People are toxic as hell


I was bored. That’s the only reason I did this post.

I feel that the whole social side of the game is deteriorating from extension to extension. So I had to open my mouth and put my grain of salt.

But as I told I already knew the answer that I would receive (it’s my loot, I do what I want, you’re who to tell me what I have to do, well of to be communist in 2019, …). It’s obvious, people are now playing the game as a solo-player, because the game changed in this manner.

But i don’t care, I give all my loots if it’s not an upgrade for me, it makes me happy to please people even if I do not see them again, I play with them in the raid it was enough to be pleasant. I play to enjoy, and i enjoy enjoying other.

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I think a raiding guild will suit you better than a PUG , when a loot drops in the raid its not yours its guild loot so if you really need it they will pass it to you


You make wrong assumptions and conclusions. I AM in a guild an i share loot with them, and in a dungeon with a pug i also share loot. I am also in a big community of thousands (discord group) and i did yesterday the weekly 4 in M0 because there were some newer returning players in that community. I am actually very social, helpfull and play together with friends on a daily basis.

In BFA (and legion actually too) we have personal loot. It is the system. So we play by that system in pugs. In classic the system is different. You can not project playstyle from current on classic. Your logic is completely flawed and you make the wrong conclusions.

Good luck further in classic. I wish you all the fun :+1:

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Funny thing is most likely all those people who destroyed you over your “fake” (LOL :smiley: ) post probably share the loot they don’t need as well. I do. And your latest post shows that you still have no clue why your behavior is “toxic”…


i don’t think anyone is being uncivil, critical certainly, uncivil?, certainly not as rude as the op…
as far as loot goes, i love to give things away if it helps someone which is why i don’t care for whispers or rolling, i will actually inspect people and see for myself who needs it…
but two things are important to me…1 i reserve the right to decide for myself if i want to keep it and two i will NEVER ask someone else for an item regardless of how useful it is…
yes, there’s no harm in asking but you absolutely must respect the owners wishes…:slight_smile:

and op, i’d really quit the thread now if i were you, you say the social side of the game is deteriorating yet here you are deliberately baiting people…you say the post was a joke and yet you are STILL running with it…you aren’t really fooling anyone at this point…:slight_smile:


You are the only one I see that is toxic.


Don’t call other people “toxic” when you start bashing. It’s a healthy reaction. If you do not know that, I can not do anything for you.


Isn’t that exactly what you do with the title of this topic?


Nope. The title is the first thing you have to think about to make people click on it. This post have ~1K read, others post on this forum are stuck to less than 150.


Sorry. You call “people” toxic. In general. Then “people” respond, and you do not like it they call you toxic back. Really good luck in classic with all your good intentions. But do not call ‘all’ of us toxic.


They key difference from me and the others, is this : i make a subject who said people are toxic, i’m not calling YOU are toxic. But it seem some people take my post personnally lol. And of course, if people bash me, don’t expect i will stay cool with them :wink: .


I hope you understand what “people” means. And i also hope you see all the flaws in your social experiment. I try to keep believing you are actually a good person. But it costs a lot of energy and positive thinking.


You didn’t say “People in LFR are toxic”
You didn’t say “People in PUG raids are toxic”
You didn’t say “Concrete People are toxic”

You said overall people are toxic so you can expect that people will have argument with you.


People = the mass, the whole, not a single person. That’s why i used this word, I was not targeting anyone in particular just the community, the people who form the game. As a baguette maybe i’m to bad in english to understand the meaning of this word. The people i called toxic in this first post is the guy who take loot from themselve and doesn’t share it because he think this game is a “solo game and who care about random pug i will never meet after that raid ?”




but that’s just it, a person can be rude, the community is NOT…despite what some would have you believe…:stuck_out_tongue:


In the end, it comes down to the fact that it’s their loot and they can do with it whatver they want? The moment you start thinking: “It should be mine”, is where you don’t deserve it. Respect their wishes You can make a fuss about it here, but the item is still theirs.


If your wish is to not give a loot because it’s your loot and you don’t want me to get it, you have mental problem. Don’t feel insecure when people ask you a loot, they don’t want to hack you.


The entitlement is strong within you.