People are toxic as hell


What is entitlement ? Is it privilege ? I don’t expect i am the king and you have to give me something. I expect all people in a raids are her to enforce others people if they don’t need something, and not being the arrogant guy who think giving a loot is a communism.

You can have valid reason, but having no valid reason and thinking “It’s my loot, i do whatever i want” is having mental problem when you play a MMORPG.


It is not up to you to decide for someone else the reason is valid or not. How hard is that to understand?


If this is how you behave in raids, I’m not surprised why people don’t give you loot.

My way of lootdistribution is to hand out loot at the end, or when nearly 2 hours has passed. Just to make sure people aren’t quitters in PuGs or, jerks and that loot goes to good person.

My loot, my rules.
Your loot, your rules.
Their loot, their rules.


This is a valid reason. Congratz. You have a sense of community.

You don’t understand that having no reason, only “it’s my loot” is worst than taking decision about if it’s a valid reason or not ?


You dont understand that disenchanting, vendoring, scrapping is also just valid. But you dont want to hear that. Dont expect an essay with all the reasons from someone you ask loot from. Expect that player to actually also got at least 5 other players asking for it.


You dont understand that disenchanting, vendoring, scrapping is also just valid

It’s valid. But not disenchanting or vendoring, it’s not. Are you seriously thinking disenchanting or vendoring a needed item by player is valid ? Do that in guild, you will be instantly roasted.

Dont expect an essay with all the reasons from someone you ask loot from.

Typing 1 sentence in /raid and you think you are Voltaire writing an essay ? Common …

Expect that player to actually also got at least 5 other players asking for it.

Yes, but they can talk, instead of being muted like a mob or saying “it’s my loot”. If you are upset of whispering, talk in /raid, all people will see the message. If someone don’t see, you can say you have already responded in raid.


So they responded with “it is my loot” which is the easiest and fastest answer. And when they are not going to use it in the end themselves they are vendoring it. And that you just said is valid.



Simple as it is :slight_smile:


I gave away last month 25k gold to a guildy because he was not able to pay for repairs anymore. We are doing a good amount of dungeons together, and I played legion. He did not. So i sit on a nice amount of gold while he is just logging in to have fun with me (and the rest of the guild). He is vendoring stuff (well he obviously shares loot with us). Gold is a thing in BFA. I also lost around 600k already.

Moral of the story is; you can not look into someone elses situation. You can not decide for others what decisions they have to take. And especially not their actions and choices are valid or not. It is also something you can not do in real life.


I gave you just 1 tips. Never do that on Classic (resell something that someone can wear in a vendor), never. Round robin Classic loot system = Personal loot BFA system.

Otherwise you will get tagged as a ninja looter, kicked + ignored and people will call your name in /world to ask the whole server to ignore you. Then, someone will call the other-faction guilds to camp you every single time and you will end up alone in the world.


What do i care about classic? I play BFA. A different game. A complete different game. I have no idea what that game is and i am not going to play it. I am also not saying to you ‘dont do this in Final fantasy?’ That is also an MMO. THat i also not play, but comparable.


Yes please don’t play it. Stay in BFA :smiley: .


I lost the energy to think you are a good person. I really tried though. But you are clearly not. Good bye!


At least with these last messages it proved me the best way to do it is to disenchant or vendor loot in front of the person asking. People like you OP are the ones that make people less and less “altruistic” and more and more selfish.


Guys, the government in my country is so toxic! I asked mr.president if he can give me some money because I’m poor and he has millions of dollars but no response …

Ok then, maybe he didn’t see … then I decided to ask Donald Trump if he can give me some money…still no response.

And then I decided to contact Angela Merkel. This old and kind woman must definitely answer me and send me money because she is happy to help refugees. But she didn’t answer me either … This is toxic as hell !


There’s already a topic on the forum explaining these things.


Lets hope the OP reads it :wink:

(Aldru) #303

And neither do you, so I will post my point again. Unless it is in /YOUR/ inventory, then it’s not yours.
Keep preaching to the choir my dude, chances of us ending up in the same group is near nill as I don’t pug and you play on a French realm /shrug


Yes, go back to classic once it releases. Unlike you, I dont have to deal with silly loot council thats more often getting ninja’d away from you even thou said item would be the biggest upgrade to me. <3 personal loot so I actually can get loot at my own pace. =)


Your thread title is “People are toxic as hell” and you mention another player you think is toxic due to some scenario that happened in game. :man_facepalming: