People are toxic as hell


That is the idea of a guild. You have better chance of people not being dicks to you with loot. People who do puging don’t care of your ilvl and don’t care if that is an upg for you. If you want people to give a damn for oyu you need to join a guild. The problem with the pug system in general is that you will probably never see this person again, so you don’t need him to get better gear, to get better scores next raid, because next raid you will probably not play with each other!


now i killed azshara hc can i talk again?


I couldn’t care less whether people trade items to me. I will occasionally trade a piece I don’t need to a fellow player after inspecting the other candidates in the party/raid and deciding who needs it most. But NEVER to people who beg or whisper.


Imagine being so pedantic you care about items that will be replaced in the next major content patch and becomes worthless then. How naive you must be to care so much…


the last guy was just an a$$hole or very greedy, you meet them sometimes in wow, gotta learn to deal with it.

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To the OP no one has to loot share or trade loot. It is the luck of the draw when doing dungeons and/or raids. While it would nice they trade you it is not required.

Plus you can get upper level gear by getting the benthic gear and upgrading it.

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Yes. Blame Blizzards residuum system. In a PuG i sure as heck wouldnt trade my azerite piece to you either unless its an alt and unless im done with farming dungeon pieces (which im not). The residuum weights more.

For the trinket: You met a d…k. Nothing new. Been in the game since vanilla.

I dont think people know what “toxic as hell” once stood for. The scenario you inscribed is toxic (the trinket part only) but most certainly not “as hell”

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people can do whatever they want with their loot, azerite gear scaps in TR, trinkets give expulsom, stuff can generally be kept for trasmog, and whispering players askin for loot they didn’t offer is usually frowned upon.


People in retail dont really care anymore about each other because the chance u meet again is very slim.
Besides since personal loot was added then its up to him what to do with item.


I wish people would stop throwing the word toxic around like freaking candy just because someone did something they didn’t like


Hey, i’m back ! Thanks all for the awesome support.

Toxic definition ? Very bad, unpleasant, environmentally unfriendly.

Don’t call people to not use a word you don’t understand please. The last situation described in this post (people who do not want trade a trinket for no valid reason and don’t care about the community) are toxic and unfriendly. It’s useless to return this like “It’s you who is not happy !”, it’s your behavior the problem not the healthy reaction you get from that.

Most people have loose the sense of community since Cross-Realm-Zone, that’s why Retail will get a massive backslash with Classic.


Or they might Return to Retail when they see the game is too hard for them because too many QOL changes in retail that players cannot function without cause they have gotten used to them.


Maybe, we will see in 1 month :slight_smile: .


I will play it because I did in 2005 did molten Core on my mage although got ganked on PvP cause I still suck at it :laughing:.Also one more thing to add people gotten used to playing alone and puging they will have no LFG tool so that’s another reason why they might not like it.


I am sorry that I wont give you my new smog or azerite items that I need for for my proffesion, in the case of azerite items I get profession based stuff. Thanks for understanding that. Its my loot, I will do as I place. Anything thats not smog or azerite, you can have it, as long as you’re a class that needs it, you can roll for it. Otherwiser I wont give it to you either and vendor it later when I am done with raid.


Loot is personal, there is no such rule that someone have to give you something, ofc there are still nice people who trade items that they don’t need, but mostly it’s their will if they want to give it to someone or not, azerite gear from vendor costs gazilions of residuum, i’m not surprised everyone is farming and doing his best to get it. If you want loot trading raid with guild and problem solved, my guildmates always ask who wants something and if there is more than 1 person who need it we roll and move on.

It’s far far far from toxicity, people are abusing word “toxicity” as well as “casual” when calling themselves instead of noobs.


There’s no reason to play classic for me… at all.


  • I played since beta
  • I have done all content.
  • The quest system sucked. The way quests work currently with tags are much better.
  • LFG is nothing different from your spamming in channel 4. Etxept, its automaticly now, and is a big QOL change.
  • I really dont want to go through all of that again. MMO and nostalgie doesnt work that well in the long run. Its not like its an first person shooter like Unreal Tournament that you can still launch to this date (Thats a 99 game) and still find people to play with.


What’s your plan Savie ? You will continue BFA with 8.2.5 ? I hope they will make a new raid for BFA like they did in 7.3 with Argus. We will see in next blizzcon.


They’re gonna make at least 1 new raid, possible 2… lol


You’re welcome.

By the way. Why did you create the fake post? There must be a good reason?