
The OP raging and leaving and if they said some nasty words then they are indeed toxic.

Let’s not overuse a word to further our agenda, it’s a social game not a war between other players play and have fun, live and let live :slight_smile:


This thred made me to never want to loot the boss again in pugs. i rather have it sent in mail then have this kind of crying thrown at me.


So what I see from the OP is that they asked and the person who looted the item and they decided to keep it for residuum. While annoying it is their loot and the residuum system makes it valuable to keep azerite pieces for scrapping to help quicker get 445 pieces from the azerite vendor thus you will get people who will keep it.

I really don’t mind offering for /roll when I get a piece that I don’t need, I don’t have to but I try to be nice to others in game. I’ll sometimes inspect players to be sure they actually need it above others that need items. Some players i’ve also just traded an item after inspecting them and others when they haven’t even asked for the item.

What bothers me is when someone uses one of those addons which whispers me an essay the very second I have picked up loot from a boss, those people I ignore as they’re just too lazy to actually ask me. Even just saying “need ring?” or something similar is enough as long as it is not some automated crap.


I never post in Retail forums b/c I hate Retail, but honestly Blizzard, what were you thinking when you introduced Personal loot?

I mean look at the OP. The OP is basically looking for a Good Samaritan only to get trolled and get laughed at or worse.

Wasn’t the vanilla system better? 2-3 items dropped, either your rolled on them or ML, and you got your item or you didn’t get it.

Honestly Blizzard, what is the purpose of this system other than to cause distress and annoy your customers like it did the OP?

Idc I don’t play Retail but it seems to me that the Devs have abandoned logic.


I don’t understand why people are taking this in a wrong way.
I can understand OP, as human beings it’s only natural that you at least respond to a whisper.
I respond or put item to roll if I don’t need it. Sure as heck the loot is mine, but I take into account that other people will put it to better use, rather than me ‘recycling’ it or vendoring it…
I get the same trinket? I’ll trade it to someone who needs it.
I had cases where people asked me if I needed X piece, if it wasn’t an upgrade for me I’d always trade it, out of decency and normal behavior…so yes, I also think other people would have similar approach had I needed a piece of gear from them too.
I fully understand frustration, some people can be total jerks.
Playing other MMOs made me realize that WoW has the most toxic community, sadly.
I’m just glad I play on AD where people seem to be friendlier.


I can’t be the only one reading this nonsense complaint while brushing teeth.

PL exist because of this ninja looter mentality of yours.


Dude it’s not bashing, it is disagreeing and to inform how things work. I see no one calling names or anything.

I’m seriously tired of this #offended culture, where when ever somebody doesn’t share your point of view they are “toxic” and if person is completely wrong off and people tell him/her how things work… it’s bashing.

Bashing would be if someone wrote that they love Classic, and everybody goes to tell him how noob and classist he is (Classist is the new cussword yes?)

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Bashing: fiercely criticize or oppose ( Google)

I am not OP alt…( look at my achievements and OP, that’s the easiest way to identify)
I just feel that ppl should atleast try being civilized on forums. What shocked me were the moderators, not intervening or handling this issue.


I always give away loot that i don’t need, sometimes i even make people walt for my raidbot sim to finish, if I’m not sure about the upgrade lol. But i do go that extra length for someone who needs the item.

The community IS toxic tho, the worst its ever been.

Even today, while lvling my hunter in a dungeon and beating everyone on dps by like 20%, a salty Balance druid wispered me at the end of the run “U dont even have any good achivments” and ignored me. Lol.


Masterloot should be a thing again this personal bullshat is simply retarded.
Also I understand that he didn’t trade the azerite since it’s alot of residuum, but the trinket guy was aids. I do t really think that 1 expulsion or wtf makes a difference

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(I would like to give you a like but I have to wait a day for it, trust lvl 1)


You say you like classic and yet:


and i call you dumb , azerite are for residium , also u listed that u need trade even if it upgrade that is most dumb thing , also person who respects few time in the raid will need to pay hundreds of k gold so they need to have duplicate and it is not divide every day it is divide every 3 or 4 days , so half stupid reason are not stupid they are legit if i get 415 crit mastery finger and im using 430 haste versa … there is no way that i will give that finger to anyone i will use it

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If a gear drio from another player this is how i ask them "hello i am sorry to bother you but do you need “rhok’delar longbow of the ancient keepers”? I always get a respons of ether “sadly yes :(” or “no do you want it?” it does not matter which respons i get i always say “thanks” regardless.
If a player dont answer me i know he dont want to and i dont bother him again. Easy no people are not toxic for this reason,


Twists the actual reason why the OP made the post, just to bash retail. You sir, and the OP, are two peas in a pod. Enjoy each other’s company in classic.

Now, please leave our forms and go fight about, who rolls were ,on the classic forums.

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Lol i checked your profile and most likes given by you is to your own posts from Eldrai… i cant even…:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: thats so sad an pathetic dude…

Also i would bet my left leg that this OP was ment seriously and it actualy did happend to you. But you get completely destroyed by Logic from others and so you pull out “its just a prank bro” card to not look even more idiotic than you already do. :man_facepalming:


I never said that you were an alt?

I’m just saying that you hardly can call it bashing, when it’s people who come and state their opinion nicely and politely. And OP WAS wrong, and so he was told. If people can’t handle other people’s opinions, then… Silence is gold I guess.


That shocked me as well, they shouldve given OP a forumvacation right away then this wouldnt have blown up so much


I agree with this, which is why i only called him toxic after he started calling people names.

I also agree with giving loot away when you dont need it, i do that as well, however i most certainly do not agree with OP’s view that you ‘have’ to give the loot you get and dont really need away, that is simply not true, it is my loot and i can do with it what i want, that is a complete fact and OP just doesnt seem to see this point.


My 2 cents here is that personal loot in a sense has made this problem worse, because now people will constantly ask you for items, they don’t even inspect before doing that, I was doing a black temple tw, I got 1 item for tmog the whole run and there was a warrior who kept asking me for it and even tried to get me kicked by whispering the leader, ignored me at some point, hence my answer to the leader was that, politely, there was no reason in the world that would convince me to give the item to that warrior, I’d rather have to do the raid again, the way he asked + ignoring is childish.

As for bfa, I’ve had bad experiences in dungeons where generally, if someone needs an item and I give it to them there’s not even a thanks, if I need an item which is clearly a downgrade for someone and ask, there’s not even an answer, so who am I, saint clause?

So my idea is to not trade either unless it’s a friend or I want to ofc.